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The Flood is a parasitic alien life form driven by the need to infest sentient life it encounters in an effort to spread. Nearly 100 000 years ago, its spread forced the now extinct interstellar civilisation of the Forerunners to kill themselves and all other nearby sentient life in an effort to starve the Flood to death.The Flood is believed to be an engineered living weapon developed by the Precursor species as it was being eradicated by the Forerunners in a war that took place more than 150 000 years ago.
The most common form the Flood, dubbed “Infection form” can reproduce itself without the help of external biomass. It seeks to drive sharp spines in any nearby sentient lifeforme to tap into their nervous system and incapacitate them while it burrows in their body and begins the mutation process, bringing the host under Flood control. Hosts that have been recently converted are noted to be weaker than those who have been under Flood control for long periods.
Depending on the size or condition of the hosts, the Infection form turns them into into either "Combat forms" or “Carrier forms”. Combat Forms are extremely powerful and able to resist extreme punishment. They can use the host’s technology or the long, whip-like tentacles developed during their mutation to attack any non infected lifeform. The "Carrier Form" is created if a "Combat Form" is too damaged or ill-equipped to prove well in combat. Carrier forms hosts’s upper halves decome bubbley in appearence and carry around infection forms that are developing.
Once the flood’s absorption of sentient biomass has reached a certain critical level, it develops a centralized intelligence, called gravemind, from the bodies it has infected into a massive , tentacled intelligent entity resembling a large Venus Flytrap, capable of movement and linguistic communication which litteraly controls the flood. As a gravemind develops, it is able to exact more control over the lesser flood forms and is eventually able to develop entirely new forms referred to as Pure Forms. Pure forms do not require a host body to create and are instead formed from degraded biomatter. Pure forms are capable of limited shape shifting that allows them to quickly change their role within the flood.
Source: Halo 1, 2 & 3 Console games and related novels Halo: The Flood, Halo: First Strike

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Planet of Origin: Kvch

The Technarchy is an aggressive techno-organic species. They need to travel to other worlds to feed as Feeding is done by infecting preys with the Transmode Virus, converting them into techno-organic matter, from which they then drain the energy. If is not drained after infection, organic creatures become Phalanx, hiveminded aggressive creatures seeking only to multiply. Phalanx are inherently coded to send a message to the Technarchy once they reach a critical mass. The Technarchy, who consider Phalanx to be abominations, exterminate all such "nests" upon receiving the messages.

Technarchs reproduces through an advanced assembly line, using information code from a parent. The babies is then brought up in a creche. Upon reaching a certain age, they must face their parent in single combat to prove that they have the right to live. The weaks are killed, while those that are strong kill their parent.

Technarchs grow in size, strength and power throughout their lives. In addition to the shapeshifting and energy-channeling abilities, Technarchy members can, with enough energy, travel through hyperspace, cross dimensional barriers, detect energy sources at interstellar distances, detect mental activity, communicate in a wide variety of formats, and even fuse hydrogen.

Source: Marvel Universe. Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkewicz. In New Mutants vol. 1 #21 (November 1984).

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Fairies but have lived alongside humanity since the dawn of time, and although mankind has ascribed positive, friendly aspects to them, they are dangerous. Their exact nature is unclear. They are part myth, part spirit world and part reality jumbled together, mixed with "old moments and emotions", all moving backwards and forwards through time and seen only out of the corner of one's eye.

When they chose to be visible, they are known in two forms: a small, glowing humanoid form with butterfly-like wings and a much larger and distorted winged humanoid. They are also undetectable by technology, and can appear and disappear at will. They also have control of the elements, able to create sudden gales or rainstorms and direct them with pinpoint accuracy. They can make great storms, wild seas, turn the world to ice and have the ability to move back and forth in time.

Fairies and children are linked, and were once children, taken from various time periods stretching millennia into the past. These children are the Chosen Ones, who the fairies protect and avenge if harm comes to them, until the time that they claim the children for their own.

They are also known as Chaos Mites (Annihilation) and thought to be among the first born of the creation event. The Proemials deemed them unstable and believed to have wiped them out.

