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Planet of origin: A planet orbiting the star Caph, in the Milky Way
The Caphians are massive humanoids with aggressive behaviours who had developped an interstellar civilisation as of the 23rd century and made contact with humanity. Despite the warlike nature of the Caphians, peaceful commercial relations were established on the basis that Caphians do not understand the concept of lying or inventing fictional concepts. Mankind started selling stories and entertainment goods to the Caphians.
Source: so bright the vision, by Clifford Donald Simak

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Planet of Origin: Kimon, an earth-type planet orbiting a yellow star in the milky way galaxy.
Kimonians are a seemingly humanoid species looking much like a perfect if a bit taller version of humanity. They possess powerful psionic abilities such as telepathy, telekynesis - which is the basis of their craft- and teleportation with a range that allows them to send objects over interstellar distances. They also have the power to help individuals of some other species to develop psionic powers of their own.
They have developped a peaceful non-expansive pastorale advanced civilisation on their homeworld and have shown no interest in other worlds and other civilisations although they are known to accept humans of Earth among them providing they have a high IQ and succeed a very severe series of tests.
It remains unknown if the form under which we see them is their real appearance as they are known to influence perceptions of off-worlders on a regular basis.
Source: Immigrant, by Clifford Donald Simak

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The Jokaero are a bipedal species looking mush like an orangutan with retractable fingers and toes  who are capable of tremendous technological and logical feats, and who also specialize in miniaturisation technology. An engineered species, they were designed alongside the Krork by the Old Ones during their war against the Necrons some 60 millions years ago. It remains unclear if they are truly sentient despite the fact that they are capable of remarkable acts of engineering, construction and problem solving or if they were designed as tools with innate, genetically structured understanding of technology as their capabilities, although giving them a full understanding of machinery and interstellar level- technology, are seemingly instinctive .
Their understanding of astrophysics is equally baffling as they seem to be capable of tapping into unseen power-currents that run through the galaxy. Jokaero spaceships are an example of this: open structured framed lattices resembling a unique polyhedron shape. The structure is vital to the design as it draws upon those same galactic power-currents that the Jokaero are aware of and channel through their spiral shape. Thus, Jokaero vessels are able to move, manoevure and transcend warp-space through making physical alterations to the ships' design. 
Jokaero tend to live in large family groupings of a dozen individuals led by either a matriarch or a patriarch, roaming the galaxy in a random fashion with their sole objective being survival. This leads to them frequently arriving on inhabited worlds in order to scavenge for oddments or any specific components that they need. At times and if necessary, they are known to band together to attack targets in order to acquire the object that they desire. They are quite capable of using complex and well-coordinated attacks against their targets. Their mindset means that they are unable to be reasoned with and communication is seemingly impossible as it is believed that their species have no known form of language, culture or any motivation beyond survival.
Source: Warhammer universe

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The Slann evolved from amphibians. Their hands are long as well as webbed with cool, moist skins, along with large heads and protruding eyes. They are able to draw oxygen from water or other poorly oxygenated atmospheres directly through their skin and are also quite comfortable in watery surroundings. Skin colour tends to vary a great deal, with blue and green being the most common, yellow being well-represented, and other tones being rarer such as albino as well as melanistic forms. Slann that are brightly pigmented tend to be extroverts, talented or noteworthy in some manner. On some occasions, their skins tend to be mottled, striped or otherwise marked (though among certain Slann worlds, such as primitive ones, these tend to represent tribal divisions). In terms of height, Slann tend to be fairly consistent, with adults reaching two meters high whilst females tend to be slightly bulkier and larger.
Although Slann worlds can be found throughout the galaxy, their society remains closed to other races. Some worlds are highly advanced while others have fallen back to a primitive state. Wahtever their their technological advacement, they rarely ever trade with outsiders and even prove to be unpredictable due to the fact that there is little that the Slann need or want. As such, any traders encountering a tribe of Slann feel as if they were being watched or studied, with no interest in any exchange of goods.
They hold no equals in the realm of psychic-philosophy or mystic-technology as they fulfill themselves by the study of spiritual lifeforces along with the secret powers of other realities, believing that the object of life is to perfect the mind in order to become an immortal spirit.
They are bleived to be either degenerate sbjects or descendants of the Old Ones.
Source: Warhgammer universe


