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Apart from the sentient phylosians, the ecosphere of the planet Phylos has developed several other mobile plant lifeforms. Among them, the Retlaw, the large predatory Swooper, both using their roots for nourrishment and locomotion.
Source: Star Trek


Planet of Origin: Phylos, on the edge of the galaxy
The Phylosians are a sentient species of mobile plants who developed a technologically advanced civilization. They have a naturaly long life span which they extended with their science. While they had not yet ventured much outside their hoemworld, they had developped theoretical knowledge of interstellar travel and had even devised a plan to build a fleet of large military ships to ensure peace in their interstellar neighborhood. Exposure to a staphylococcus strain of bacteria brought by a human explorer stopped their effoert and wiped out most of them in the 22nd century. By cloning himself, the explorer was able to cure the phylosians over the course of the next century.
Source: Star Trek the animated series "The Infinite Vulcan"


Planet of Origin: Edos in the Triangulum constellation on the rim of the galaxy.
Edosians are a tripodal species, with three arms, three legs and three fingers on each hand.
The Edosians are a peaceful,long-lived species worshipping many gods who have developed a class-less society in whihc all are considered equals. Edos has never been involved in a war. its technology is as advanced as Earth's. The architectural style of its cities is strictly functional rather than esthetically pleasing.
In the 23rd century, they were allies of the Federation of Planets. Contact was already established with Earth or an affiliated species in the mid-22nd century (as Knowledge of the Edosian suckerfish among Humans would suggest, as mentioned in Star Trek: Enterprise)
Source: Star Trek the Animated series, Lincoln Enterprises Star Trek Catalog Number 5

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Saticons are a mysterious faceless humanoid entities of unknown origin. They travel in groups of three, wear long, black garments, and bowler hats. The lead Saticon had a sun-like icon on the front of his hat.
Saticons can travel from planet to planet by means yet unknown and have access to highly advanced technological knowledge. When seen, they always seem to be after an object of power with which they want to accomplish some terrible feat.
Source: Lost in Space (Wreck of the Robot, The Galaxy Gift)


The bubble creatures are a non-humanoid spacefaring species resembling a gnarled, melting lump of greenish-brown flesh, with several pulsating multi-faceted 'bubbles' of various colors protruding from various spots on their body. They communicate by electric arcing on the surface of their bubbles.
Source: Lost in Space "The Derelict", "Prisonners in space"


Planet of Origin: Eurythma

The Eurythmans are a humanoid species looking much like humans which developped their culture entirely around music and speak in a constant, lilting sing-song manner. Among their achievements is the ability to use sound vibration for varied uses, including healing and a three-part harmony of incredible destructive power which was once used to blast out of the sky a comet in collision course with the planet.

Source: The Transformers the Animated Series


Skuxxoids are an intelligent reptilian species that often sell their services to the highest bidder as mercenaries for credits. They have scaly skin and stand from 4 to 5 meters high. Skuxxoids have been known to be hired by Quintessons ("Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 & 2) and Cybertornian Dececpticons (Chaos, Starscream's Ghost, Grimlock's New Brain). They tend to use large asteroid ships as their primary mode of transport and it is quite probable that most of their technological advancement came from scavenging or trading their serivice against tehcnological upgrades.
Source: The Transformers animated series



Sea hares were named by the colonists after their face's uncanny ressemblance to Earth's hares.

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The ancient humanoids are among the oldest planetbound sentient species to evolve in the Milky Way Galaxy some 4.5 billion years ago. They seeded the primordial environments of many planets with a DNA code that would direct the evolution of life towards a form similar to their own. Earth, Indri VIII, Loren III, Ruah IV and Vilmor II are known to have been directly seeded but other species that likely originated from seeded primordial seas included Klingons, Vulcans, and Cardassians, and probably most humanoid species.
Rumors have it that some of the fragments of DNA also contained parts of a computer program designed to display a holographic message from an ancient humanoid explaining its race and their actions. It was hoped that their descendant species would come together in the spirit of cooperation in order to assemble the program. This message was supposedly discovered in the 24th century.
Note: In Doctor Who, The Timelords are said to have had a similar plans, establishing a morphic field so that the species that would develop on other planets would have a physiology similar to their own.
Source: Star Trek the Next Generation "The Chase"


