mercredi 21 mars 2012


Planet of Origin: Yag, a green earht-type planet.
Yag-Kosha are sentient, roughly humanoids bipeds with a elephant head, and eaons long lifespans who had developed a non-technological space-faring civilisation some 10 000 years ago. Their psychic powers included telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and postcognition. They were able to survive and fly through space using large wings but it remains unknown if this ability natural or aritifical  as they lost (?) their wings upon arriving on Earth.
A group of refugees from that species came to Earth in the  Hyborian Era. Having been tortured for many centuries and killed one by one by the wizard Yara, their magical powers wrestled away from them. Its last survivor pleaded with the barbarian Conan to kill him. He did so and used the alien's still-beating heart to defeat and destroy Yara.
Source: "The Tower of the Elephant". Originally published: Weird Tales, March 1933; (adapted by Marvel) Conan the Barbarian I#4 (April, 1971) {Edizione Italiana: Albi dei Super-Eroi#17 Editoriale Corno}", from Robert Ervin Howard (the creator of "Kull" and "Conan, the Barbarian").