The Old ones are a peaceful reptilian spacefaring speceis which developed an interstellar civilisation which was at its peaks some 60 millions years ago, becoming practically immortal and able to undertake great works of psychic engineering.  With a slow, cold blooded wisdom,  they built a network of Warp Gates connecting the worlds of the galaxy, seeded on them new intelligent species and reshaped thousands of worlds according to their environmental and geographic criteria.
Upon meeting the Necrontyr upon their space journey, a war erupted between the two species, which was quickly over due to the Old Ones superiority. But later on, the Necrontyr allied themsleves with the C'Tan, a powerful non-corporeal species and managed to push the Old Ones to their limit and caused them to unleash powers they were unale to control, forcing them to retreat, their empire in ruin.
The Old Ones left behind species they had helped mature and others they had created but from that point on remained absent from the Milky Way.
Among their children races were the Eldars, the Jokearo, the Rashan and K'nib, the Korks and possibly the Slann who might also be a descendant or subject species.
Source: Warhammer universe.


Planet of Origin: Necrontyr, in the Halo stars regions of the Milky Way
The Necrontyr were a humanoid species which developed an advanced civilisation in the Halo stars regions, on the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. Short lived, their bodies blighted and consumed at an early age due the terrible cancers and other illnesses linked to the high levels of ionising radiation given off by their sun. They built in anticipation of their inhabitants' early demise, as the living were only brief residents living in the shadow of the vast sepulchres and tombs of their ancestors. They soon wandered off into space, hopeful to realise their species' potential free from the lethal energies of their birth star. Using stasis crypts and slow-moving antimatter-powered torch-ships clad in the living metal known as necrodermis to resist their millennia-long journeys. They made contact with the Old Ones, a more advanced spacefaring species nearly immortal species, and were astonished to learn that another species enjoyed such long lives while their own were so brutally short. 
At the time, the great Necrontyr houses were engaged in civil conflicts known as the Wars of Secession. The Triarch, head of the Necrontyr, realised that the only hope of unity laid in turning toward an external enemy. So  they declared war on the Old Ones. The Necrontyr were pushed back to their homeworld where they developed an utter hatred towards all other forms of intelligent life and an implacable determination to avenge themselves upon their seemingly invincible enemies. Then one of their probes investigating a dying star discovered the C'tan entities of pure energy feeding upon the solar flares and magnetic storms of bloated red giants that had little conception of what the rest of the universe was. Diffused across areas larger than whole planets, their minds could not perceive the material universe so the Necrontyr sought their favour and oversaw the forging of physical shells for them to occupy. Incomprehensible forces were compressed into the living metal of the necrodermis bodies which the Necrontyr forged as the full power of the C'tan at last found form. As the C'tan focused their consciousnesses and became ever more aware of their new mode of existence, they came to appreciate the pleasures available to beings of matter and the other realities of corporeal life. The deliciously focused trickles of electromagnetic energy given off by the physical bodies of the Necrontyr all about them awakened a new hunger very unlike the one they had once sated using the nourishing but essentially tasteless energies of the stars. The powers of the C'tan manifested in the physical world were almost god-like and it was not long before the C'tan were being worshiped as the Star Gods the Necrontyr had named them. Perhaps they had been tainted by the material universe they had become a part of, or perhaps this had always been their nature even when they were bound to the suns they fed upon, but they proved to be as cruel and capricious.  
With the help of the C'tan, the Necrontyr stood ready to begin their war against the Old Ones anew. The C'tan offered the Necrontyr a path to immortality and the physical stability their race had always craved. Their diseased flesh would be replaced with the living metal of necrodermis that made up their Star Gods' own physical forms. The C'tan swarmed about the biotransference sites, drinking in the torrent of cast-off life energy and growing ever stronger as they glutted themselves on the spiritual detritus of an entire species. It was only when the Silent King, head of the Triarch. emerged from the bio-transference process and looked upon what had become of his people that he saw the awful truth of the pact he had made. In that moment, he knew that the price of physical immortality had been the loss of his soul. The Necrons now enjoyed a unity that the Necrontyr had never known, though it was achieved through tyranny and the complete loss of individuality and emotion rather than by consent. The biotransference process had embedded command protocols in every Necron mind, granting the Silent King the unswerving loyalty of his subjects. He grew weary of this burden but dared not sever the command protocols, lest his subjects turn on him seeking vengeance for the terrible curse he had visited upon them.  
The Necron legions set out into the galaxy in their Tomb Ships. Planets were razed, suns extinguished and star systems devoured by black holes called into being by the reality-warping powers of the C'tan. The Old ones colonies were besieged and the species they had nurtured became cattle for the obscene their hunger. As their individual appetites for mortal life energies knew no bounds, the C'tan ultimately began to fight amongst themselves. C'tan eventually devoured C'tan, until only a few were left in the universe. The Old Ones used their great scientific skills to genetically engineer servants with the capability of channeling psychic power to defend themselves and nurtured many potential warrior races, among which Eldars, Rashan and K'nib.  
The Old Ones' psychically-empowered servant races spread across the galaxy. The C'tan empire was shattered. For all the destruction they could unleash, they were unable to stop the Old Ones advance but the growing pains and collective psychic flaws of the younger races threw their untapped psychically reactive energies into disorder. War, pain and destruction were mirrored in the bottomless depth of the Sea of Souls. The maelstroms of souls unleashed into the Immaterium by the carnage coalesced in the previously formless energies of the Warp. The Warp gate network of the Old Ones was breached from the Immaterium.Ultimately, beset by the implacable onset of the C'tan and the calamitous Warp-spawned perils they had themselves mistakenly unleashed, the Old Ones were defeated, scattered and finally destroyed. The survivors fled in deep space.
The  Silent King then led the Necrons in revolt against the masters. As the C'tan were impossible to destroy, each C'tan was sundered into thousands of smaller and less powerful fragments, then each Shard was bound within a multidimensional Tesseract Labyrinth, Though millions of Necrons had been destroyed, they were once more in command of their own destiny.
The Eldar had survived where the Old Ones had not and the Necrons, weakened by their expenditure of lives and resources in overthrowing the rule of the C'tan, could not stand against them. It would take millions of Terran years for the Eldar's power to fade, but what mattered is that the Necrons would be there to take advantage of it. The Silent King ordered the remaining Necron cities to be transformed into great tomb complexes threaded with stasis-crypts. His final command to his people was to sleep for 60 million years to awake ready to restore the Necron dynasties to their former glory. Then he destroyed the command protocols by which he had controlled his people for so long and took ship into the starless void of intergalactic space, to find whatever measure of solace or penance he could.
Source: Warhammer Universe 

