samedi 13 avril 2013


Planet of Origin: Mars, the fourth planet oribiting the Sun. After having struggled and adapted aritifically to their homeworld's dying ecosphere, the Ice Warriors abandoned it to relocate on other worlds in other star systems.
The Ice Warriors are a race of sexuate sentient reptilian humanoids which developed an advanced agressive civilisation built upon a strict code of honor which developed space faring capacities millenias ago. Standing around 2 meters tall, they have thin both strong bodies, three digits clawed hand, sharp fangs and large red eyes.
In order to survive harsh environments, they created  heavy suits, partly biological, partly cybernetic, which serves as weaponry, armor, powersuits and life system and which are considered dishonorable to remove. Thus they only did so under the most extreme circumstances, and if so, could  summon them back remotely.
The Ice Warriors are capable of engineering planetary ecosystems to better suit their needs; for instance, they deployed seeds on a planet which altered the environment and made it a world that would suit their needs. Such an attempt was made on Earht in the mid-21st century.

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