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Planet of origin: Nemesis

Lucifer Hawks are entities that have been known to visit other worlds, Earth among them in the early 21st century, by either being summoned or by crossing the dimensional barriers.

The most evolved of them have developed sentience and some sort of non-technologically based culture. Those can cross the dimensional barriers on their own, and bring lower-level creatures with them. Low level Entities are usually slug-like in shape. Low-level Entities are driven by basic needs while more evolved ones usually have some sort of purpose or plan, and will work with regards to see that plan completed. They generally have inimical attitudes towards humans. Many have slightly mutable forms, and can change shape to some degree. Most have the ability to sprout extra tentacles, mouths and eyes or crustacean features. Their size have been known to vary from one to 60 feet. In general, sentient Lucifer Folk will tend to change their shape with features of the world they’re on. On Earth, it meant assuming a look as humanoid as possible. They are usually asymmetrical however, having one limb longer than the other or mismatched ones. Very powerful Lucifer Folk can shapeshift into a form that resembles a human.

Source : Kia Asamyia, Silent Mobius


Non-human entities which developped time travel in the distant past. They were so different from all other lifeforms that during the First Time Wars, they were erased from reality by the Timelords along with the Crialans, for fear that the people of the Universe could not co-exist alongside them. In reality, humanoid minds exposed to the works of the Charon cope with it automatically by turning them into jokes. Charons were self-regenerating, and effectively immortal. They had the power to warp suns and built worlds that nothing humanoid could possibly live on. Their bodies are metadimensional and warp space-time.
Source: Doctor Who, novel Sky Pirates

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Planet: Crial
A race of telepathic bacteria that infected hosts and which an advanced civilisation in the distant past and mastered time travel technology at the same tiem as the Timelords. They participated in the event known as the First Time Wars and were erased from history. Crialan bacteria grow a crystalline network inside their hosts which acts as a parallel nervous system and a Crialan intelligence is created spontaneously.
Source: Doctor Who Universe, novel Decalog 3: Timevault

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Planet of Origin: Tyanna
The Tyannans are a feline humanoid species that developed an highly advanced interstellar civilisation. They were the first inhabitant of the Negative Zone although hit is not known if they are native from the Zone. They are dedicated to peace and progression of life. Of a naturally naively trusting nature, bad experiences lead them to become more cautious.
They have advanced technology, including faster-than-light space travel, genetic engineering, holoprojection, energy weapons capable of decimating planets and are able to manipulate the dimensional barriers. They manufactured the seeds of life, and they sealed those living spores in golden canisters of power, that they might survive the rigors of an incredible journey: a voyage to seed the stars. They explored the cosmos of the Negative Zone to its furthest limits, charting worlds they felt were capable of supporting life. Seeing the results of their seeding, they decided to retreat in a procket universe.
Source: Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four I#140 (November, 1973)


Planet of origin: Arthros

The Annihilation Wave is a insectoid species from another universe known as the Negative Zone lead by the Annihilus Alpha male and his queens.

The species is a mutation from spores accidentally seeded by the Tyannans on the volcanic planet of Arthros. Through rapid mutations, the spores matured into an insectoid lifeform which eventually evolved to sentience. The species is highly diversified into specialised subspecies. The most advanced subspecies can, upon their death, release a pod containing a nymph-like clone possessing their memories.

One of them, finding the wreckage of the Tyannan ship that had crash-landed on its world, saw its intelligence enhanced by the use of a Tyannan knowledge transference helmet and was able to master the Tyannan technology and perfect it. Obsessed with survival, the paranoid creature, who came to be known as Annihilus, set out to destroy any other living being he viewed as a possible threat to his existence. Annihilus used his newly acquired power to dominate all other lifeforms on Arthros, and plotted to either conquer or destroy the neighboring worlds in the Negative Zone.

After raiding vast areas of the Negative zone, Annihilus lead his annihilation wave in our universe in 2006, claiming that as the universe is expanding into areas of the Negative Zone, making the universe now rightfully his territory. He wrecked havok in the Andromeda Galaxy before being stopped.

Source: Marvel universe: Fantastic Four Annual #6 (1968), Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby


Planet of Origin: Antede III

Species of fish-like humanoids. They are able to enter catatonic state for long period of time, although this requires them to eat large quantities of food before and afterward. As of the 24th century, they had developed an highly advanced civilisation but had not really ventured into space as they found the spaeflight experience to be extremely traumatic.

