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Planet of Origin: Melat
Pak’ma’ra are humanoid with tentacles around a mouth cavity containing inflexible beak-like teeth. They are dedicated carrion eaters, by nature and culture. Believing themselves superior to other species, they are fond of eating the corpses of sentient species. They see their incredible resistance to food poisoning and and most disease as a sign of their superiority, but being rather peaceful, they do not communicate this belief to other species.
Pak'ma'ra's facial tentacles are used for securing food and moving it into the mouth cavity and also appears to be a center for sexual stimulation. Being incapable of forming words in most other species' languages, they rely on machine translation for interspecies communication, but they are capable of singing what is considered extremely beautiful music, but only do so for religious purpose. It has also been hinted that, because of the way they see themselves, they do not want to talk any other language than their own. While extremely intelligent and inquisitive, they are generally considered stupid and lazy by other races. Typically, they lead singular, isolated existences. To them, knowledge truly is power. Pak'ma'ra statesmen are distinguished elders, and many are noted explorers and scientists. While not, they are fully capable self-defense.
When alien species first made contact with them, ithey became immensely curious about alien species, cultures and ideas to be found among the stars. Tens of thousands of Pak'Ma'Ra left their home world and went out into the universe they had been introduced to. Pak'Ma'Ra's goal appears to simply observe other races and gather new ideas with which to share with the whole of their society.
After over a century of venturing into space, in the late 23rd century, The pak'ma'ra became members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, and then of the Interstellar Alliance. They are not very advanced technologically compared to species of the same age and often rely on technology they buy or scavenge from others. The Pak'Ma'Ra concentrates the bulk of their technology on transportation and communication - to go to other world and share their knowledge with other Pak'Ma'Ra.
Source: Babaylon Five Universe, Voltayre Encyclopedia Xenobiologica

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