Known as Chaos Sprites, some are believed to serve the renegade Proemial Diableri to be his eyes and ears and tasked by their master to sow chaos in order, if these have fallen to the Proemial’s power or if he actually created the Sprites himself to be his own Chaos Mites remains unknown.

Source: Doctor Who / Torchwood “Small Worlds” ; Marvel Universe “Annihilation”


Described as the embodiment of entropy, Imperieces are energetic non-corporeal lifeforms contained inside humanoid sets of armor, colossal in size. All are lead by the larger of them, the one refered to as Imperiex Prime and seem to be no more than his probes or drones.

Imperiex Prime had detected imperfections in the fabric of the universe, and his ultimate plan was to destroy it and create a new, perfect one. To do so, in 2000, he headed for Earth, a planet which, according to his calculations, was in a position holding the universe together at that moment, in order to destroy it and therefore induce a new Big Bang. Before arriving to Earth, Imperiex obliterated countless other planets. Kalanor, Karna, and Daxam are three known planets destroyed in his cataclysmic campaign. Whole galaxies were also targeted for demolition as Imperiex Prime sought to fulfill his destructive destiny, obliterating one universe so that a new one would be born. He was opposed by many forces and, in his final moments, realized, in an ironic twist, that the imperfection he had detected in the universe was himself.

Note: Imperiex, being described as the embodiement of entropy, bears a huge likeness to the being described in the Marvel Universe as the Proemial God Diableri of Chaos . There goals are also the same.

Source: DC Universe, Superman #153, (February 2000), created by Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill.


“In a time when the Living Universe was young, and it was full of chaos. There was beauty, but it was the beauty of the void, formless and without intent. The cosmic Consonance deemed that there be order and balance to this chaos. The universe does not measure time, but by natural sequence, a balance was struck and the cosmic consonance was set. From the chaos came order, and from order intent. They were the care takers, conceived through intent. Each of them was tasked to maintain the cosmic consonance. They were without will and without awareness of anything but the task set before them. They existed to serve the living Universe. They were the Proemial Gods.

The Gods shepherded the young Universe, maintaining the delicate balance between order and chaos. As a result the Living Universe expanded and flourished. Life thrived on countless worlds, each life form unique from the other. They were formed by the choices made and action taken, by those serving the cosmic consonance. The better they performed their task, the less they were needed to perform their assigned task. The Living Universes' need for them lessened, and the Proemial Gods started diminishing from existences. One of their members, whose functions evolved into awareness and that awareness, had become dark ambition. Diableri of chaos would not see himself erased from the Living Universe. So he embarked on a mission to remake the Universe in his own image.

For his new found purpose Diableri corrupted the purpose of the Proemial Gods, many of them came to embrace his dark ambitions; those most loyal to him were Aegis and Tenebrous. The Proemial beings became engaged in a War of Gods, and Gods died. Had Diableri not brought his war to Galactus he would have achieved his dark ambitions.”

Taken from the Marvel Universe Wiki

Proemials were non corporeal forces of nature that appeared at the beginning of the universe whose task was to prepare what existed for what was to come, by maintaining balance between order and chaos and eliminating early elements they deemed unstable.

As the universe stabilized and corporeal life started to develop, most disappeared but some developed awareness and sentience. As such they developed shapes, identities and even genders. Lead by Diableri of Chaos, one of them that evolved into the embodiment of entropy, decided to reshape the universe so it would suit them better. They fought the World Devourer Galactus and were vainquished. Tenebrous of the Darkness and Aegis, Lady of All Sorrows were among the only remaining survivors of that brutal battle. Galactus imprisoned them in the prison planetoid known as the Kyln, located in the Crunch Cascade a sector of space outside the Local Group known as the. They remained locked in there for eaons until 2007 when they were freed by the destruction of the Kyln during the Annihilation Wave, an invasion attempt by a communal insectoid species from another dimension.

Once free, Tenebrous and Aegis confronted Galactus and his newly restored Herald the Silver Surfer in battle and easily defeated them. Leaving them to be stripped of the Power Cosmic by the forces of the Annihilation Wave, Tenebrous and Aegis returned to the ruins of the Kyln to look for the other Proemial Gods which could have also been prisoners there. To their disappointment, they only found the fallen body of Antiphon the Overseer who had apparently fell victim to the destruction of the Kyln. The Silver Surfer who had escaped captivity tracked down the two Gods and defeated them by using the powers of the Crunch.