The dikironium cloud creature, also known as the "vampire cloud", is an intelligent, predatory, gaseous lifeform that feeds by forcibly extracting the corpuscles of iron-based blood of its preys. It exists in a borderline state between matter and energy, with elements of both and utilizes gravity fields for propulsion, especially for traveling through space at faster-than-light speeds. It is also able to "throw itself out of time-sync", enabling it to be "elsewhere" while being hit by energy weapons and can also temporarily change its molecular composition into other elements to evade being scanned. In a atmospheric envrionment, it gives off a sickly-sweet odor, best likened to honey. It has a big dislike for copper.
The only specimen of that species ever encountered creature attacked the spaceship USS Farragut in 2257, killing most of its 200 crewmen and destroyed eleven years later with a massive antimatter explosion and it remains unknown if the creature is unique or a specimen of a species.
Source: Star Trek The Original Series "Obsession"
Thanks: Thanks to the Memory Alpha Wiki for the pictures


The Crystalline Entity is a spaceborne crystalline living structure that resembled a large snowflake. It has warp speed travel capability, formidable size, and functioned as a giant electromagnetic collector and needed constant power, converting organic matter into energy on a scale large enough to consume all life on a planet.
Source: Star Trek the Next Generation "Datalore", "Silicon Avatar"


The Star-Jellies are large intelligent space dwelling cosmozoan lifeformes ressembling large luminescent jellyfish. Although they are primarly spacebound, they able to survive both in the vacuum of space and on a telluric type planet. They are capable of manipulating energy to create the effects of replicators and transporters, which allows them to transform themselves into virtually antyhing and even to separate transformed parts of itself from its being and to warp space to attain interstellar speed.
When flying at warp speed, Starjellies usually retract their tendrils which gives them a roughly saucer shape, about a kilometer in diameter.
Two such beings were witnessed in 2364, in the Deneb system but left for destination unknown.
It has been rumored that some species might have used such creatures as spaceships
Source: Star Trek The Next Generation, "Encounter at Farpoint"


Planet of Origin: Lactra VII, Milky Way
The Lactrans are a civilization of highly advanced telepathic 30-meter-long slug-like lifeforms.
Source : Star Trek the Animated Series: "The Eye of the Beholder"


The species refered to as "Neural Parasites" resembles a crawling insects that enters a host organism, attaching itself near the central nervous system - on the spine near the brain, in the case of a human, with a small spine-like protrusion visible at the base of the neck to allow breathing. The parasites are highly intelligent and are able to habe appreciation of the cultures they are parasiting. A host inhabited by a parasite will display increased physical strength and endurance.
The parasites are connected to a mother organism, a larger creature likewise capable of inhabiting a host. The death of this creature seems to result in the deaths of all progeny. (TNG: "Conspiracy")
They attempted to infiltrate Earth in 2364, by physically infiltrating high-ranking officials within the organization but theuir attempt was thwarted. However, the mother organism had sent a signal toward deep space, wether this was a call for help or a warning remains unknown.
Notes: It has been rumored that the parasites might have been agents of the Borg collective.
(This was the episode's writers original intent. However, due to the 1986 Writers' Strike as well as budget cuts, the connection between the Borg and the parasites was never established. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)
The neural parasites are in many ways similar to the Goa'uld, a race of malevolent, power-hungry parasites from TV series Stargate SG1.
Source: (Star Trek The Next Generation: "Conspiracy"


Planet of Origin: A planet in the Shelia / Beta Lyrae star system (ca. 882 lightyears from Earth)
The Sheliak are a reculsive species that developped a space faring society as of the 23rd century. Althought they travel through space and have colonised other planetss, they try to avoid contact with other species whenever possible.
Not much is known about the Sheliak social system but colonists refer to themselves as "the Membership" and have a governing body called "the Corporate".
Unlike most humanoids, the Sheliak prefer to exist in an environment that is the same temperature as their bodies. (TNG: "Starship Mine")
Source: Star Trek The nExt Generation (TNG: "Starship Mine") (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command" for reference to homeworld)
Note: The Thrakallans seen in Babylon 5 also come from the Beta Lyrae system.