Source: Star Trek Universe: Star Trek: TNG: "Manhunt”


Planet of origin: Daled IV
Allasomorphs are a sentient anthropomorphic shapeshifting species capable of altering instantaly their molecular structure, being even able to effectively transform into beings of other species.
Their planet being tidally locked to its star, one side is in continual day while the other is in perpetual night. Their society evolved into two cultures linked to this geographical reality. Both entities had hostile relations until the 2365 when a leader born of parents from both sides came to rule the planet.
Source: Star Trek universe, Start Trek TNG: "The Dauphin"


Planet of origin: Aaamazzara, orbiting Nulla Pambu (Epsilon Serpentis) a white A-type main sequence dwarf wit

Planet of origin: Aaamazzara, orbiting Nulla Pambu (Epsilon Serpentis) a white A-type main sequence dwarf with an apparent magnitude of +3.71, situated at approximately 70.3 light years from Earth.
Aaamazzarites are a sentient humanoid species.
They are hairless with pale yellow skin and can generate bio-chemically from inside of their body and through their mouths all sorts of goods, including clothing and furniture, in a manner ressembling the way bees make hivese. In the 23th century, they are members of the United Federation of Planets centered around Earth.
Source: Star Trek universe. “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” from notes created by Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher contained in The Making of Star Trek The Motion Picture.

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Planet of Origin: Skrullos, Drox system, Andromeda M31 Galaxy

Millions of years ago, the entities known as the Celestials performed genetic experiments on the reptilian ancestors of the Skrulls, resulting in three subspecies; one with an unstable genome and shapeshifting abilities, one which was composed of immortals at the peak of their genetic potential, and one which had implanted inside them a latent gene series that would later promote rapid mutations. They warred with one another. The shapeshifters were triumphant, and after wiping out all other Skrulls began to expand their territory. They would later split into two more groups, one being the modern Skrulls and the other being called the Dire Wraiths, a parasitic race that could shapeshift, drain the life essence and memories out of its victims. They could use magic, but were not as technologically advanced as the Skrulls. And so the Skrulls forced them to flee the Skrull domain. They were eventually exterminated in the late 20th century.

In their interstellar age, the Skrulls evolved into a peaceful civilization, primarily interested in free trade and willing to share their technology with all races they deemed worthy. Their shape-shifting powers helped them foster bonds with their trading partners.

About one million years ago, a Skrull delegation came to the planet Hala in the Bama system in the Greater Magellanic Cloud, home to the then barbaric Kree humanoids and the peaceful Cotati plantoids. They held a contest between the two races to determine with whom the Skrulls would trade. The Cotati won, but the vengeful Kree massacred the Skrull delegation, took over the Skrull landing spaceship by force, and developed their own technology from it with which they began waging war against the Skrulls, decimating ten of their worlds. The Kree aggression molded the Skrulls into a ruthless militaristic civilization bent on eradicating their aggressor. Their war has continued on and off to this day. It is possibly this war that cristallised the skrulls in their modern social form.

Modern Skrulls are highly advanced sexuate sentient shapeshifters of reptilian origin. In their social form, they appear like green skinned humanoids the same height and weight as Kree (and humans), with large pointed ears and corrugated chins. They are able to assume virtually any form, be it organic or inorganic, adjusting there density to fit larger or smaller volumes. As a result, the Skrulls excel at spying and infiltration. Skrulls are also able to use their shapeshifting abilities to form weapons (eg. blades and clubs) with parts of their bodies, making them dangerous hand-to-hand combatants.

Despite the fact that young Skrulls hatch from eggs, mothers nurse their children to provide nourishment. They live an average of 210 years.

A hundred thousands years ago, Skrull scientists created the first Cosmic Cube, a device which could transform thoughts into reality. The power hungry emperor used it to expand his personal influence and holdings throughout the empire, but in time, the Cube developed a consciousness of its own. It patterned its personality on that of its user and destroyed two-thirds of the Skrull empire before realizing it had made a mistake. After time and hard work, the empire of the Skrulls was restored. It is at this time that the Skrull Throneworld was moved from Skrullos to the more central Tarnax IV.

During the second half of the 20th century, possibly after detecting Kree activites on the planet and realizing its population had also been subject to Celestial manipulations, the Skrull Empire showed interest in conquering Earth.

In 1984, After his Herald Nova annihilates the Skrull fleet, Tarnax was devoured by the Galactus entity.This plunged the Skrull empire in a power vaccum as the fight between five warlords for leadership threw their civilisation into a open civil war, which eventually lead to a reopening of the hostilities on the part of the Kree. Once a new empress gained access to the throne, negotiation of a truce with the Kree after defeating them in a decisive battle brought back peace. She quickly restered the empire and reesablished the throneworld on a planet named Satriana.

