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Planet of origin: Unknown, in the Milky Way galaxy
The Eldar are an ancient race of tall and slender extremely very long-lived human-looking humanoids, with much faster metabolic rates than humans, as well as better reflexes and a superior intellect. They were created by the Old Ones some 65 millions years ago to serve in their War against the C'Tan and their Necrons servants. Following the departure or disparation of their makers at the end of the war, they became a dominant species in the Milky Way galaxy. They possess strong psychic powers and have a fair amount of their population endowed with some level of prescience.
It is so believed that within the upcoming 28 000 years, they will come close to extinction, with survivors existing in a few wondering craftwords, planetoid sized spaceships, hiding among the stars. The reason of their fall will come from within, as consumed by arrogance and with no need for substantial work , the pursuit of their desires will lead them toward a path of instant fulfillment and unbridled violence. The psychic emanations of these activities will give the Eldar vices a life of its own, a consciousness known as Slaanesh, the Devourer of Souls, whose psychic scream of birth will tore the souls from all the Eldar within a thousand light years of it and plunge the Eldar homeworlds into a limbo of partial existence, a region which will become known as the Eye of Terror, a bridge between real space and the Warp, the psychic imprint of all the souls within the Milky Way. 
Much of Elda culture is based around their mythological cycles. The most famous of these cycles was the War in Heaven, an epic conflict between the Eldar deities, in two factions lead by Vaul, the god of the forge, and Kaela Mensha Khaine, the god of war, which is based on the war the Old ones led against the C'Tan and their Necrons servants some 65 millions years ago.
Eldar technology is notable for its use of Spirit stones, wraithbone and the Webway.
The Eldar use spirit stones to capture, contain and protect their souls at the moment of death. These stones are then collected and inserted into their Craftworld's "Infinity Circuit", where they may rest along with the spirits of their ancestors. In times of need, the spirit stones of the Craftworld's strongest warriors may be taken from the Infinity Circuit and placed inside Wraithbone automatons to once again fight for the Craftworld. 
Wraithbone is the main construction material of the Eldar, and the staple of their psycho-technic engineering. It is pyschic energy solidifed into mattter through psychic power. It is a psychic conductor and so not only provides the structure for the things built of it, but also power distribution and communications. Wraithbone is a highly resilient material, and capable of limited self-repair. It, and the other building materials of the Eldar, will grow and react more like tissue and plants than the building materials of other races.  Every Eldar Craftworld contains an Infinity Circuit, which is the Wraithbone skeleton of the Craftworld . Within this matrix the souls of all the Craftworld's dead reside in a form of group consciousness, providing both a well of psychic power for the ship and a massive ancestral mind to advise and guide the living. The Infinity Circuit is the closest thing that the Eldar have to an afterlife; if their souls are not caught and integrated into it, they will be lost into the Warp and subject to its perils. For this reason the Eldar will defend their Craftworlds with a fury and tenacity almost unrivaled; they risk losing not only their home but their souls and that of their ancestors.
The Eldar travel through the galaxy by use of the Webway,  a system of ancient "tunnels" through  the Warp but completely isolated from its inherent dangers. It is a vast and tangled network of doorways between fixed points in real space, by which the Eldar can travel far more rapidly than most races.
Source: Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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The Flying Saucers Aliens are a humanoid species looking much like a frailer version of humans which developped an advanced technnological civilisation and achieved interestellar space travel technology. They had to flee their home planet and entire star system was destroyed when their sun went cold centuries ago. Claiming to be that those inside the saucer fleet orbiting the Earth  are the last of their species, they tried to invade Earth in the late fifties after some a dozen of artificial satellites had been put into orbit by Project Skyhook. After launching an attack on Washington, Paris, London and Moscow, they were destroyed by a weapon that could negate their saucers' magnetic propulsion system.
Source: Earth versus the Flying Saucers, 1956, Directed by Fred F. Sears, from a screenplay by Curt Siodmak, George Worthing Yates and Bernard Gordon, supposedly based on the non-fiction book Flaying Saucers from Outer Space by major Donald E. Keyhoe