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The Sycorax are a long lived humanoid species which developed an agressive interstellar tribal empire of plunderers and esclavagists after gaining access to FTL when an alien spaceship crashed on their homeworld. Morpholigically very close to humans, they mainly differ from them by the appearance of their head, being lipless and growing a bony helmetlike structure protecting most of their head like an exoskeleton.  
They move through space using asteroids which they fit with FTL engines and blackmailing other species into giving away chunks of their population in slavery. Using theblood control technique they developed, they came to Earth at christmas 2006, threatening to kill every human with A+ blood unless they were given half the population as slaves but were thwarted and their ship destroyed (using alien technology salvaged from another crash). They are known to have already being wandering through space some 2000 years ago.
Source: Doctor Who (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

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Planet of Origin: Daribo, a planet oribiting the star Vysu in Votanis star system in the Milky Way Galaxy, which they shared with another species, the Castithans. Before being destroyed along  with the other planets of the system some 5000 years ago, Daribo had three moons, 2 of which had irregular orbits. 
The Indogene are a humanoid species looking much like Castithans, the species they shared their homeworld with but with a hexagonal pattern on their skin, no visible follicle growth and hexagonal-shaped irises. Very technology oriented,  they have numerous genetic and technological implants. Although obsessive and hardworking, they appear cold but pacific. Atheists, they value science above everything else and  believe they are a superior species. They were, with the Castithans, among the founders of the Votanis Collective.
Source: Defiance Universe.


Planet of Origin: Daribo, a planet oribiting the star Vysu in Votanis star system in the Milky Way Galaxy, which they shared with another species, the Indogenes. Before being destroyed along  with the other planets of the system some 5000 years ago, Daribo had three moons, 2 of which had irregular orbits.
Castithans are a humanoid species looking pretty much like pale skin humans with lighter colored eyes which are genetically compatible with the latter.
Arrogant by nature, they view themselves as the most important of any species and among themselves have developed a strict hierarchical caste system with minimal interactions between them. As it is a patriarchal society,  females are also expected to be fairly submissive to the males. They have developed a severe monotheistic religion. After making contact with other species from their star system, they were one of the founding members of the Votanis Collective. 
As of 5000 years ago, they had developed STL space travel and fled their homeworld when their system underwent a stellar cataclysm.
Source: Defiance TV series.

