vendredi 19 octobre 2007


Planet of Origin: Tyanna
The Tyannans are a feline humanoid species that developed an highly advanced interstellar civilisation. They were the first inhabitant of the Negative Zone although hit is not known if they are native from the Zone. They are dedicated to peace and progression of life. Of a naturally naively trusting nature, bad experiences lead them to become more cautious.
They have advanced technology, including faster-than-light space travel, genetic engineering, holoprojection, energy weapons capable of decimating planets and are able to manipulate the dimensional barriers. They manufactured the seeds of life, and they sealed those living spores in golden canisters of power, that they might survive the rigors of an incredible journey: a voyage to seed the stars. They explored the cosmos of the Negative Zone to its furthest limits, charting worlds they felt were capable of supporting life. Seeing the results of their seeding, they decided to retreat in a procket universe.
Source: Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four I#140 (November, 1973)

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