Planet of Origin: Medusa (Visalayan), orbiting the G8 star Xi Hydrae, 129 light years from Earth.
The Medusans are an highly evolved peaceful telepathic non-corporeal species. The visual impression they leave upon those they meet is so utterly hideous that the sight of a Medusan renders most humanoid lifeform mad. Some species are known be able to withstand their sight but only through the use of a specially filtered visor. For these reasons, Medusans usually use an opaque carrier pod when interacting with other species. The Medusans was a member of the Federation of Planetes in the twentietn century and had limited contact with some other species.
. (TOS: "Is There in Truth No Beauty?")
Source: Star Trek TOS: "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"

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Not much is known about those eirie apparitions. They've been witnessed in spaceship graveyards, asteroid fields, planteray rings and other such places. They appaear to be humanoids wearing spacesuits and exhibiting luminous body parts where they're visible, with long tentacles like appendages growing out of them. Some specimen were identifiable as humans and other known space farign species, while otehr appeared clearly alien. They're always highly aggressive and have been known to hunt in pack or alone. They prefer ambush to all out attacks.
Legends talk about supernatural manifestations, but a popular explanations to the phenomenon is that of a parasite taking control of the bodies of space travellers, turning them in some kind of zombie under its control. As no specimen has been caught yet, the mystery remains.

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Planet of Origin: a windy and desertic planet 5000 light years from Earth, in the direction of the Pleiades.
The pink entity is a large soft mass covering a surface of about 6 meters in diameter by three meters high. While not humanoid, its shape is remotely reminiscent ofa huge couch potato.
The Pink entity has existed for several millions of years and has no memory of its beginning and cant recall any physical change, wether growth or deterioration in its physical mass.
It has powerful psychic powers and spends most of its time fishing telepathically for other telepathic entities with wich to communicate. It is collecting other people's mind, exchanging an image of its own mind with them. The entity has in its own mind images of the minds of thousands of alien. Being a solitary being, possibly to only of its kind, it does not do much with that wealth of knowledge and live a quite goal-less existence. It usually have a friendly attitude toward otehr sentient beings.
The entity lives in a construction sheltering it from the harsh weather conditions of its world. If he built it or how remains unknown.
The entity had contact with humanity during the first half of the third millenium through Shepherd Blaine, a telepath working for the Fishhook Corporation while psychically scanning distant worlds.
Source: Clifford D. Simak, Time is the Simplest Thing.


This aquatic creature attracts small preys with the luminous organs situated on its belly and shoulders. It catches them with its long prehensile tongue. Its tentacles can sometimes be of help for holding larger preys or searching the seabed for food. When threatened, it rolls on itself and lay on the ground so as to look like a big rock. It tends to hunt alone but can sometimes be seen in packs of up to 8 individuals.

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Planet of Origin: Ssumssha (Abba IV)
The Abbai are a reptilian humanoid species led by a matriarchal regime who have developed a space faring civilisation. In the twentieth century, they became members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and then of the Interstellar Alliance.
“The Abbai civilisation is over six thousand Earth Years old and is regarded as a model of tolerance and respect and has eradicated all poverty and inequity on their world. Although the Abbai are ruled by a single gender, this is simply a fact of Abbai biology that the females outnumber males five to one, though the males are in no way considered inferior and are able to participate in all areas of society, with the exception of the government itself. This arrangement seams to work as it has remained stable for over four millennia and most male seam more interested in pursuing artistic, scientific or academic professions over politics. The Abbai are a very technologically adept civilisation and have possessed the capability for interstellar travel for over eight hundred years. They however specialise in agriculture, medicine, communication systems and computer software. Though they are a peaceful race who do not believe in conquest or violent expansion, they are by no means total pacifists and are quite capable of defending themselves. Most of their weapons are designed around non-lethal but formidable reactive force. Their ships and planetary defences are capable of generating massive force shields, capable of withstanding most assaults. They are also proficient and electronic warfare, intercepting and jamming enemy communications. The bulk of the Abbai Matriarchate's defence strategy however lies in their good relations with other worlds and their numerous interplanetary alliances from which they can muster a defender in case of attack or if necessary hire other races as mercenaries… Religion is highly prized among the Abbai, as is tolerance and mutual respect. As such their sixteen distinct religious hold no rivalry towards one another. The most dominant belief system on Abba IV is Oulai, the worship of wind and water. Unlike most other races the Abbai to not worship divine being(s) but instead revere the natural elements (stone, sand, plants, mountains etc.) with the exception of Kolai; the worship of logic and knowledge.” (from the Babylon 5 Wikia)
Source: Babylon 5 universe, Babylon 5 Wikia

