vendredi 31 juillet 2009


When Micro-Earth was destroyed, the Micromen M10X fled in hibernation capsules. The alpha H-7 radiation emitted during the explosion transformed the capsules in crystal structures. They drifted through space for four billion years. The rays of the sun revived the micromen who had landed on Earth. They found out that the alpha H-7 radiation, reacting with the environment of the crystallized capsules, had reduced their body to a smaller size and altered their appearances. They built the M115 Conning Tower to send out Spectrum MX Ray that would revive the other Micromen from their hibernation.

mardi 28 juillet 2009


The human blanket is a vegetal symbiotic lifeform that shares the nurrishment it gets from its photosynthesis with its host by wrapping itself around its shoulders. It also boosts his health, endurance as well as his moral by keeping him company and telepathically tell him stories. By itself, the blanket cannot be considered sentient but rather blank and potentially sentient. It takes and builds its personnality and imagination from the the depths of the mind of its host.
The blankets were invented by a science-fiction writers in the late 1950ies in one of his novels. In the 2500ies, some Earth publisher was selling the novel, among others, to an obscure species of biogeneticists who found the idea compelling and decided to bioengineer the creature.
It looks much like a blanket at the center of which a rough human face would appear. It is able to
Source: Clifford Donald Simak, So Bright the Vision.

mercredi 22 juillet 2009


Aggressive sentient reptilian species which developed an expansive advanced interstellar civilisation. They are a bit taller than humans, described as looking like an hybrid of an alligator and a grizzly and can move on two or four legs. They have discovered ways to travel in the void between universes and are so warlike that they would be willing to sacrifice the universe if it allows at least of them to go bakc to the universe's next singularity to mold the next universe in a way that pleases them.
Source: Clifford Donlad Simak, Cosmic Engineers