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Primitive but not-aggressive unless provoked, the Ymirs are oviparous green skinned two meters tall  reptilian scaly bipeds with a long forked tail and a sagittal crest that extend into a long ridge running from the top heir head to their tail. They have a humanoid torso. Both their arms ans feet are clawed and three-fingered. Their lower legs are turned backward and their face has vaguely simian features, with jowls hanging from their cheaks. They have large nostrils, pointed ears and a pair of eyes surrounded by protective ridges. They have no heart or lungs but a "network of small tubes throughout (their) entire body" and breathes through 'fiberous filtering elements" that protects it from airborne poisons. They breathe sulfur. Under otherworldly conditions, Ymirs are known to be able to grow to much exotic proportions than their native one. On Earth, for instance, they have been known to grow up to 7 meters.
Source: 20 Million Miles to Earth, 1957, Morningside Productions / Columbia Pictures. Directed by Nathan Juran. Based on a story by Ray Harryhausen and Charlotte Knight, put  into screenplay by Bob Willaims and Chsritopher Knopft.

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Planet of Origin: Lonsee-23
The Bobodix are a sentient species which  are each the size of Antarctica. They are known to use thermonuclear devices to caramelise their food, the snadge puddings.
Source: Doctor Who universe  (PROSE: Come Friendly Bombs...)
Note: Only mentionned by the Third doctor but never actually seen in a story.


Planet of origin: Balumin
The Balumin are a sentient species which has developed an advanced space-faring civilisation as of the 40th century. As of the 347th century, they are believed to still be around and have access to time travel. They are egg-shaped with tentacle-like arms and either blue or orange skin, large eyes. They are known to smell of oranges and lemons. 
Source: Doctor Who universe (PROSE: The Slitheen Excursion, (PROSE: The Pirate Loop)

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The Ixodes are a sentient non-humanoid which developed a space faring civilisation who look like a several meters wide fleshy balls cover with bulging veins with a giant eye located frontally on their equator and several powerful tentacles about twice as long as their body which they use both for prehension and locomotion. They generally move about surrounded by a cloud that provides them the subzero temperatures they need to survive.
They are known to have settled camps on some of Earth's mountain tops in the 1950ies for reasons unknown but following aggresive behaviours, were either destroyed or chased away. The means they use to travel through space remains unknown.
Source: The Trollenberg Terror serial (1956),  and the film The Crawling Eye (1958) (Both directed by Quentin Lawrence, with the screenplay of the serial and its story by Peter Key, while the screenplay or the movie was from Jimmy Sangster)

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Planet of Origin: B'Saari II, the 2nd planet of a solar system of the same name, circa a 100 light-years from Earth, near the star Denobula.
The B'Saari were an intelligent spacefaring species which were the first species whith whom the Denobulans made contact, some times prior to the 19th century. They had a technique for reviving the deads reminiscent of the one exhibited in the film Frankenstein, which left the rivived with functionning with basic neural and metabolic functions.
Source: Star Trek Universe, Star Trek Enterprise "Future Tense", "Horizon"


The B'omar are a sentient xenophobic humanoid species which developed an isolationist faster than light space faring civilisation that established itself on several worlds of the Delta Quadrant, the quadrant of the Milky Way opposite to the one Earth it in. Their government was known as the B'omar Sovereignty. Externally, they ressemble humans with the exception of a cranial ridge that prolonge itself to the end of their nose, which much flatter and wider than that other humans, with nostrils far apart.
The B'omar were neighbors with the Nassordin, with whom they had delicate trade negotiations.
Source: Star Trek Universe, Star Trek Voyage: The Raven.

