mardi 25 octobre 2011


Ovions are a four-armed bipedal man-sized insectoid species that were members of the Cylon Alliance to whow Their tylium mines were an extremely valuable asset.  They manage a Gambling ans entertainment complex on the surface of their homeworld to attract preys. Individual humans are trapped selectively and taken into the hive-like structures underground  to be placed into chambers which slowly transform them into food. Ovions occasionally prowl discreetly on the entertainment level, but generally remain out of sight. 
They are now presumably extinct since their world was destroyed in the explosion of their tylium mines.
Source: Battlestar Galactica Universe  (Saga of a Star World). 

mardi 18 octobre 2011


Planet of Origin: Argo,  a seismically-unstable planet. Once a land planet, but its surface became almost completely covered by water, following a series of violent seismic disturbances, leaving only a single large landmass, with a few associated outcroppings.
The Aquan are an humanoid species which developed an advanced planetbound civilisation. They are good example of forced evolution as originally air-breathers were they mutated themselves to become able to breath underwater after massive planet-wide earthquakes flooded the entire planet.
They are governed by the Ruling tribunal of the Anquans and follow the Aquan Ordainment, an ancient set of rules.
Source: Star Trek Universe,  (TAS: "The Ambergris Element") 

mercredi 12 octobre 2011


The Shansheeth are species of avian bipeds. Two meters tall, they have hunched shoulders with a long neck protruding from the middle section of their body and a vulture like head. They have five digits clawed hands and feet. Apart of their head, neck, feet and hands, most of their body is covered in feathers. They are able to project energy beams from their hands and like wearing robes and jewels.
A peaceful advanced space faring civilisation led by a political enitiy known as the Wide Wing of the High Shansheeth Nest, they have been known amongst the interstellar community as galactic undertakers, journeying through space in tribal groups to return lost heroes to their kin. .They employ shards of black stones called epitaph sotnes which they use to project hologrphic images to communicate with other species and  have also been known to use devieces called memory weaves to extracting memories and turning them into physical objects.
 Source: Doctor Who Universe (SJA: Death of the Doctor


The Qetesh is a species that developed an advanced civilisation capable of star travel. They feed off powerfukl emotions such as excitement in people's lives, draining their life essence with it and are therefore masters of emotional manipulation ot achieve sustainance. They are also known as "soul-stealers".
Their stomachs existed outside their bodies, and they did not need air to breathe. The mobile part of their body has been known to look human, but they are most proabably albe to make it match the appearance of their prey's nature to better manipulate them into generating emotionnal food.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (SJA: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)


Planet of Origin: Fleshking planet, part of a binary planetary system (the other planet being the Metalkind planet) in the eye of the Tornado Nebula.
The Fleshkind is a carbon-based humanoid species that developed an advanced civilisation and possesses interstellar-range teleportation technology as well as advanced genetic engineering. 
They are externally almost undistinguishable from humans but can shoot energetic discharges from their hands to place others in a trance. Given the fact that they have been known to develop living weapons of high destructive power, this ability might have been engineered.
The Fleshlkind was at war with a Metalkind race that lived on the twin planet of their homeworld after they started mining operations to mine precious ore on  the Metalkind planet; ore which was in fact the the Metalkind's children. Discovering this fact, the Fleshkind started using the so-captured Metalkind as slaves, which lead to the war.
Th war had come to a stalemate as of the beginning of the 21st century when the Flehskind developed a living weapon capable to destroying all the Metalkind but the weapon was lost, possibly restoring the stalemate.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (SJA: Sky)


Planet of Origin: Metalking planet, part of a binary planetary system (the other planet being the Fleshkind planet) in the eye of the Tornado Nebula.
The Metalkind is a species of sentient  humanoid bio-metalloid  boron-based lifeforms. The Metalkind was at war with a Fleshkind race that lived on the twin planet of their homeworld after they started mining operations to mine precious ore on  the Metalkind planet; ore which was in fact the the Metalkind's children - which were then used as slaves by the Flehskind, leading to the war.
This leads to believe that the Fleshkind was originally more technologically advanced than the Metalkind, being the first one to venture on the other's planet and starting its exploitation. As of the 21st century, after hubndreds of years of war, both species possessed weapons that enabled some kind of stalemate bwetween them, as well as interstellar-range teleportation technology - which might have been the initial way the Fleshkind made it to the Matlakind planet.
To end the stalemate, the Fleshkind had developed a  living weapon that could destroy the Metalkind but the weapon was lost, possibly restoring the stalemate.
Source: Doctor Who Universe, (SJA: Sky)