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Planet of Origin: Second moon of planet Aktarka in the Milky Way galaxy.
Kromoks are an aggressive sentient species of furry anthropoidal humanoids who had developed an industrial civilisation as of the twentieth century. They are commanded by an alpha male and females seem to be kept aside from political and military business. While not possessing space technology, they are sometimes given some and used by the Stix, a species of another system, to fight against the inhabitants of Akatarka and their Galaxian neighbors.
Source: Scrameustache

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Planet of Origin: Zhall'Kla
Zhalla'Klans are sexuate sentient humanoids with a biology based on cristals that developed an advanced pacific non-expansionnist civilisation. Zhalla'Khans are extremely long lived, able to survive in the void of space, capable of faster-than-light movement through interestellar space, of matter and energy manipulation and transmutation of living matter. They also possess a precognitive sense that allow to detect "fortuitous points in (their) destinies" such as meeting potential mates. Only one Zhalla'Klan is known to have left his homeworld. It passed on Earth in 1981.
Source: Marvel Universe: Marvel Two-in-One#79 ( September 1981).


Planet of Origin: Mars, the fourth planet oribiting the Sun. After having struggled and adapted aritifically to their homeworld's dying ecosphere, the Ice Warriors abandoned it to relocate on other worlds in other star systems.
The Ice Warriors are a race of sexuate sentient reptilian humanoids which developed an advanced agressive civilisation built upon a strict code of honor which developed space faring capacities millenias ago. Standing around 2 meters tall, they have thin both strong bodies, three digits clawed hand, sharp fangs and large red eyes.
In order to survive harsh environments, they created  heavy suits, partly biological, partly cybernetic, which serves as weaponry, armor, powersuits and life system and which are considered dishonorable to remove. Thus they only did so under the most extreme circumstances, and if so, could  summon them back remotely.
The Ice Warriors are capable of engineering planetary ecosystems to better suit their needs; for instance, they deployed seeds on a planet which altered the environment and made it a world that would suit their needs. Such an attempt was made on Earht in the mid-21st century.

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Planet of Origin: Ood Sphere, a planet from a system of two suns, situated in the Horsehead Nebula, some 1500 light years from Earth, is the home of the sensorites. Another planet in the same system, the Sense sphere, houses a genetically related species, the Sensorites. Although not a gestalt, the Sensorites are also telepahtic. How those two species, most probably of common origin managed to end up on different planets remains unknown.
The Ood are a long lived pacific telepathic humanoid species which developed as a gestalt into an early industrial civilisation. They live as a hive mind led by the Ood Brain, a huge living brain that ontrolled the connection between individual Ood and which is able to reach any Ood over intergalactic distances. They have coleoid tentacles on the lower portions of their faces, no vocal cords and instead communicated by telepathy. They  posses two brains; a forebrain in the head and a secondary hindbrain connected by an umbilical cord-like connection to their faces, usually held in their hands. The forebrain does much of the thinking and stores the telepathic sensors. The hindbrain processed memory and emotions, leading to mental instabilities when removed, even though the Ood can survive without it.  In the 39th century, humanity discovered the Ood, enslaved them, and used them to perform menial tasks throughout the intergalactic slave trade. The external hindbrain of the Ood was extracted and replaced by translator globes by Ood Operations, a corporation in charge of managing their world. This procedure was kept from the general public which believed the Ood naturally servile. By the 42nd century, it was claimed that every human had an Ood servant. Apart from activist groups, they were generally barely even regarded as being alive, and were considered to be expendable.
Source: Doctor Who (TV: Planet of the Ood)  (TV: The End of Time) (TV: Planet of the Ood)


Planet of Origin: Sense Sphere, a planet from a system of two suns - which never had nights, situated in the Horsehead Nebula, some 1500 light years from Earth, which is rich in molybdenum and is the home of the sensorites. Another planet in the same system, the OOd sphere, houses a genetically related species, the Ood. How those two species, most probably of common origin managed to end up on different planets remains unknown.