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Planet of Origin: Kilaak (position unknown - the Kilaaks claim it is between MArs and Jupiter, but show no evidence on the matter)
The Kilaakians are a species of small metallic worm-like creatures with a space faring and mind control technologies who live in high temperature environments.
They  travelled to Earth circa 1999, establishing a base on the moon and posing as  a race of female humanoids from the planet Kilaak, which they said was between Mars and Jupiter. The aliens invaded the monster reserve known as Monster Island and assumed control of the giant monsters and resident scientists, soon sending them to attack several major cities across the globe, such as NNew York, Moscow, Bejing, London and Paris.Their efforts were finally thwarted by the destruction of their Moon base.
Source:  Destroy All Monsters, Toho, 1968

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The Tyranids are an extragalactic sentient ecosystem of innumerable different species based on the same genetic material dedicated, under a unique hive mind called the Synapse, to survival, propagation and evolutionary advancement originating from an extragalactic from outside the Local Group. They travel across the universe at supraluminal speed in their fleets of gigantic hive ships, systematically consuming all biomatter they meet. All Tyranid organisms in a fleet are synaptic and contribute to a communal Hive Mind.
The components of a Tyranid Hive Fleet travel almost exclusively in large groups known as swarms that possess specialized biomechanical creatures for destroying and consuming a wide variety of prey life forms. Through their invasions, Tyranids acquire new biological traits from other lifeforms, processing these new traits through their reporductive process managed bhy their Norn-Queens. The Tyranids do not build but  use gene-splicing and bioengineering to grow what they need from the organic biomatter harvested from the planets they consume.
It is believed that tyranid advanced parties will scout the Milky Way around the 35th millenium leading several hives behind them around the 41st millenium from different directions. 
Source: Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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Planet of Origin: Paira, a planet on the same orbit as Earth but on the opposite side of the sun
The pairans are a pacific sentient non-humanoid species which developed an advanced civilisation capable of interplanetary space travel millenia ago and have been watching Earth for 4000 years. They look like 2 meters tall starfishes standing up on their 2 bottom legs and using their 2 middle legs for manipulation. A giant eye at the center of their body serves as their main sensory organ.
Pairan technology allows them to transmutate into another lifeform, a technique they used with humanity when they made contact with selected humans in 1956 to warn mankind of the danger of Planet R, a comet on collision course with our own as well as of the nulcear research, mainly the development of Urium 101, a substance much more powerful than regualr radioactive elements.The comet was finally destroyed thanks to the use of Urium 101 and the Pairans returned to their homeworld.
Source: Warning from Space or Mysterious Satellite (宇宙人東京に現わる Uchūjin Tokyo ni arawaru?, Spacemen Appear in Tokyo, Diaie, 1956. Director: Koji Shima, Writers: Gentaro Nakajima (novel), Hideo Oguni (screenplay). Jay Cipes and Edward Palmer (english dialogues)

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Planet of Origin: Gallaxhar's Planet, in the Milky Way Galaxy. A big, cold, pink earth-type planet, the first planet of his star system, the second planet being a big, blue, gassy planet that has a number of small rings. The star system of the planet includes only a single red dwarf which both planets revolve around. 
Gallaxhar's are a blue skinned non-hmanoid species which developed an advanced space-faring civilisation. They standing from 2 to 3 meters tall on 6 long tentacles atthe tip of which are small 3 fingered handlike feet. The tentacles are attached to a somewhat humanoid body at the top of which is a head with four eyes, a giant cranium with a pair of sensory antenna on its top.
The Gallaxhars - whihc might have had another name - all perished when their planet was destroyed by one of them who came to be known as Gallaxhar. The date at which the planet was destroyed remains unknown but prior to 2009. Gallaxhar survived the destruction of his homeworld in his giant spaceship and put himself in cryogenic sleep while his ship's comptuer went on looking for Quantonium, a powerful radioactive energy source which he wants to use to clone himself into an army at his service. Gallaxhar was presumably destroyed when his ship exploded during an attempt to invade Earth in 2009.
Source: Monsters vs Aliens