In 1993, a high ranking Skrull mounted a campaign to invade Earth. The plan, however, failed, and ended with the destruction of the "War World", the Skrulls' flagship. To this loss soon added up the destruction of Satriana and the death of the empress, causing the collapse of the Skrull Empire once more.

In 2007, The Skrull Empire, barely back on its feet, was also the first of the major interstellar empires to be hit by the Annihilation Wave, an highly advanced and aggressive outer-dimensionnal communal insectoid species that laid waste to much of the Empire, destroying dozens of Skrull planets. The Skrulls are now attempting to convince a Skrull-Kree hybrid, to become the new Emperor.

Source : Marvel Universe. First appearance : Fantastic Four vol. 1, #2 (Jan. 1962). The Skrulls were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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Planet of Origin: Omellos, Caliban Sector, Milky Way
The Dilgar are a species of feline looking humanoids. They developped an advanced and warlike interstellar civilisation.
They began a massive expansion of their empire when it was discovered their sun was about to go nova in 2229. They attempted to invade most of their neighboring worlds and slaughtered entire races and decimated planets such as Hilak 7, Latig 4, Tirolus, Comac 4, and Malax. They were driven back to their homeworld of Omellos in 2232 and became extinct a few years later when their sun went nova.
Source: Babylon 5


There are numerous sighting claims of Gray type aliens.
In the "Dark Skies" TV series, the Grays are presented as a peaceful highly advanced humanoid civilisation capable of space travel, which have been taken over by the Hive, a communal parasitic species, the Hive, which uses their bodies as host for their expansion plans.

In the "X-Files"TV series, they are presented as an transformation, through the use of another humanoid lifeform, either a reptilian humanoid or a human, of the Black oil parasitic (or symbiotic) lifeform. These Gray type aliens can attain man-like sizes and are capable of shape-changing.

In the "Stargate SG-1", they are called the Asgards and are pictured as an highly advanced species opposed to a parasitic species somewhat reminiscent of the Hive, the Goa'uld.

In Babylon 5, they are called Vree and are said to have visited Earth since hte 1940ies. They are known to be distant relatives of another spacies called Streib and both species have a lot fo similarities with yet another one, the Zener, which is known to have been manipulated by an ancient race known as the Shadows.

Greys have also been seen in the Escape from Planet Earth movie and in the Scrameustache comcis series where they are shown to have some psychic abilities, among them, telekynesis.

Typically, Greys are described as being approximately 120 cm (four feet) tall, with grey (sometimes blueish,) skin. Their body is typically described as being elongated, and lacking in muscular definition. Their legs are shorter and jointed differently than one would expect in a human. Their arms often reach down to their knees, and some accounts give them three digits or three digits and a thumb on each hand. They have a bulbous, hairless head supported by a thin neck, which is dominated by large, usually black lidless eyes. They typically have small flat noses or slit-like nostrils on a flat face, small mouths and small earing orifices. Some accounts have Greys wearing tight neutral colored uniform-like jumpsuits. Other reports have them appearing to be naked. In most cases, they dont have determinable gender and have no visible external genitals.
From the abduction account of Barney and Betty Hill in 1965, they are believed to be coming from a planet orbiting the star Zeta Reticuli.
Sources: Popular culture, "The X-Files", "Dark Skies", "Stargate SG-1", "Babylon 5"

Greys from the X-Files

Greys from Dark Skies

Asgards from Stargate

Vree from Babylon 5

Greys from Escape from Planet Earth.

The Small Greys from the Scrameustache

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Planet of origin: P3X-888

On their homeworld, the Goa'uld are born as relatively helpless aquatic larvae, spawned in large numbers by a queen. Those which survive to maturity develop into muscular serpentine parasite with fins and fangs that allow them to spring powerfully out of the water to burrow into a suitable more mobile host as it requires a host body to inhabit in order to affect the environment around it. The symbiont typically enters the body of a host either through the mouth or burrowing through the neck. Once inside the body, they attach themselves to the spinal column and begin their control over the body. Only 50% of the Goa’uld then succeed in taking over their host.

One of the unique traits among the Goa'uld is their genetic memory which allows them access to the accumulated knowledge of their race from the Queen that spawned them.