Source: Marvel Universe, “Annihilation” Marvel Universe Wiki


Planet of Origin: Karna, in the Vega System
The Gordanians are a sentient reptilian species that rose to civilized society in Gordane, the southern continent of the Vegan planet Karna, also home to two other intelligent species: Karnan felines, and the sea-dwelling Ssilithiss. The Gordanian society thrived on obedience to authority and strong military leadership. Their culture grew by the labors of the many slaves their legions captured, a type of exploitation in which they excelled. In time, slavery became their main vocation other than warfare. When the Citadel came in contact with the Gordanians, they quietly annexed them in exchange for a steady supply of weapons and technology. As a further incentive to cooperation, The Citadel allowed the Gordanians to not only plunder the worlds of their enemies for the slave market, but to set up Gordanian colonies on Citadel. In exchange for these privileges, the Gordanians were subject to periods of service in Citadel armies, and turned over a percentage of their slaves to Citadel service. Portions of any monetary profits the Gordanians made in such industries as their slave-labor asteroid mines were paid as tribute to The Citadel.
Seeking a new home, the Tamarans who survived the destruction of New Tamaran lead an invasion on Karna. After a short conflict, The Gordanians allowed them to stay; in exchange, the Tamarans tought them new trades outside of slavery. Shortly afterward, in 2000, tragedy struck, a series of Imperiex probes destroyed Karna.

Source: DC Universe,
New Teen Titans vol. 1 #1, 3, Titans #17-19

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Planet of Origin: Okaara (Vega 13)

Okaarans were humanoids who developed a gentle, life cherishing civilization on the then Earthlike planet Okaara. Their peace was shattered by the arrival of the Psions, who abducted and experimented on them. Soon their planet became a nuclear holocaust. Those who survived tunneled deep into the barren soil, making their homes in vast chambers and tunnels. Radiation changed the forms of the blue-skinned species, making them the stocky and fang-toothed. Their civilization survived, and even though they vowed to fight no more wars, they studied and perfected the arts of combat. As civilization spread through the Vegan system, the Okaarans observed and sent emissaries, often establishing their religion on other worlds. Okaara became a place of learning, and favored students from other worlds came there to pursue both physical and mental excellence. Okaaran combat training was particularly valued.

Many millennia ago, some okaarans were brought to Tamaran, most probably by the Psions. Their skin changed from blue to gold. As they made the world their own, the Tamarans established a planetary government that evolved into a feudal society. Each landmass was ruled by a royal family, under the dominion of which exist smaller city-states ruled by Influential families. Passionate people driven more by emotion than reason, they are unusually fierce warriors, but their capacity for love is even greater than their capacity for hate; as a result, war and strife were for many centuries long forgotten on Tamaran. Instead, the people channeled their energies into creating a tropical utopia, a paradise where they could live in harmony with the wildlife and where battle skills were maintained largely for ceremony's sake. Unfortunately, with the rise in power of the Citadelians, Tamaran was eventually reintroduced to war. Tamaran re-ouffitted its armies and managed to lend off a Citadelian invasion for more than an Earth century. In the ensuing battle, millions of Tamaraneans were killed; the entire race would have been annihilated had not King ruefully negotiated a solemn truce, the signature of which involved sacrificing his daughter to the slavers of the Citadel. Despite this truce, Tamaran's troubles were far from over. The citizens instigated a worldwide civil war. While the Tamaran fleet fought valiantly, they were overwhelmed. Knowing they couldn't stop the Psions. They called for an evacuation plan, to save as many Tamarans as possible. The attack by the Psions caused the planet’s core of Tamaran to implode.

Many Tamarans were off-world during the explosion – enough to settle on a new planet dubbed New Tamaran. When the Sun Eater ravaged the galaxy, New Tamaran lay in its path and was destroyed along with many of the remaining Tamarans.

A group of Tamarans were off-world during the explosion of New Tamaran. Seeking a new home, they lead an invasion on the planet Karna, home of the Gordanians. After a short conflict, The Gordanians allowed them to stay; in exchange, the Tamarans tought them new trades outside of slavery. Shortly afterward, tragedy struck, a series of Imperiex probes destroyed Karna.