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Planet of origin: Skaro, an Earth-type planet, the 12th from its star, in the Milky Way Galaxy.
Daleks are the armoured, mutated descendants of the humanoid Kaleds, one of the two factions coexisting on the planet Skaro. They fought the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War, ending in the near-total destruction of both races. Intensely xenophobic and bent on universal domination,.The Daleks are biological organisms encased in and supported by a mobile, armed and armored protective shell which they need to sustain themselves. The  Daleks' bodies had mutated so drastically from their Kaled ancestors they had lost all humanoid appearance. They share information using a sort of artificial telepathic network known as the Pathweb but can also communicate verbally, despite vocal organs, through external vocoders.
The Dalek casing was originally called a "Mark III travel machine", conceived for the first generation of tailored mutant as a fully-sealed environment suit, allowing travel through the vacuum of space or underwater without the need for additional life-support equipment, with nutrient feeders and control mechanisms directly linked to the organism inside.. Heavily mutated members of other species, including humans, also occupied the same chassis on occasion. Made of polycarbide and dalekanium, it resembles a human-sized peppershaker, with a single mechanical eyestalk in a rotating dome, a gunstick and a manipulator arm. Their lower part is covered with fifty-six hemispherical protrusions, which can be equipped to serve different customised roles.
Due to their gliding motion, daleks often display limited manoeuverability. Different models had different hovering capacities, some being effectively able to fly while others had difficulties navigsting stairs. Some rare high ranking individuals were known to be equipped with teleporter and temporal shift capacity. The power source of the Dalek casing also changed several times. Early models being much less powerful than later ones. Throughout history, there were many Dalek variants that sported different casings. A Dalek's ability depended on what features its casing offered.

The mutant organism  itself, which was artificially evolved from the humanoid Kaleds, looks much like a small invetertebrate with multiple tentacular protrusions, either a single eye or a normal right eye and a left eye so reduced in size as to be easily missed - Despite their apparent lack of any motive capability, they are capable of defending themselves, being able to kill a human size opponent by striking at its throat. 

Daleks have little individual personality and a strict hierarchy. They are conditioned to obey a superior's orders without question, even if these orders resulted in pain or death. The most fundamental feature of Dalek culture and psychology is an unquestioned belief in the superiority of the Daleks. Other species are either to be exterminated or enslaved, and then exterminated when no longer necessary. The default directive of a Dalek is to destroy all non-Dalek life forms. Daleks even regard "deviant" Daleks as their enemies and worthy of destruction.  Despite this, offended by exterminating their own, they will sometimes instead send them to a planet known as the Dalek Asylum.
Another result of this superiority complex is their complete ruthlessness. Because of it, it is nearly impossible to negotiate or reason with a Dalek, and it is this single-mindedness that made them so dangerous. Their reliance on logic and machinery was a weakness, albeit one that they recognised. Daleks considered illogical actions impossible.  The emotional capacity of Daleks was limited to largely negative emotions. Empathy, compassion and sentimentality were considered by them to be weaknesses. However, they were capable of comprehending them, and often used them to exploit their enemies.

Their creation is the feat of the kaled scientist Davros, although the initial concept was presented to him by his  assistant Shan; from whom he stole the idea, and adapted it into what would become the Daleks. They were developed toward the end of the One thousand years Wars on Skaro and ended it by eliminating most of the two warring parties, the Thals and the Kaleds. They then became stranded in their city for a while, but somehow survived and, led by the Dalek Emperor and the Dalek Council, forged an interstellar and later intergalactic Empire. After clashing several times with Timelords agents, they began working on a time travel technology of their own and came several time to Earth which was one of their first battleground with their soon-to-became nemesis, the Timelords, first by developing time corridor technology, then by building time travel machines based on temporal shift, efficient but not as much as the Timelords' Tardis.
Travelling through time themselves and being at war with the Time lords, the Daleks have seen their history and development rewritten several times already, a process which is still on the way.
Source: Doctor Who universe, (TV: Asylum of the Daleks), (TVResurrection of the Daleks) (TVGenesis of the Daleks), (TV: The Daleks), (WC: Captain Jack's Monster Files) (TV: Dalek (TV:The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Parting of the Ways), (TV: Revelation of the Daleks, The Parting of the Ways, Asylum of the Daleks), (AUDIO: Davros) (TV: Doomsday, Daleks in Manhattan)
(TVThe Daleks' Master Plan), (TVThe Chase), 