Sensorites were a telepathic humanoid race that developed an industrial civilisation. Their head is  bulbous, their eyes large and black with no eyelids. They have white whiskers around their mouths. They are very sensitive to loud noise and fear darkness. They appeared almost identical, even to themselves and wear accessories with their otherwise identical grey bodysuits to denote their social status.
Early in their history, the Sensorites worshipped giant spiders called  Zilgans that lived in dark caves on their world, since they lived in the darkness that they feared so much. They would feed them criminals and would be left on their own. In the 28th century, a human exploration mission made contact with the Sensorites and attempted to exploit their world's mineral wealth. After an uneasy start, they managed to make an agrement that exploitation would be minimal and would ne bother the Sensorites.
Source: Doctor Who, TV: The Sensorites 

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Planet of origin: An unknown plant in Galaxy 4.
Rills are a sentient ammonia-breathing species which developed  an advanced pacific spacefaring civilisation with intergalactic capacities.
They are large, scaly sexuate creatures with massive skulls, wide mouths and large eyes. They rely on their telepahtic abilities to communicate, being unable to do so verbally. Tey have very long liespan and a slower perception of time than most species. It remains unclear if this is their natural  state of being or if this came about after genetical manipulations they went thru in order to increase their original lifespan. It takes them a thousand years ot mature and their normal reaction time is fifty times slower than a human.  In order to deal with other species, they are able to increase their reaction time for short periods but find this practice unstelling. Solitary beings, they prefer to spend most of their time thinking, leaving physcial tasks and interaction with others to robots called Chumblies. 
Source: Doctor Who universe, Galaxy 4


The Chula are a humanoid sentient species which developed and adcanced spacefaring civilisation as of the twentieth century or before. They are known to have been participating in wars, having developed powerful  medical nanogenes which could restore even dying or dead soldiers to action. Those nanogenes were usually carried in automated medical ships droppes on the battlefield from where they could start repairing the injured. Such as medical ship has been known to crash on Earth in London during WWII. The effects of the nangogenes were contained and the ship destroyed.
Source: Doctor Who universe (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Notes: Although no Chula are seen, the pilot seat from one of their ships seen in the aforementionned episodes is clearly made for a humanoid.


Planet of origin: an earth-like planet orbiting Venicoba Centauri in the Milky Way galaxy.
Togons are a sentient bipedal reptilian species which developed an agressive industrial civilisation on one continent of a planet orbiting Venicoba Centauri. They are constantly at war with the peaceful humanoid community which established themselves on the planet's other major continent, the Sharbakan. The only thing preventing the humanoids, somehow related to the Aktarkans, from being decimated by the Togons is the presence of a disruptor field around their continent.
The togons are covered in yellow scales and sport as red crest on theit head. They like to ride Zrills, pink ostrichlike reptiles with a strong sense of smell.
Source: The Scrameustache series, by Gos and Wal, "Le Sosie"

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Planet of Origin: Aktarka, an earth-type planet with two major continents and two very large moons that orbits around a G type star in the Milky Way galaxy. Although they will most likely refer to themselves as coming from the continent of the two moons (Continent des deux lunes) than as Aktarkans.
Aktarkans are humanoids that are undiscernable from normal Earth humans which have developped a pacifist non-expansionnist space faring technological civilisation more than 2000 years ago. They are known to have visited the solar system and have established some bases at least on Earth and the Moon. They are governed by a council and practice a strict birth control policy according to which a family cant have more than 2 children, which even seems to be an exception. Their population is very low and they are widely spread on the continent of Aktarka which always faces its two moons. They are known to send emissaries to less advance humanoid civilisations (which they call Inferior planets) and discretely tutor them.
If Aktarkans and humans have common origin remains unknown but their similarity lets believe it could be the case.
Aktarkans have mastered gravity manipulation, FTL travel, interstellar range communication and teleportation and limited time-travel. They appear to use automation and robotics as little as possible, same thing for genetic manipulations, although they seem to posses advanced knowledge in the field .
Source: The Scrameustache series, by Gos and Walt

Mobile Aktarkan interstellar station. 
Such vehicles are equipped with 3 exploration shuttles, FTL drives and interstellar teleport stations.

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Planet of Origin: Byram, an Earht-type planet in theMilky Way Galaxy with two major continents, one called Zultanniam populated by the native Zultanns, the other, called Atlantis 2, populated by survivors of Earth's Atlantis some 12 000 years ago..
Zultanns are a humanoid species which has developed a monarchical peaceful space-faring civilisation. They are blad and yellow skinned, with large bleu eyes. Some are known to possess powerful psychic abilities. They've shared their planet with a human population which migrated on their world some 12 000 years ago following the fall of Atltantis. Contact between the two races remained scarce for a long time as each species occupies a distinct continent, and even with the advance of their respective technologies, they remained dubious about one another until a altantean princess got engaged to a zultann prince at the beginning of the third millenium. They are known to have come to Earth on rare occasions and are genetically compatible with humans. Half-breed offsprings are known ot retain most Zultann traits but with human hair and skin color.
Source: The Scrameustache series, by Gos and Walt , "Les naufragés du Chastang", "L'épreuve du sablier".