The Psions experiments on the Okaarans also lead to the creation of the Citadelians. The first Citadellian rebelled against his creators and used their machinery to clone himself, creating the Citadel race, but the clones were imperfect and retarded. The citadellians started war against all neighboring worlds in the Vega system. They were demented madmen who held power through brute force and fear but their time would be limited and the great Citadel empire quickly collapsed. Though the back of the empire was broken, but many of the weapons, machines, and warriors remained.

Source: DC Universe "New Teen Titans"

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The Psions are an reptilian species wich developped an advanced civilisation oriented toward scientific research. They were artificially created from Reptilian guinea pig by a much advanced species, presumably the Maltusians, and abandonned to their fate. They developped an advanced technological civilisation of their own, went on a quest to find their creators and were rejected by them, as they were still considered an ongoing experiment.

Bannished to the vicinity of Vega, they built a Wombworld to subconsciously mimic their creator by experimenting on other species. Their artifical world is comprised of bio-links encircling a central axis. Each one features its own environment in which are placed their test subjects. As Vegan civilization developed, the Psions were present behind the scenes. They were responsible for crossbreeding Okaarans with another species, thereby creating the Citadelians.

The Psions maintain vast floating laboratories where studies continue. Despite long years of research, the Psions know little about themselves. Whenever they get close to the truth about their origins, something inside them makes sure it is suppressed, locking them in an endless cycle of self-deception.

The Psions were informed of mankind's existence by the Dominators and joined an alliance bent of invading Earth in 1988-89.

Source: DC Universe (First Appearance: Witching Hour Vol. 1 #13 (March 1971) )


Kryptonians are humanoids externally very reminiscent of Earth’s humans, but their internal biology is much different. Their cellular function allows them to absorb solar energy at extremely high levels when exposed to a yellow star like Earth's Sun, giving them vast superhuman powers such as flight, super strength and speed, invulnerability, heat beams emission and heightened senses (super hearing, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, micro-vision), super breath, and freezing breath. When superpowered, they are subject to an allergic reaction to Kryptonite, a common mineral from their homeworld..

Kryptonians were a highly technologically advanced but non-expansionnist and intensively xenophobic civilisation. They developed cloning and genetic engineering and a unique technology based on self-grown crystals which made up the vast majority of their planet's surface. Vast amounts of data and information could be stored on relatively small crystals for all the knowledge obtained by the Kryptonians throughout their history. Each Kryptonian family was called a "House," and was represented by a crest or symbol, often worn by the head of the house.

Their homeworld Krypton was an earth size planet orbiting the red sun Rao some 50 light-years from our solar system.

Over 100,000 years ago, Kryptonians had already conquered disease, learned to retard the aging process, and perfected cloning; vast banks of non-sentient clones held multiple copies of each living Kryptonian so that replacement parts were always available in the case of injury. All Kryptonians were effectively immortal and eternally young, and enjoyed an idyllic, sensual existence in an Arcadian paradise.

Then came the debate as to whether clones should have rights. Eventually this disagreement ignited the Clone Wars, during which Kryptonian science was turned to warfare and several super-weapons were developed and used.

Krypton was left deeply scarred. The formerly lush garden world was burnt and blasted, left mostly a lifeless desert. A sterile, emotionally dead civilization emerged from the ashes. Individuals became isolated from one another, living in widely separated technological citadels and shunning all personal, physical contact. Procreation became a matter of compatible genetic material selection which would be placed within an artificial womb called a "birthing matrix." Any attempt to contact other worlds was forbidden, and the planetary government maintained an isolationist stance, forbidding space exploration of any kind.

Then came the mysterious "Green Plague", killing Kryptonians by the hundreds. It is in that period that it was discovered that as a side effect of the war’s super weapons, growing radiation was produced by Krypton's increasingly unstable core. The planet exploded shortly after. Only one child survived, sent to Earth in its birthing matrix by its parents.

Before the Clone Wars, some Kryptonians had left their homeworld and established themselves on Daxxam, a planet orbiting the red giant Valor, so while on their homeworld, they do not have superpowers. They are fatally sensitive to lead, which affects them as kryptonite affects Kryptonians. They are an intensely xenophobic race, and are fearful of alien invaders. Although Daxamites tend to stay on their homeworld, some have ventured into the galaxy. Valor’s location is not known but is presumably in Rao’s vicinity.

