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Planet of Origin: Lemista, sixth from the sun in the Atianti star system in the Milky Way galaxy.

A semi-serpentine race with red skin that averages 4'9" in height. They possess an upper torso witht two articulated arms finishing with hands. They have an articulated head with a pair or eyes and a pari of ears. They eat through a mouth situated in their chest. Although they have tails instead of legs but can stand and traverse in a semi-upright position.

They are members of the interstellar federation of alien races called the Charter (along with the Lem, Lumina, and Myndai).

Source: Marvel Universe “Shogun Warriors #19” (Aug 1980).


Planet of Origin: Nanda, second from the sun in the Particulus star system in the Milky Way galaxy.

A sexuate humanoid species with light green skin and large ovular heads, which average 6' in height. They have developed an highly advanced space faring civilisation and are members of the interstellar federation of alien races called the Charter (along with the Lem, Lumina, and Myndai).

Source: Marvel Universe “Shogun Warriors #19” (Aug 1980).


Planet of Origin: Lotiara / Swampworld (Capella II, 42.2 LY from Sol)

The Badoon are a reptillian humanoid species. Notable for a gender schism that resulted in two separate societies; the Brotherhood of Badoon (ruled by a 'Brother Royal') and the Sisterhood of Badoon (ruled by a Queen).

The Brotherhood live on the planet Moord, while the Sisterhood reside on the Badoon homeworld of Lotiara.

The Badoon civilisation is more than 10 million years old but a natural hatred between the two genders lead them to fight each other in long gender wars. Eventually, the males won, placing the females in captivity and eventually developed technologies enabling them to abandon Lotiara, returning only when their mating drive made it necessary. The males developed an aggressive expansionnist society while the females turned toward a pacific non-expansionniste one, oblivious to the males' star-spanning empire.

The Brotherhood are capable of faster-than-light space travel and also possess personal cloaking technology. They are known to use hand-held particle guns and large, muscular cyborg-like artifical humanoid construct for military purposes.

Source: Marvel Universe, “Silver Surfer”

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Planet of Origin: Earth, some tens of millions of years ago.

Silurians are scaly, cold-blooded reptilian humanoids, with yellow eyes and oval mouths. They are most probably descendants of the hadrosaurs.

There were at least to subspecies of SIlurians. An amphibious one, and a landbase one. Some specimens of the latter possessed a third eye with various abilities, such as defense, wether it was stunning or killing, communication or activating mechanisms keyed to emanations from the eye. The eye usually glowed red when active.

They lived tens of millions of years in the past. Some of them went into suspended animation when faced with some plantewide cataclysm. They were scientifically advanced with expertise in genetic engineering.

One of those group were awakened in the late 1960ies by the energy from a nearby nuclear power research centre. The Silurians then attempted to reclaim the planet from humanity by releasing a deadly virus and attempting to disperse part of the Van Allen Belt. Both plans, however, were thwarted. The Silurian base was destroyed by UNIT.

Note: The Silurians resemble, both conceptually and visually, the Voth race from the episode “Distant Origin” of Star Trek Voyager, in which the Voth, like the Silurians, are an advanced reptile species who evolve on Earth before Humanity and subsequently disappear. There is also a strong physical resemblance between the costumes and make up used for the two alien races.Source:

Doctor Who “Doctor Who and the Silurians”

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Felinoid humanoid species who developped an pacific interstellar civilisation. They are supposed to be among the longuest lived space faring culture of the Milky Way toward the 23th century. They also possess time manipulation technology and can cure mental madness.
Source: Star Trek: The Animated Series "The Jihad"


 Planet of Origin: Aurelia, the 2nd planet orbiting the star Xi Herculis, 160 light years from Earthm, in the Milky Way galaxy
The Skorr are bipedal avians with lifespans spanning hundreds of years. They are feathered and stand from two to three meters tall. There body is much like that of a winged humanoids with bird legs and head.
They have developed a space faring civilisation and have long existed as a warrior monarchic culture with advanced technology and the ability to breed vast armies very quickly until the mid-21st century, when the philosopher Alar lead his race into a new era of peace. After Alar's death, his thought patterns were preserved in an indurite sculpture referred to as the "Soul of Skorr."
Source: Star Trek: The Animated Series: “Yesteryear”, ‘The Jihad”

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Insectoid species which developed an highly advanced FTL interstellar civilisation some 300 millions years ago.

