mardi 1 mai 2012


The Abyss beings is a peaceful sentient species which developed a space faring civilisation a long time ago and estblished undersea colonies on several worlds.
While vaguely humanoid, its shape is reminiscent of the Manta Ray  and the medusa.  Its overall shape is mostly that of a ray under which a humanoid torso would have been attached. It uses its fin wings for locomotion. while manipulation is managed by the two arms with three fingers on each hand whihc are attached to its slender humanoid torso. Its  head with eyes and eyelids, but no other discernible features. It does not appear to have any bones, but a see through cartilaginous skeleton. They are translucent, and capable of producing neurally controlled bioluminescent light within their bodies thru chemical reactions and use it to communicate among themselves.
They uses gigantic craft for interplanetary travel and sink them when finding a suitable planet on which they use them as settlements .
They have developed liquid  manipulation  at the molecular level. They can plasticise it, polymerise it, and put it under intelligent control to different purposes, wether it as a communication channel or engineering purposes such as mimicking solid objects, making giant prehensile water tentacles,  creating massive tidal waves  or parting water to leave aquatic predators stranded in dry air.
The Abyss beings had a settlement on Earht for thousands of years but left the planet toward the end of the 2nd millenium.
Source: The Abyss