The Daxamites learnt about humanity when they took part in an invasion of Earth masterminded by the Dominators in 1988-89. During the invasion they discovered that they gained tremendous powers, of a set and scale comparable to Kryptonians, in a yellow sun environment. However, when they were helped by the locals while succumbing to lead poisoning, they withdrew from the Alliance.

They are most probably the same species known as the Dakkamites from the planet Dakkam, in the Beta Rigel star system in the Milky Way galaxy. grants them super- Known Dakkamites include Wundarr the Aquarian and Quantum.

Sources: For Kryptonites, DC Universe “Superman”, for Daxamites: DC Universe “Superboy #89 (June 1961)” for Dakkamites: Marvel Universe: Silver Surfer #6 (Jun 1969) & Fear #17 (Oct 1973).

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Planet of Origin: Vega XXI (Although it is not known if the planet called Vega XXI by the alien is the same one humans call Vega or if this is an homonym)
Vegans are a sentient man sized humanoids drapped in a luminous aura who developed a pacific advanced civilisation. It is not known if they possess telepathic abilities but when an individual of the species die every specimen is aware of the event regardless of the distance they're at. Their sexual unit is composed of five individuals. They take part in an interstellar community of species sharing a network of portal linking their worlds together.
Source: Clifford Donald Simak "Gateway"

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The Dominators, also refered to as the Dominion, are a humanoid species that developped an advanced interstellar civilisation in the Milky Way galaxy. Skinny, they possess a large head with two small black eyes, a round lipless mouth filled with concentric sharp teeth an pointy ears.
They live in a rigid hierarchical society, in which one's caste is determined by the size of a red circle on one's forehead. They are master geneticists and have developped a way to grow hard techand architecture as plants.
They initiated an interstellar alliance toward 1988-89 to try and invade Earth.
Source: DC Universe "Invasion"


The Gil'Dishpan are a methane breathing invetebrate aquatic species that developed an interstellar civilisation.
Outside their homewordl, they always use cybernetic armored shells recreating their natural envrionments.
They were members of an interstellar alliance that planned an invasion of Earth toward 1988-89.

Source: DC Universe "Invasion"

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Planet of Origin: Durla

Durlans are a polymorph species that developed an advanced interstellar civilisation. Durlans look like an amorphous mass of tentacles with a pair of eyes and a pair a antennas with which Durlans can emit special signals that analyze an item or a lifeform and record its molecular pattern, after which they can mimic that pattern, becoming its perfect duplicate. They also have the ability to link together to form more massive structures. When travelling on alien worlds, they tend to either hide under hooded long robes (as shown on the picture above) or assume a humanoid form.

The inhabitants of the planet Durla are most distrusted a result of their legendary xenophobia; Durlans strictly prohibit any visitation by outsiders and do not often leave their own world. Some of the galaxy's mistrust of Durlans stems from their native shape-shifting ability.

Durlan society crumbled some two to three thousand years ago when their war-like tendencies erupted into the Six-Minute War, a thermonuclear armageddon that destroyed most native life and turned the technological wonderland of Durla into a bleak planetwide wasteland. Facing desolation and deadly radiation levels, the remaining population used what little technology remained to further mutate their naturalbut-limited shape-shifting ability into the power to change their form instantly, so as to better adapt to their new environment.

The Durlans learned of Earth in the 20th century, when they allied themselves with the Dominators ans other civilisatons that feared that Earth was on its way to becoming a spawning ground for an unpredictable and unbeatable super-race.

Source: DC Universe ( First Appearance: (historical) ACTION COMICS #283 (December, 1961); (current) INVASION!#1 (1989); (30th century) ACTION COMICS #267 (August, 1960))


The Celestials appear as silent, massively powerful humanoid armored forms with an average height of 2000 feet. Little is known regarding their appearance underneath the armor. Some believe it to only be a shell for beings of pure energy, so as to allow interaction with the physical world. It has been suggested that they may even be sentient stars. Their origin as their numbers remains a mystery as only a handful have ever been seen.