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It remains unknown if the entities know as the Creators were one species or an interestellar association of different species but were most probably humanoid as they created the Guyver Units which they used during their visit on Earth. They are believed to have manipulated life on Earth over millions of years to create a biological weapon  which resulted in the creation of humans. With whom they were at war remains a mystery. Their technology is believed to have been advenced enough to enable them to  move planets across galactic distances.They seem to have disappeared but left their creations behind.
Source : Guyver universe

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The beings named Frogs by the humans of the 3rd millenium. are a sentient humanoid species which has developed an advanced space faring civilisation whose behaviour seems antagonistic to the humanity of the time. They appear as blurry sparkling humanoid shapes. It remains unknown if this is their true appearance or if this is due something shielding them. As such, they appear immune to beam weapons but exposition of oxygen is toxic to them.
Source: Tv series Raumpatrouille – Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion (literal translation: Space Patrol – The Fantastic Adventures of the Spaceship Orion), also known as Raumpatrouille Orion, and Space Patrol Orion in English.

dimanche 17 février 2013


Planet of Origin: Denobula, the only planet orbiting  the star Denobula Triaxa AKA Iota Bootis, some 95 light years from Earth, in the Milky Way galaxy.
Denobulans are near-human looking humanoids with prominent facial ridges running down either side of the forehead to the cheeks, an enlarged brow ridge under a high receded hairline, a vertical crevice in the center of the forehead, and a ridged chin. They also have ridges on their back, along the spine. Their toenails are  dark brown and yellow striped, and they grow so rapidly that they need to be groomed once a week. Denobulans also had very long tongues, and they used tongue scrapers. Denobulan males had a line of hair down the middle of their chest, up to their throat. . They  have the ability to enlarge their faces when they feel threatened.  and they can change their eye color depending on their moods. . They  normally require  very little sleep, but do hibernate for five to six days each year. However, at a minimum, two days are sufficient. If a Denobulan is awakened prematurely, the results can be somewhat unpredictable; hibernating Denobulans, if woken, appeared extremely disoriented and confused, with oddly-pitched voices, and had difficulty maintaining normal motor skills and cognitive functions. Denobulans have  highly-efficient natural climbing abilities similar to those of Earth lizards, being capable of scaling vertical rock faces at a rapid speed with no equipment whatsoever, appearing to scuttle up the rock face without needing to find handholds and possess particularly powerful immune systems. Their exact life expectancy  is not known, but indications suggest that lifespans are extremely long.
On their homeworld,  the twelve billion Denobulan inhabitants all share one continent, resulting in  Denobulan culture having come to embrace close, communal lifestyles.  Denobulan medical ethics considers  a patient's will to be absolutely binding, including his denial to be cured or live.  Denobulans are typically polyamorous, where a man typically has three wives, who each has three husbands lcreating extremely large extended families. In addition, marriages are not exclusive, and married Denobulans can be intimate with anyone they chose. The females emit powerful pheromones during their mating season. Male Denobulans often became combative during this time, and mating can require medical supervision. Denobulans typically preferr to be among large groups and find solitude uncomfortable. However, Denobulans, at least males, are uncomfortable being touched by persons they are not intimate with and are more sexually inhibited than the females of their species.  Although Denobulans don't keep pets, they tend to address or greet animals they meet by imitating their sounds, even insects. 
Since the 20th century, the Denobulans practiced genetic engineering, with generally positive results and, by the 22nd century, the Denobulans had experimented with nanotechnology.  
The Denobulans believed they were the only intelligent species in the galaxy until the B'Saari made first contact.  Denobulans fought several wars against the Antaran species. The last one was during the late 19th century. Denobulan battle tactics killed twenty million Antarans. Both species demonized each other). As of the 22nd century, there were still some Denobulans that hated Antarans, although most had outgrown the hatred. . The Denobulans first met the Human race sometime prior to the 2130s. By the 2130s, Denobulans and Humans had built the joint research station Cold Station 12. When the Vulcans formed the Interspecies Medical Exchange, Denobulans were involved and contributed medical personnel. . In 2155, a Denobulan ambassador was sent to Earth to join in talks of forming a Coalition of Planets.