They utilized an unknown alloy that was harder and lighter than any metal registered, Their construction techniques drew the alloy into filaments and were spun like a spider's web. Their architectural designs incorporated hexagonal cell formations that were nearly identical to the honeycombs of bees on Earth. Among their more unique technology utilized was the energy accumulating wands they used to collect energy from motion, sound, light, heat, and magnetism.

It is unknown how or when they became extinct. The only recorded trace of their existence is the hulk of a huge Pod Ship on the fringe of the Milky Way.

Source: Star Trek: The animated series: "Beyond the Farthest Star", Memory Alpha


Planet of Origin: Delat Theta III

A primitive sentient Saurian species. They possess a basic language, and social structure and have developed mores and traditions. Their society includes small villages of grass or thatch huts, and stone axes and spears technology.

A god like entity is monitoring the species and is most likely responsible for guiding the race to intelligence. Apart for the intrusion of a human exploration party, the planet has remained in quarantine.

Source: Star Trek the Animated Series “Bem”


Planet of Origin: Sauria é Lyaksti'kton (UFC 512)

The Saurians are very intelligent reptilian humanoids. They are also very strong, have four hearts and have the unusual ability to breathe several different gases. The Saurians have developed a space faring civilisation in the 23th centey and were members of the United Federation of Planets.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Memory Alpha


Planet of Origin: Chelar (Rigel III)

The Rigellians are reptilian humanoids who developed a space faring society. They were descended from a race of saber-toothed turtles who learned to walk upright. They ranged in height from about 1.75 meters to 2 meters or more.

Rigellians have attendants who serve, feed, and care for them. This gave the attendants the real power in Rigellian society. They only had one gender and reproduced by laying eggs.

They were members of the Federation of Planets in the 23 century.

Notes: They physically strongly ressemble Doctor Who's Chelonians and the LaserBlast Aliens.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Details about this species, including their name, comes from notes created by Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and can be found in The Making of Star Trek The Motion Picture), Memory Alpha


Planet of origin: Earth

The Voth are a cold blooded saurian humanoids. They are descendant from the hadrosaur of in the Cretaceous period, the most highly evolved cold-blooded organism to develop from the Eryops and which disappeared during the mass extinction of the end of the Cretaceous period.

They have a highly developed sense of smell and skin pigmentation which alters according to moods. They stand a it under 2 meters, have six clawed manipulatory digits (three on each hand). Their eyes are protected by heavy bony brow ridges which have a central crest rising to a conical protrusion on the back of the skull. This is the extra-cranial area gives them a cranium capacity is 22% greater than that of a typical Human. They have 47 genetic markers which are identical to Humans.

The Voth developed an technologically advanced civilisation on Earth before leaving theire homeworld some 65 million years ago, possibly fleeing some planetwide catastrophy.

Technologically advanced, they possess transwarp capabilities and spatial displacement capabilities – a form of cloaking technology that moved their starships or even individuals out of phase. Their scanning technology allows them real-time scan of individual lifeforms from a distance of nearly a hundred light-years.

Highly reclusive and xenophobes, they recognize no rights to other species and have retreated to kilometers long cloacked City Ships . They are governed by a Ministry of Elders. At the heart of their society lies their Doctrine, guiding principles, which specifies that the Voth were the first lifeforms in the area of space in which they now live. All notion about Earth has been removed from their history. Heresy against Doctrine is an arrestable and serious offense.

Note: The Voth resemble, both conceptually and visually, the Silurian race from Doctor Who and the Silurians, in which the Silurians, like the Voth, are an advanced reptile species who evolve on Earth before Humanity and subsequently disappear. There is also a strong physical resemblance between the costumes and make up used for the two alien races.

Source: Star Trek: Voyager “Distant Origins”, Memory Alpha


Gorn are cold-blooded, reptilian humanoids with a green rubbery skin and an average height of approximately two meters. Their ears are simple holes on the sides of their skulls, while their mouths boast an impressive array of sharp teeth and their hands and feet possess vicious claws.They are highly muscular and prefer warmer temperatures.

First contact between mankind and the Gorn took place in 2267, when they attacked the Cestus III colony, a world which was regarded as as part of their territory. At that time, they possessed a technology roughly similar to that of mankind.

Notes: Gorns bear strong ressemblances to Green Chaschs from Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure.