They travel the universe with an agenda of genetic engineering of younger species.

On Earth, they are apparentlt responsible for modifiying humanity in three offshoots, the Eternals, the Deviants and the Latents (representing most of the population), over a million years ago. The exact reason for the Celestials' genetic manipulation of proto-humans is unknown, although it is known that the Celestials conduct similar experiments on other races such as the Skrulls.

Each race that the Celestials has experimented on is periodically assessed by Arishem the Judge, and if a race "fails" by Celestials standards, he sends Exitar the Exterminator, a 20,000 foot tall Celestial to carry out the sentence. Sentences can go from the terraforming of a planet into a garden paradise, with part of the inhabitants being destroyed, and the survivors being given a second chance to the destruction of a planet along with its population. The Celestials policy of interference is the exact opposite of the Watchers policy of observation, and the two races have been enemies for many eons.

Source: Marvel Universe “The Eternals”


Planet of Origin : Unknown

The Watchers were among the first planetbound intelligent humanoid species in the universe. The Watchers are led by a Watcher known as the One, who is physically far, far larger than the other Watchers and who serves as a repository for all data and records into which the other Watchers upload all the information they collect,.

They started with the belief that their knowledge belonged to the universe, and so decided to share it with other younger species. They came to the planet Prosilicus, interfering with their evolutionary and technological development. Despite the well-intentioned actions of the Watchers, the species self-destructed in nuclear warfare. Horrified, the Watchers swore a vow of non-interference they’ve maintained for millions of years and, leaving their homeworld, dispersed throughout the cosmos for observation purposes.

The Watchers possess the ability to manipulate reality at will, at least on a local level, can teleport themselves almost anywhere in the Universe instantaneously. They appear to be able to either simultaneously watch multiple Universes and Dimensions or to be in more than one place at the same time, and possess vast mental, physical, and energy-manipulating powers. They can also alter their shape and increase and decrease their size at will. There appear to be no secondary sex differences between male and female Watchers. Even if rarely, Watchers still reproduce sexually, however, and rudimentary family relationships still provide care and training for their young.

The Celestials are of comparable age and power to the Watchers. But their agenda of genetic engineering of younger species is in direct opposition to the Watcher agenda of non-interference. The two species have thus been engaged in conflict for billions of years, a conflict that culminated fairly recently in1995 and was not resolved one way or the other.

Source : Marvel Universe « Fantastic Four #13 (April 1963) »


Planet of origin: Maltus

Maltus was among the first planets on which planetbound humanoid sentient life evolved. It happened very similarly to Earth. The planet had it's era of dinosaur-like creatures previous to a humanoid race. Along with the humanoids, another organism, the symbiotes, sprung up. The microscopic ymbiotes merged with the humanoids and gave them their advanced intellect, a proactive immunity system along with the building blocks to immortality. They were the source of all the powers granted to the race of humanoids that eventually evolved into the Guardians of the Universe.

Physically. they started as tall dark blue humanoids with black hair. Males and females drifted apart after a plague whose virus was only avtice in the presence of both sex. Even though the virus was eliminated , males and females remained apart during millions of years but have recently reunited. In the meantime, they evolved into short 4 feet tall, large-headed, white-haired pale blue superintelligent functionnally immortal dwarfs with vast psionic power such as Cosmic energy manipulation, telepathy and telekinesis.

Some 4 billions years ago, they left their homewrold to reeastablish on Oa, and shortly after, learned how to manipulate the energy they called "the Glow", the collective willpower of the inhabitants of the universe and eventually created a Central Battery to store it. This gave the Guardians an ultimate tool to pursue their goal of shaping an orderly universe.

An army of robots called Manhunters was created to patrol the Universe. They rebelled and were exiled. After this failed experiment, they invented the Green Glob, an intelligent teaching machine, programmed to educate mortals all over the universe and able to briefly alter reality to do so.

Then came the short-lived Halla's, an intergalactic police corps wielding power guns chanelling the Glow energy, wich paved the way for the Green Lantern Corps. These troops were given some of the power of the Central Battery, accessed through a ring.

Source : DC Universe « Green Lantern Vol. 2 #1 (July 1960)”, “Secret Origins #23”