dimanche 28 décembre 2008


The dikironium cloud creature, also known as the "vampire cloud", is an intelligent, predatory, gaseous lifeform that feeds by forcibly extracting the corpuscles of iron-based blood of its preys. It exists in a borderline state between matter and energy, with elements of both and utilizes gravity fields for propulsion, especially for traveling through space at faster-than-light speeds. It is also able to "throw itself out of time-sync", enabling it to be "elsewhere" while being hit by energy weapons and can also temporarily change its molecular composition into other elements to evade being scanned. In a atmospheric envrionment, it gives off a sickly-sweet odor, best likened to honey. It has a big dislike for copper.
The only specimen of that species ever encountered creature attacked the spaceship USS Farragut in 2257, killing most of its 200 crewmen and destroyed eleven years later with a massive antimatter explosion and it remains unknown if the creature is unique or a specimen of a species.
Source: Star Trek The Original Series "Obsession"
Thanks: Thanks to the Memory Alpha Wiki for the pictures

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