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Planet of Origin: Jupiter
The Jovians are a sentient species that built several advanced arrogant civilisations on their planet which, given the size of the planet, have not all made contact with one another. Although  their technical science is on pair with that of Humanity, their knowledge of astronomy is lcose to nil, as they know about the existence of the sun and the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, but are ignorant over all other celestial bodies.
They are built around radial symmetry with  tentacles and sensory organs allowing them to detect mass. Substances of low specific mass are transparent to them, allowing to see through the dense Jovian atmosphere as well as Humans see through Earth air. Oxygen is lethal to them, and they may drown if submerged in ammonia, which is known to form lakes in the vast islands where they built their cities. 
For 25 years they had radio contact with Human settlers on Ganymede, but immediately cut contact when they realized  they were dealing with non-Jovians, feeling sudden repulsion and xenophobia. Robots were later sent down to the planet in hopes of restoring contact.
Source: Isaac Asimov, Not Final! (1941), Victory Unintentional (1942) 

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"There's only one on Earth. They're nine altogether. The other eight are still on Venus. They're the sole survivors of a race that was born too soon. It developed in the eruptions and the boiling gases of Venus, a planet that won't catch up to Earth in perhaps a million years in climate."
―Dr. Tom Anderson
It remains unclear if the so-called venusians are indeed coming from the planet Venus as the only source we have on the subject is Dr Tom Anderson who was lied to abondantly by the creature. As of the mid 20th century they are practically extinct, with only nine remaining individuals, one of which, after having established radio contact with Anderson,convinced him of its benevolent intentions,  hijacked an Earth satellite to land on the planet in an attempt to conquer it with the scientist's help. Anderson believed that the alien, with its mind control abilities  would make humans emotionless, and therefore free them from war and misery. 
The creatures are ruthless and highly intelligent and have developed an advanced civilisation which is now extinct. They are the shape of a cone separated in eight soft ridges going from their top to their bottom, and at the base of which stick out six short frills or tendrils per ridge which likely aid in locomotion. On each side of their body come out two arms with crab-like pincer hands come out. They have a caricatural face on its front with a large mouth filled with sharp pointy teeth, the canines being tusk-like, deep set eyes and a embryonary nose. At the top of their body protrude a pair of short horns or antennae with which they can communicate with the small, manta-ray like flying probe creatures they can release from the base of their bodies. These flying organisms seek targets and bite them on the neck, releasing a small spike that allows the Venusian to control the victims' nervous centers from distance. Apart from their mind control abilities, the Venusians also have the ability to neutralise most types of technological devices within a large area around them.
Source:  It Conquered the World (1956) by Roger Corman

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Planet of origin: Mars
This martian creature is a savage and possibly non-sentient humanoid reptilian species which nurrishes itself with the fluids of other creatures, preferably animal, sucking them dry. Standing two meters tall,  It has large three fingers hands and a large mouth with big pointy teeth. To survive the martian environment, it has developed a remarkable strenght and endurance, its thick scaly skin protecting it from most kinetic harm.
Contact was made with one of these creature in 1973 when a first manned mission to the red planet was decimated with only one survivor who was resued by another expedition aboard which ship a creature was able to stow away, killing part of the crew before they managed to throw it out the airlock.
Source: It! The Terror from Beyond Space is an independently made 1958 black and white science fiction film directed by Edward L. Cahn and written by Jerome Bixby.