Source: Star Trek TOS “Arena”,

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The Sou(ou)Shi are15 foot tall, with huge serrated jaws, four arms ending in triple scimitar blades and legs like iron pistons.

When they are going to kill, they project a psychic image of a larger version of themselves, with snouts, tusks and razor-sharp claws. They are also known to project a human-like image of themselves, but too pink, with eyes too round and fine golden fur on their torsos.

They are a group mind. They consume the mind energy of dying species without space travel and use their bodies to start life on habitable but uninhabited worlds, where new life develops based on that species' genetic code. This is how they "save" doomed species. In effect, they are psionic vampires..Previous races they have devoured include the Philotirians, the Aveletians, the Signortiyu, and the Gowenn. One of these races was humanoid, but dwarf-sized with three eyes.. They have considerable psychic abilities - including psi-probes and psi-weapons. They have neural amplification fields, which use someone's nervous system to put them in severe pain.

They are incapable of lying, and so hide their true intentions from their victims by telling them only part of the truth. They cannot kill without the permission of their victims. The Sou(ou)shi keep examples of the art of cultures they devour.

Some 3 billions years ago, they had developped a space faring civilisation with ships that had perfect gravitational control caused no atmospheric displacement. They became extinct around that time.

Sources: Doctor Who "Venusian Lullaby' novel and the Doctor Who Dicsontinuity Guide (from whihc most of this text comes)


Planet of origin: Venus Three billion years ago, when Venus eas capable of supporting life, including human life.
The Venusians' bodies have five-fold symmetry; they have five eyes, mouths, tentacle-like arms, legs and eyes. Each leg ends in a star-shaped hoof and each arm ends in a five-fingered flower-like hand. Their skin is bark-like. Their mouths are y-shaped and filled with teeth. The Venusians reproduce by mating in groups in the bud-ponds each year at least two females are required to create a fertile union. They reproduce by budding. Their budlings are blind and are not active out of water. Budlings have tiny membranous rotors, which they can use to fly. Their blood is purple Venusians have very good hearing.Venusians are big enough that humans can ride easily on the backs of adults.

Venusians are allergic to all free metals except gold and, to some extent, platinum and titanium, all of which are rare on Venus. They have dart-guns which fire wooded darts with iron tips (which poison them). Because of this allergy, they use a golden-coloured wood native to Venus to make buildings and even guns. Thye build tools out of wood, mainly for farming and travelling. They eat the memory centres of the brains of their dead in order to remember them (this involves absorption of the memories of whoever's brain they are eating). Eating the brain of a dead Venusian imparts some of their memories to the eater. It works on Venusians, humans and Time Lords. They believe that when they die, they go to Dhallgohidhall, meaning the Land-which-is-no-land. The Venusians regard punctuality as a virtue, especially at funerals. A generation is about 33 years.
Venusian civilization lasted at least three million years.

They are lead by the Night Council, which is commanded by the Presidor.

The Venusians use globerollers for long-distance travel between cities. A globeroller is essentially a single huge wheel with a pentagonal platform halfway up. The globerollers have masts, presumably for balance, and are wind powered.They also have land yachts. A mossocular is a moss-based camera. The didhabhir is the position-of-speech-making, which involves a Venusian positioning its eyes to form a perfect five-pointed star. The nenetif web is fine enough to be invisible, but its strands can cut through flesh with ease. They use cuttershells as thrown weapons. They also use harpoons. enusian writing is pictogramic. They write using their own blood, which runs down a groove in the claw of their writing-finger. They use 75-string guitars, and pentaclaviphoniums. They measure the passing of time using time-crystals, watch-like devices with three plates, which change colour rather than number as the day progresses. by means of a change of colours rather than by numbers. They measure height (or distance) in ojotti (humans are about one tenth of an ojotti). Their currency includes wooden geometric shapes such as pyramids, dodecs and cubes. They have a game called cog-o-cog.

Bikugih, Inarihib, Conorihib, Martahig, Burijianit and Ujannonot are Venusian cities. Regions of Venus include the village of Lijonallall, Hidarateg Peak, which overlooks the Bikugih Plains, Piniheg hill and Brehigu hill are both near Bikugih.