dimanche 2 octobre 2011


Planet of Origin: Vendor (Vendoria)
An advanced cephalopodic sentient, tentacled shape-shifting species.  In their natural form, Vendorians look rather like floating orange lamps adorned with six trailing tentacles. They had great agility and grace, and reflexes superior to those of a human.
Because of their ability to rearrange their cellular structures at will, thus taking on the shapes of various humanoid species,they are looked upon them with suspicion by other species. While Vendorians may assume many shapes and identities, the longer they remain in one form the more characteristics of that form they assume as  they can absorb memories and personality traits of an individual through touch. These memories and traits become more ingrained the longer or more frequently the Vendorian assumes the form; if maintained long enough, the absorbed traits eventually become part of the Vendorian's own personality. 
In the 23rd century, due to their practice of deciet as a way of life , they have been judged psychologically unfit for the interstellar communicty. Their planet has been quarantined to avoid them inflitrating other worlds and spreading chaos.
Source: Star Trek Universe ("The Survivor")


The Ursinoids are a sentient bear-like humanoids species which had devleoped spare faring as of the 23rd century. They have large fangs and were completely covered in fur. 
Note: They are reminsicent of the Bulrathi of  Masters of Orion
Source: Star Trek Universe ((TAS: "Mudd's Passion"))


Planet of Origin: Polongus
Travist Polong are a species of small, sentient slug-like, multi-eyed beings. Some are known to have come to Earth at some point in the early 2010ies.
Source: Doctor Who Universe . (SJA: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)  (SJA: The Mark of the Berserker)


Planet of Origin: Gorgos ((100,000,000 light years from Earth)
The Gorgons were a species of intelligent parasitic beings which possessed their hosts. Non corporeal, individuals look like a group of blue ethereal serpentine forms hovering in the air. They had some psychic powers, specifically mind control and the ability to petrify creatures within a matter of hours. In order to do so, it needs to leave its host and make contact with the target. They can be reflected by a mirror, causing them to return to the host and turning it to stone. While in the host, they greatly increased its lifespan, letting one human host live for over 200 years. This was much less than the Gorgon's natural lifespan of thousands of years, which meant they had to frequently switch hosts.
Three Gorgons came to Earth around 1000 BC via a talisman, entering into Greek mythology along the way. One Gorgon was slain by a Greek hero, another by a professor and his wife in 1959, and one survived up til 2010. This Gorgon eventually inhabited the body of an abbess and led the sisterhood of nuns at St. Agnes Abbey, manipulating their minds to serve it for over 200 years. The Gorgon led the nuns on a mission to retrieve the talisman so as to call the Gorgons from their home world to invade Earth and take all of humanity for their hosts.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (SJA: Eye of the Gorgon)


The Eknodine are a symbiotic sentient alien species that can live inside of specimens of other species, extending their lifespan. As a defense mechanicsm, they can extend a green eyestalk from their hosts' mouth, which can spray a green cloud which turn a human-size hostile into dust.
Note: There are similarities between this species and the Goa_Uld. and the Hive/Ganglion.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (DW: Amy's Choice)


The Tenza is a species whose young were raised by other species. To that end, they possessed advanced, though subconscious, psychic powers, allowing them to live among the alien culture in which they were being raised. They born in space, where they drift until they found a habitable world. There, they find a family to live with, then infiltrate it. The Tenza infant would adapt itself to suit its environment and alter the memories of its surrogate parents and those around them. After that, the Tenza would live out its life as a member of the surrogate parents' species without conscious realization of its true nature.  If the Tenza felt threatened, its telepathic abilities played havoc with its environment to keep it safe.  They used a perception filter to remove inconsistencies in their histories. Their telepathic abilities are known to be able to scan space over distances of millions of light years.
Source: Doctor Who Universe (DW: Night Terrors)