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Planet of Origin: Sigma 957
The Walkers are amongst the oldest races in our galaxy. With an unending Thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn every aspect of the Universe, they ended up possessing more knowledge individually than entire species. They started out as a large thick skinned creatures with poor séances and high psychokinetic capacities. They never rudimentary developed tools as they could construct things physically with there mind. They resorted to technology for complex constructs such as computers or automated construction machines. They soon started exploring space and at the same time the other dimensions and soon became nomadic explorers. They first discovered Thirdspace, which they mapped out in secret, due tu the violent and chaotic nature of its natives, then, hyperspace, which lead the way to yet other dimensions. They evolved beyond the physical state over a million years ago.
In our galaxy, they’ve been known to deposit their informations in two massive uninhabited databases. One at Sigma 957 and another one that was destroyed by asteroid impact.
They usually travel inside huge Science lab made for research and interdimensionnal and interuniversal travel.
Source: Babylon 5 universe. Babylon Wars Sourcebook.


The Torvalus speculators are a species of Gamblers and tricksters resembling a meter tall transparent protozoan covered in scillia. Until they left for beyond the galactic rim, they devoted their long existences to endless and sometimes highly abstract bets, wagers and probability tests, most of the time implicating other species. As a result they have brought stealth technology to unequalled levels to give them free reign while observing others.
Source: Babylon 5 universe. Babylon Wars Sourcebook.


The Mindriders shed their corporeal bodies over a million years ago. They refer to the moment of ascendance to beings of pure though as "the Great Birth" and consider themselves to be an entirely different species from that which they were before.
After the Great Birth, they quickly reached Hyperspace and the stars beyond their native system, joining the galactic other highly advanced species such as the Speakers, the Walkers, the Torvalus (with who they sometimes clashed), the Vorlons, the Shadows, but mostly the Triad in a form of galactic community. Deeply philosophical, they were anxious to learn all that they could from their more experienced brothers, then, after a while, they seperated into small groups, and investigate throughout the galaxy, joining together again every so often to exchange information, and then moves beyond. Although uncorporeal, they often use large empty spaceship-like structures to travel through space.
Mindriders are known to invade the minds of significant individuals of lesser species to observe and sometimes inlfuence history.
Source: Babylon 5 universe. Babylon Wars Sourcebook.


The Triads are noncorporeal conceptual beings born in the vacuum of space millions of years ago. They appeared separately, each with a different ideology (Order, Neutrality, Chaos) and reunited to achieve balance and completeness. They interact with other spacies through a large spaceship. Wehter the ship actually houses them or is only a device for interaction remains unknown.
Source: Babylon 5 universe. Babylon Wars Sourcebook.