The petrol forests between Conorihib and Bikugih (in which trees grow which produce fruit containing petrol) catch fire and burn down every night. Mole-like creatures called tree-moles live in these marshes and dig below the surface to their nesting chambers to avoid periodic fires. Venusian food includes roast grifharji, juldha, pekatisi, tongue-bread, nightfish, and kirimbi-nuts. Nijij are best eaten whilst still alive and their brains help nervous tissue to regenerate.

Ancient Venusian animals include the monstrous shaghorn, the 2-headed klak-kluk , and the harpoon-beaked pattifangs. A dihilrahig is quite short and broad, and a transport box for a dihilrahig can fit in a human, who can't sit upright but can move sideways several feet. Ghifgihoni (which have rotors and can fly, and also have five legs) are animals which are used as carrier pigeons. The Venusians use kigfih, giant insectoid creatures, to draw carts. Other flora and fauna include chedhanhig trees, nijij (which are sometimes kept in tanks, so may be aquatic), cajingu, grifharji, and fehiliju mosses. Venus has bosifghal forests and beghi paddies.

Sources: Doctor Who "Venusian Lullaby' novel and the Doctor Who Dicsontinuity Guide (from whihc most of this text comes)

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Planet of Origin: 16 Alpha Leonis One, a planet with an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and seas of boiling sulphuric acid.
The Cthalctose resemble three-metre-wide, crystal-armoured sea anemones.
They are culturally as developed as the ancient greeks and are versed in mathematics, chemistry, physics and astronomy, the last of which they base on the tidal movement of the sulphuric acid seas.
They live in buildings shaped like coral reefs and leave their dead on the projecting atolls to decompose in the acidic atmosphere. Despite their scientific knowledge, they developed little technology.
6 billions years ago, the Cthlactose discovered that a wandering black hole was on a collision course with their world. They developed impressive force field technology to contain it but, faced with failure, built on their moon a platform containing the seeds of their race and the Agent Yellow reserves, as well as a series of laboratories, a museum, and a matter transmitter. Agent Yellow was a terraforming virus able to liberate sulphur from rocks to create sulphuric acid seas and modifiy a world's atmosphere in order to make it suitable for the Cthalctose. They placed two pinhead black holes orbiting each other inside the Moon, feeding off its mass and providing a massive source of energy. They launched their moon into space, and it eventually reached Earth, becoming its Moon.
Source: Doctor Who "Eternity Weeps" (novel)

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Planet of Origin: Ruta III

The Rutans are a race of amorphous amphibious electrovores used to very clod climates. Shaped somewhat like a green glowing jellyfish, with many light-green tendrils. They are can cling to sheer vertical surfaces, an can move with considerable mobility out of the water. They can generate lethal biolelectrical shocks and are able to absorb electrical energy directly for sustenance. They reproduce by binary fission, each infant carrying the memories of the parent. They possess a sense similar to monochromatic vision and can speak by forming a vocal apparatus.

Rutans are abke to operate independently but do not see individuals as important. They never refer to themselves as individuals and have no individual names. The Rutans are believed to have a hive mind coordinated by a Queen living on their homeworld.

They have long developed a very advanced interstellar civilisation. They use a crystalline based space technology, weather control and shapeshifting technology, which they use a lot for spying.

They have been at war with the Sontarans for several millions of years.

A rutan scout ship crashed on Earth near the English coasts in the early 1900s.

Source: Doctor Who “Horror of Fang Rock”, “The Infitinity Doctor”, “Shakedown”


Planet of origin: Possibly in the West Galaxy, during the Vulgar End of Time (some thousands of years in the future).

Skelloids are an aggressive species which resemble 'skellingtons'. They breathe hydrogen through their gill plates. They developed spaceflight.

Source: Doctor Who "The One Doctor" (CD Adventure)


Planet of origin: Bendalos, a planet in the sector of the Binary Quasars of the same name.
The Spraxis Jelloids from the binary quasars of Bendalos are single cell sentient organisms. They are believed to the longest-lived race in the universe and might have been the first living creatures.
Source: Doctor Who "The One Doctor" (CD adventure)


The Racnoss were wiped out over 4.6 billion years ago by an alliance of civilisations of the time. Insectoid with a half-humanoid, half-arachnid appearance, blood red skin and a crested skull with three pairs of eyes. They had ten razor-tipped limbs, two smaller of which they normally used for manipulation while the rest was mainly used for locomotion. They could produce webbing to wrap up their prey.