The primitive reptilian humanoid Unas that lived on the same world were their original hosts. Through the abandoned Stargate that was built on their planet by an alien much advanced civilisation, they emigrated to other worlds, infiltrated and invaded other alien species and used their technology. Eventually, around 8000 BC, they discovered Earth. Humans proved to be a most suitable host-race for them, as human bodies were easy to repair, and human hands and voices offered great opportunity for expression and technological use. Once a Goa'uld takes a host it is not easy for it to switch to another; it loses its fins and its body appears to atrophy significantly. So civilised Goa'ulds developed an alternative lifecycle; modifying a race of humans into what they called Jaffa to act as incubators for their larvae. This provided them powerful warrior servants and improved to almost 100% the chances of the larvae taking over a human host on maturity. The Goa'uld were never a numerous species, never more than some thousands of adults at any time.

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The hive is a communal parasitic alien lifeform spreading by taking over individual of other species through either burrowing inside the body of the host, usually through the mouth, and taking over its nervous system, or by implanting a microbial larva in their body.

Individuals are refered to as ganglions and look like a roughly insectoid shape, six to 12 inches long, with no exoskeleton, long articulated tendrils and a tail like appendage through which it can implant a larva in a host.
Right after implantation, hosts will often experience disorientation, voices, paranoia and extreme schizophrenic episodes. After approximately twenty-four hours, a control ganglion will have formed in the human brain stem and started to attack the host's central nervous system.. During this phase, the host intelligence is aware of its predicament, although most often incapable of action. During the year following the infection, the ganglion grows tendrils throughout the host’s central nervous system, rooting itself in it, dominating the host completely. At this point the host has become a low-level telepathic fully-functioning members of the Hive community and will tend to join other hosts to live in groups and clusters as this makes telephathic contact easier. After several years, it has become no more than a shell, a full member of the Hive’s collective consciousness, able to function on a global scale when enough members have joined the group mind.

When a host has been too severly damaged to function, ganglions with extended tendril networks have been known to be able to move out of their host and inside another individual to take over, usually making their way to the brain through the mouth. Full grown ganglion have been known to live inside an already hosted body, waiting for the controlling ganglion to find them a suitable host.

The Hive came to Earth in the 1940ies using the technology the stole from previously conquered hosts, Gray type aliens and asked for Earth's unconditional surrender. Their ship was shot down in Roswell , New Mexico. They have since then tried to establish a community on the planet in a more undergound manner.

Source: "Dark Skies" TV series


The worms are speculated to have been brought to the ice of Alaska by the ancient crash of a meteor in the Arctic. They were found and brought back from hibernation by a team of arctic searchers. They can enter through a cut and quickly take full physical and psychological control of a person by attaching to the hypothalamus gland, causing them to kill themselves or others, or inducing extreme paranoia.

Source: Chris Carter “The X-Files” Season One episode “Ice”


The Black oil is an alien sentient viral lifeform. It appears as a liquid with the consistency of crude oil which can move on its own. It is able to hibernate for periods of thousands of years, preferably in petroleum deposits. It can absorbs itself into other beings, sometimes appearing to move directly under the skin and over the eyes of the victim. Reaching the third ventricle of the brain, it can take control of its host. It is able to kill opponents by generating massive doses of radiation, while shielding its host from injury. While Black oil is known to be able to switch host on a whim, it contains the genetic blueprints for a Gray type alien which it can incubate into its host. Once incubated, a host gestates within 96 hours an immature alien form, and is killed in the process.

The Black oil’s origins are unknown. It may have originated on Earth or on another world. On Earth, It is known to have lived in a tall ang aggressive primitive humanoid reptilian lifeform with fangs, claw, and yellowish scaled skin at some point during Earth’s past and made them evolve into Gray type aliens. Those, referred to as the Colonists, are generally believed to have abandoned the planet at the latest during the last great ice age for undetermined reasons. They came back to Earth at some point and have monitored the planet for some time, awaiting for an opportune moment to reclaim it. In 1947, one of their ships crashed in New Mexico, with the crew dying from exposure to magnetite. This lead a group of human power brokers to learn of the Colonists' plot to retake the planet and, early during the Cold War, forged an alliance with them around the agreement that a small group of humans would be allowed to survive the invasion by becoming alien-human hybrids. The date for recolonization was set for 2012, and work began to create an hybrid. In exchange for their cooperation, the Colonists allowed them limited military use of their technology, and promised that their heirs, who were turned over to the Colonists as an act of good faith, would survive the takeover. Meanwhile, both sides worked secretly against the other; with the human conspirators attempting to develop a vaccine for the alien virus and the Colonists setting up the Black Oil to "birth" a new alien being within the human body as its incubator.

Source: Chris Carter "The X-Files"