Planet of Origin: Kirish, a large planetoid, several time the size of a regular tellurian world. It has a solid core, cold temperature, extremely high gravitic constant, and an atmosphere so thick as to be almost liquid.
Kirishiak are an advanced aggressive species that developed into a space faring civilisation over a million years ago. They were the youngest of a group of civilisations that included the Walkers, the Shadows, the Vorlons, the Torvalus, the Triad and the Mindriders. They started as an expansionist power but after defeat at the hands of their elders, turend toward a more humble approach.
Kirishiac are huge bipedal creatures with multiple redundant cardiopulmonary systems and cells arranged in complex lattice structures. They stand over seven meter tall and are almost translucent. They have eight hearts spread throughout their bodies in order to pump blood through limbs on their high gravity homeworld. This redundancy and the necessary strength of their physiological systems made them highly resistant to most kinetic attacks.
Once under a united feudalistic government, they started to wander into space and conquered all nearby systems, using heavily armed spaceship and protecting their physical being in atmosphere suits able to reproduce the gravity and pressure of the home world. For several thousand years, they expanded their empire, sometimes wiping out a young race, but most times forcing them into slavery. When they discovered hyperspace, they wandered in the territories of older species such as the Walkers and the Shadows. This brought them in a direct if short war with much older civilisations and they were beaten back to their homeworlds. They later opened communication channels with those older races to be granted access back into space.
Source: Babylon 5 universe. Babylon Wars Sourcebook.


The Hand are an ancient and powerful race said to have been imprisoned in another dimension over a million years ago by another powerful race.
The species refered to as the Thirdspace aliens was encountered by the Vorlons species a a million years ago, when they decided to build a gate to open a doorway to what they believed was the Well of Souls, the source of life. What they reaches was the Thirdspace aliens' dimension. During the ensuing battle, ehe aliens took telepathic control of many Vorlons and forced them to fight each other. They were finally forced to their own dimension. A group of Vorlons, still under the control of the Thirdspace aliens, captured the artifact and jettisoned it into hyperspace, hoping to recover it later.
Shrowded in mystery nad lgends, the Hand and the Thirdspace aliens may or may not be the same. Both legends talk about a very powerful and evil species that was locked in another dimension circa a million years ago by another one. Their appearance remains a mystery. During an encounter with an invading Thirdspace armada, a large, octopoid-like creatures was seen but it may also have been one of the degenerated vorlon under thirdspace control as this other secretive species, for what has been glimpsed of it might be vaguely octopoid.
Source: Babylon 5 universe.


The Streib is a secretive humanoid species which developped a space faring civilisaton. They are distant relatives of the Vree but it remains unknown when or how both civilisations came to evolve on different worlds. The most obvious difference between the two races is the configuration of the eyes. The Vree's eyes are pure black, whereas the Streib's eyes have a red slit down the center. Both culture share the trait of kidnapping other species and examining them onboard their ships. Streib alos share a lot of physical resemblance with Zeners and other Shadow servants.
Source: Babylon 5 universe


The Goblyns are apparently genderless humanoids with highly developed psi powers – their only menans of communication, stamina and agility which surpasses humans. Their ability to camouflage themselves seems to be both psychic and physical in nature. They explode and decompose rapidly upon dying, which goes in the logic of their infiltrative nature. Another species genetically engiennered by the Shadows, they share a lot of similarities with the Zener, their ming manipulating powers among them.
Source: Babylon 5 Universe.


Shadow Warriors have been genetically enginnered by the Shadows and looks much like a muscular 5 meters high Zener which leads to believe that share the same basic genetic material. They inherited light distortion/phasing ability from their Shadow Master. Intelligent and patient, they appear to be able to control their metabolism and go for decades with little or no food but are carnivorous and feed preferably on sentient beings. A victim which survived feeding will keep a psychic link with its predator. They are known to have been employed by the Shadow for at least a millennium.
Source: Babylon 5 universe


Zeners are a humanoid species that has been genetically engineered by the Shadows to serve as highly skilled workers. Mouthless, they communicate telephathically and are able to plant suggestions in others' mind. They share a lot of ressemlances with the Goblyns and the Warriors, two other species serving the Shadows, as well as with the Streib and the Vree.

Source: Babylon 5 universe.


Planet of Origin: Vreetan, orbiting a M5 red star

The Vree are a race of hairless, large-eyed humanoid which had developped a spacefaring civilisation as of the twentieth century. They made contact with humanity in that time, visiting Earth fairly regularly in the 1940s. Not making formal formal contact, they mostly observed and even kidnapped specimens for for further sicentific studies. Vree look much like what human popculture Grey aliens, their behavior also match the character as does their spaceships, shaped like flying saucers. They joined the league of non-aligned worlds in the mid-twenty-third century and later the Interstellar Alliance.