They were an aggressive society centered around their queen. Insatiably hungry from the moment of their birth, they consumed everything on the planets they conquered. Their empress was the only survivor of theire civilisation. She hid the ship containing her eggs in suspended animation on the planetesimal that became Earth’s core. She came back to Earth in her Webstar ship on December 24 2006, seeking to use the Huon particles which had been recreated by the Torchwood Institute in the hope of resurrecting her "children" before feasting on the human population of Earth. Here efforts were thwarted and he ship shot by UNIT forces. It remains unknown how she managed to survive for over 4 billion years (some relativistic displacement might be implied) and if her eggs were indeed still viable after all that time (or, for that matter, if the ship containing them had indeed survived the pressures they were subjected to near Earth’s core. Most likely not).

Source: Doctor Who, "The Runaway Bride" (2006).

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The Hoothi are ancient communal parasitic fungoid lifeforms that lives off decayed matter and farms whole worlds, keeping sentient species as herd animals. Their sentience may initially have originated from their infection of a sentient being. Through the harvesting and assimilation of other species, they gained access to very advanced technology. They travel through space inside huge gas balloons.

More than 4 billion years ago, The Time Lords of Gallyfray were mediating in a war on planet Tranmetgura, hoping to organise a planetary govenment which they could interact with. The Hoothi arrived, infecting and animating corpses under the control of their collective consciousness and pushing them into the fight. The escalation of the conflict and the introduction of biological agents reduced the Planet's population by two thirds, which were harvested by the Hoothi. The gallyfrayans sent an ambassador to the Hoothi, but they used him as a host. Their attack on Gallifrey was quickly defeated by superior biochemistry. The Hoothi fled into Hyperspace before the Time Lords could timeloop them.

Circa 1,000,000 BC, the Hoothi returned. On the planet later known as Heaven, the gave the natives the ability to turn their world into a beautiful garden world. In return, the Hoothi harvested part of the population periodically in an event called the "Resurrection Dance". Believing the Hoothi to be their gods, most heavenites wanted to be in the half of the population that went with them. Each time it happened, the Hoothi showed the Heavenites how to make their world better. One of the last generations of Heavenites used Hoothi technology to build an observatory, chaining herself in it when the Hoothi arrived for the final Resurrection Dance and leaving a message on the walls to warn future generations about the Hoothi.

Source : Doctor Who “Love and War” novel, History of the Whoniverse site.

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“a vicious, callous, warlike race whom the universe won't miss.”, The Jagaroth decame extinct before life appeared on Earth. They were an agresssive humanoid species that developed a warlike interstellar civilisation some 4.5 billions years ago.
The explosion of the ship of one of the last Jagaroth on Earth at the time might have had an influence on the evolution of amino acids to living cells.
Note: Jagaroths are morphologically and socially very reminiscent of Larry Niven's Thrints and were said by their authors to have become extinct at the same time.
Source: Doctor Who "City of Death"


The Judoon are bipedal carbon based air breathing lifeforms whose body is rather humanoid and the head reminiscent of a Rhino. They are brutal but highly logical if not very intelligent. They have very developped lung capacity.

They have developed a spacefaring civilisation and serve as a mercenary police force in a section of the Milky Way in the beginning of the third millenium.

Source: Doctor Who "Smith and Jone" (TV) and "Revenge of the Judoon"


Primacron's origin remain unknown. He may be a member of another species (let it be noted that he shares some morphologic similarities with the Therapists, an advanced species not much is known about) or might even be an engineered lifeform.
According to one of his creation who served as his assistant, he possesses a tremendous intelligence and an indefinite lifespan. He devoted most of his time to technological research, developing all sorts of mechanoid lifeforms, from the most primitive simple ones to one of the most complex ones: Unicron, a highly advanced and super-intelligent mechanoid giant humanoid lifeform able to transform itself into a small moon. Primacron planned to use Unicron as a mean of conquest but the giant machine escaped his will and went on a galaxywide rampage, bent on destroying any mechanoid form he met and consumine their raw material.

After the destruction of Unicron by cybertronian mechanoids in 2005, Primacron created Tornedron, a sentient vampiric energy matrix which also escaped his control and was finally defeated by some of his early and more primtive creations in 2006.

Primacron research facilites were destroyed in these events and what became of him afterward remains a mystery.

Source: Transformers "Call of the Primitives"