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The saucer men are a green skinned humanoid species which developed a space faring civilisation. With have shorter limbs than humans but heads about four times the size of that of a human for, they stand at a height of about four feet. They have pointy ears huge bulgeous eyes about size of a fist and heavy lipped wide mouth with sharp pointy teeth. Huge veins are apparent through their skin. 
They are very light sensitive as sudde exposure to bright violent lights can not only blind them but cause them extreme pain as blood rushes toward their eyes which, brought to extreme levels can cause their death due to hemorragical explosions.
Their hands have four long fingers equipped with retractable needle-like hollow claws which can inject hugh doses of pure alcohol, enough to kill subjects as large as cattle and have an additionnal eye on their backs. As these hands are also detachable and able to move around and make rational decisions even after their owner's death, it remains unknown if the aliens are able to transfer at least part of their consciousness in them as some sort of lifeboat or even if the hands are distinct entities which operates in symbiosis with their user.
The Saucer Men are known to have briefly visited Earth's eastern coast of northern America, near Hicksburg, during a June night of 1957 but their visit ended up in disaster with the death of the whole party.
Source: Invasion of the Saucer Men (also known as Invasion of the Hell Creatures, working title - Spacemen Saturday Night) is a 1957 sci-fi comedy filmby Edward Cahn, written by Paul W. Fairman (original story), Robert J. Gurney Jr. and Al Martin

The needle-like claws of the alien extended.

The severed hand moving on its own.

 The alien's spaceship 



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Planet of Origin: Unknown
The plan 9 aliens are a humanoid species, looking almost undiscernable from normal humans, who have developed an advanced spacefaring civilisation, generally peaceful but ready to eradicate species which the predict might become a threat before they do. They travel through space using saucer-shaped ships equipped with heavy force field and operate from a network of at least 7 space stations.
They are known to have visited Earth in 1959 to study mankind and make contact with the planet's leaders. Their attempt was met with fear: as soon as their flying saucers were sighted in the sky over the united states of America, mainly Washington and California, they were greeted by heavy fire from the army. 
To force mankind to better dispositions, they decided to use Plan 9, which consist of using a technology allowing the resurrection of the recently dead by stimulating their pituitary and pineal gland with remote controlled electrodes and using them to create an army of zombies. 
After interviewing some humans, the judged the species dangerous as their development was putting them on a track to develop solarbonite, a substance capable of  "exploding sunlight molecules" (photons?) which they would be too immature to have at their disposition: "It is capable of exploding the particles that make up sunlight itself.  If contained in a weapon, it can set off a chain reaction that explodes sunlight,  along with anything the exploding sunlight touches, that will eventually destroy the universe, possibly at the speed of light itself."
The aliens ruled that mankind should be destroyed to prevent this from happening. Luckily, the humans they got in contact with managed to thwart their effort and the alien ship exploded while leaving the planet.
Source: Plan 9 from Outer Space, by  Ed Wood Jr.

Alien space station 7

Alien saucer over California.

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Planet of origin: Ro-world
Ro-men are humanoids who developed an advanced spacefaring totalitaristic civilisation which, despite claiming to be coldly logical, often exhibits brutish and flawed behaviors.
Because of their name, the Ro-men are believed to be at least partly cybernetic, but this remains undocumented. Physically, they appear like 2 meters tall humanoid with a body ressembling that of a fully bipedal gorilla with a spacesuit helmet. It is unlnown if their furry body is their natural one, part of a suit or whatever else and if what looks like an helmet is actually one.
Under the management of a Ro-Men designed as the Great Guidance, they are known to send agents by teleporters to planets they wish to conquer to perform the extermination of the dominant species. Such an attempt is thought to have been tried in the 1950ies on Earth but somehow failed, maybe due to the premonitory dream of a human boy who foresaw the whole invasion as it might have occured.
They possess incredible technologies (shown on the pictures next to the alien) such as:
  • Interstellar range teleporters they use for instantaneous travel to other worlds
  • Interstellar comunications devices, they use to communicate with agents on other worlds, 
  • The calcinator ray , a discriminative weapon able to eradicate a given type of lifeform on a planetary scale,
  • The Cosmic Q-Waves, a timescooping device able to bring creatures from the distant past in the present (such as dinosaurs)
  • The Cyclotronic vibratior does cyclotronic vibrations which can supposedly smash a planet out of the universe but which can also create violent earthquakes on a global scale.
Source: Robot Monster, by Wyott Ordung and Phil Tucker