Source: Babylon 5 universe


The Vendrizi are symbiont life form that joins with a willing host. They were created half a million years ago by an unidentified race to be living records of history. They have travelled the galaxy from one host to the next since then. They resemble a meter long insect shaped like a short spine with a pincer-like head. The spike-like things on its side integrate directly into the chosen hosts neural system. Being composed of 100% genetically neutral material, they can coexist with any organic life form. They can cure their host of most physical problems, diseases and enhances their faculties. Once linked, a Vindrizi can be separated from its host, but cannot take on another without doing extensive neural damage to it.

Source: Babylon 5 Universe


Planet of Origin: Melat
Pak’ma’ra are humanoid with tentacles around a mouth cavity containing inflexible beak-like teeth. They are dedicated carrion eaters, by nature and culture. Believing themselves superior to other species, they are fond of eating the corpses of sentient species. They see their incredible resistance to food poisoning and and most disease as a sign of their superiority, but being rather peaceful, they do not communicate this belief to other species.
Pak'ma'ra's facial tentacles are used for securing food and moving it into the mouth cavity and also appears to be a center for sexual stimulation. Being incapable of forming words in most other species' languages, they rely on machine translation for interspecies communication, but they are capable of singing what is considered extremely beautiful music, but only do so for religious purpose. It has also been hinted that, because of the way they see themselves, they do not want to talk any other language than their own. While extremely intelligent and inquisitive, they are generally considered stupid and lazy by other races. Typically, they lead singular, isolated existences. To them, knowledge truly is power. Pak'ma'ra statesmen are distinguished elders, and many are noted explorers and scientists. While not, they are fully capable self-defense.
When alien species first made contact with them, ithey became immensely curious about alien species, cultures and ideas to be found among the stars. Tens of thousands of Pak'Ma'Ra left their home world and went out into the universe they had been introduced to. Pak'Ma'Ra's goal appears to simply observe other races and gather new ideas with which to share with the whole of their society.
After over a century of venturing into space, in the late 23rd century, The pak'ma'ra became members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, and then of the Interstellar Alliance. They are not very advanced technologically compared to species of the same age and often rely on technology they buy or scavenge from others. The Pak'Ma'Ra concentrates the bulk of their technology on transportation and communication - to go to other world and share their knowledge with other Pak'Ma'Ra.
Source: Babaylon Five Universe, Voltayre Encyclopedia Xenobiologica

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Planet of Origin: Selectoru in the Andromeda Galaxy (now destroyed).
No Selectorans was ever observed as is. Only Sosai X, who might only be an organic artificial intelligence of selectoran origin rather than a true selectoran (it remains unclear), was ever known to come to the Milky Way galaxy. It crashed on Earth three millions years ago and stayed dormant for thousands of years. The original plan it was to carry out was to take over the planet for its species by using local lifeforms to do its bidding, but when it discovered that his world had been destroyed, it decided to destroy the Earth instead, by planting a black hole at its core.
Its true form remains a mystery. But after its destruction and the failure of tis plan, it regenerated into a new form dubbed Sosai Z. Despite his phenomenal intellect, he has the emotional maturity of a child. It is not known if this is a trait of the species, of the individual or a state of mind brought by its despair.
Selectorans possessed highly advanced technology allowing them to achieve an intergalactic journey (although under unknown conditions), manipulate advanced lifeforms, created complex technological constructs such as gigantic robotic monsters and even create a black hole.
Source: Tatsunoko's Gatchaman series. In alternate version of the series it is also referred to as: "The Great Spirit"/"The Luminous One" (Battle of the Planet), Computor (G-Force), Cybercon (Eagle Riders), Lord Zortek (dubbed Gatchaman OAV)

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Gantus (real name unknown. Name is given from only representative known) are 20 feet tall muscular carnivorous humanoids resembling bipedal shark with gray skin, Horn-like protuberance on each sides of their mouth, sky blue eyes and pillar-like legs.
As of the twentieth century, they have developped a space faring civilisation and are members of an interpsecies Galactic Federation.
Source: Disney's Lilo and Stitch and related media


Planet of Origin: Plorgonar

Plorgonarians are thin, yellow man-sized invertebrates with three stout legs, a wide mouth with two purple tongues, three elongated fingers on each hand, a round bald head topped with a single small antenna that acts as ear and nose, and one large eye in the middle of his face. Their brain is extremely small (smaller than his eye) for their intelligence, which is comparable to that of the average human. They are sexuate with two genre differentiation.As of the twentieth century, they have developped a space faring civilisation which is part of an interspecies Galactic Federation.

Source: Disney's Lilo and Stitch and related media.

Thanks: Thanks to Brian O'Neill for the Plorgonarian photo. You can visit his site:


Planet of origin: Kweltikwan/Quelte Quan
Kweltikwans are roundly-built humanoids, mostly purple-skinned with dark pink skin ontheir chest and stomach and under their arms, a huge mostly bald ovalish head with three black hairs, a wide mouth, a little nose and four yellow eyes. They have evolved into a spacefaring civilisation which, as of the twentieth century, was member of a Galactic Federation.
They have formidable strength and durability, being able to withstand undamaged small plasma explosions, and are able to breathe underwater for extended period of time. Some specimens are known to be exceptionnaly intelligent (like doctor Jumbo Jookiba).
Source: Disney's Lilo & Stitch and related media.

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Here is a list of unnamed alien species seen in the first episode of the Captain Future (Capitaine Flam) animated series. All the species shown here were in Deneb VII's Jungletown but indigenous to the planet. It may therefore be assumed that all of them have developed or were exposed to a spacefaring society.
  • First Picture: There are representatives from 5 alien species on this picture, Denebian (left) aside.
  • Second Picture: There are representatives from 3 other alien species on this picture. The green one with the large white eyes also appeared on the first picture.
  • Third Picture: The lizard is only a pet. The kid in an environmental suit is most probably of the same species as the ones from the previous post - probably a human. The other kid seems to have some features ressembling that of a canine and is therefore most probably of a different origin.
  • Fourth picture: There are representatives from two alien species in this picture. Both look a lot like aliens from the StarWars Cantina.
  • Fifth Picture: The specimen in an environmental suit might be of the same species as the ones from the previous post as he shares with them a lot of anatomical features. The Floating head's nature is unknown. It does look a lot like the Zardoz Flying head, but much smaller.
Source: Edmund Hamilton, Captain Future


Here is a list of unnamed alien species seen in the first episode of the Captain Future (Capitaine Flam) animated series. All the species shown here were in Deneb VII's Jungletown but indigenous to the planet. It may therefore be assumed that all of them have developed or were exposed to a spacefaring society.
  • First Picture: The two specimen from the first picture (as well as the last one from the next post) are humanoids in environmental suits of different designs and may or may not belong to the same species. The fact that they seem to be together may lead to believe it is the case. As they appear very humanlike same size, number of limbs, digits, eyes, respiratory organs in the same location, it is possible that these are humans from another colony who cannot bear Deneb VII's atmospherical conditions or may be sensible to some of its biospherical elements.
  • Second Picture: The specimen from the second picture is clearly totally alien. Another specimen of this species is seen on a terran spaceliner en route to Earth in the Black Planet Stroyline, but that one is purple, which leads to believe that that species might have several possible skin tones.
  • Third Picture: The utility of the tubes going from the base of the neck to both ears of the four arm humanoid (assuming ears are the organs situated at this point of its anatomy) remains unknown. His The reason for these remains unknown. The tubes running across the armor on his legs may or may not be for the same function. The mechanism grafted to the chest of the large saurien is most probably related to his respiratory or vascular system to help it to deal with the alien environment he is in.
  • Fourth Picture: While this alien is in an environmental suit, it clearly does not belong the same same species as the other people in environmental suit mentionned above.
  • Fifth Picture: A Flying reptilian alien. Like many others, he also need some mechanical environmental equipment.
  • Sixth picture: This large alien has four arms and two heads. As he is closely following a human female, does not show any technological on him and even look somewhat primitive, he might not belong to a spacefaring species and might be the female's pet or primitive bodyguard.
Source: Edmund Hamilton, Captain Future