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Planet of Origin: Organia
The Organians are a race of powerful non-corporeal beings that live on the planet Organia. It is unclear exactly what the Organians originally looked like but they stated they had once been humanoid. They had developed beyond the need for physical bodies millions of years earlier,
SOurce: Star Trek Universe


Planet of Origin: Bajor, in the Bajor system or B'hava'el system), located 52 light years from Earht. It contains 14 planets which orbit a single G-type star. The system also contains the Denorios Belt which itself contains the access to the Bajoran Wormhole.

The Prophets, also known as Wormhole Aliens, are non-corporeal beings who inhabit the artificially constructed wormhole in the Bajor system. The Prophets claim to have originally come from Bajor which would means that before their transformation into non-corporeal beings, their biological ancestors evolved on the planet. Since they exist outside of time it is beleived that these ancestors are the current Bajorans and that their eventual transformation will occur sometime in the future.The current humanoid population of Bajor worship the Prophets as gods.

At some point in the distant past, some Prophets were forcibly expelled from their wormhole andexiled on Bajor, where they became known as the Pah Wraiths. They long for revenge against the other Prophets, and often take over the bodies of corporeal beings to reach that end.

SOurce: Star Trek universe,


Planet of Origin: Amethyst
Amethystians are peaceful green skinned humanoids who have developped a space faring civilisation. Although man sized, they seem to be a bit stronger than humans, possibly due to the higher gravity of their homeworld.
Source: Bravestarr universe


Aprt from humans, several alien kids are attending the Fort Kerium school in the class of 2294. Fuufta and Amethystians are present as well as specimens from the species shown here. Not much is known about the large headed kid or the jumping green alien with webbed hands. The two furry bearlike aliens are brothers, leading to beleive in a familial structure similair to the human ones in this species. It is somewhat implied that all those species must have developed space travel technology for them to have come to make fortune in kerium prospecting on New Texas.
Source: Bravestarr universe "Eyewitness"


An ambassador from the Galactic Council visited the New Texas mining colony in 2294. He belonged to an advanced avian species which developed a peaceful space faring civilisation. With a morphology somewhat reminiscent of the goose, this species is feathered, with prehensile wings that might be functional on their howeworld but not on 1G worlds such as New Texas or Earth. Their head in bizarrely human looking, their beak looking much like a Cyrano-de-Beergerac-type nose. They do not breathe the same air as humans and, coming from a low gravity world, must used a cybernetic exoskeleton when on world with 1 G or more.
Source: Bravestarr universe


Fuufta are very peaceful ovine humanoid who developed space faring technology as of the 23rd century. While bent of exploring and settling on other worlds, Fuufta are placid and fatalist in their resolve to not resort ot violence, to the point of letting themselves being taken as slaves. Fuufta are sexuate and have assemble in familial cells very similar to that of humans.
Source: Bravestarr universe "The Ballad of Sara Jane"

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The Q are a non-corporeal hyper-intelligent and nearly omnipotent beings with the ability to warp reality at a whim, ranging from appearing in any place they choose to rearranging the cosmos themselves. They are invulnerable and immortal except when faced with weapons designed by others of their kind: in sufficient numbers, Q can strip other Q of their powers and make them mortal. They claim to be largely indifferent to the affairs of the non-Q beings living in normal space, or in the many dimensions parallel to their own, considering them to be insignificant and childlike, though sometimes amusing as only children can be. However, they are clearly very interested in some species, humans among them, subjecting the human race to various tests. These tests often imply that they feel somewhat threatened by a species's potential, but are intrigued by it as well. The Q are apparently all individually named Q and are usually in an extra-dimensionnal plane of existence known as the Q Continuum that is not subject to linear time as normal space is. It has been suggested that the Q evolved since the Big Bang to their current state, and that possibly they were mortel physical beings very early on and that when they gave up their physicality and achieved their godlike powers, they also gave up any chance of growth or evolution since change was unnecessary. They usually appear to others as members of their species.
Note: The Q bears a lot of similitudes with Doctor Who's Eternals.
Source: Star Trek universe, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.


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Planet of Origin: Presumably Tlalaka /Tlalocan, a planet in a system close to the solar system.
Tlalakans are a race of humanmoids who has developed a civilisation remisicent of the early Incan/Aztec civilizations from Earth. As a community, Tlalakans have access to the Well of Transformation, a pool of an unknown liquid which dissolves the body of whomever enters it, leaving only the spirit/soul, which then forms a new body of whatever sort their heart desires. Tlalakans typically use it to adopt either a bipedal form for surface living, or a tailed "mermaid" form for living underwater where they have built and underwater city. It remains unclear which of these two forms is the Tlalakans' original one.
During the late twetnieht century, the Tlalakan home world was invaded and conquered by the Decepticons. They installed a drone named Deceptitran as ruler of the planet. Using an army of drones, Deceptitran was able to capture a good number of the Tlalakans, though the drones were unable to go underneath the water, which was where the Tlalakans lived in an undersea city. Deceptitran used his Tlalakan prisoners to work on his floating city and to collect energon, even to the point of drawing it directly from their bodies. Eventually they revolted against their drone overlords and escaped, prompting Deceptitran to contact the Decepticons on Earth for assistance. The communication was also intercepted by the Autobots who helped the Tlalacans to get rid of their oppressor.
Source: Transformer Universe

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Planet of Origin: Peaceland, destroyed in the 1960ies.
The Peacelandians were a peaceful humanoid species which developed a non-expansionnist advanced civilisation. They were wiped out byu the Garoga Empire. 6 individuals are known to have survived in hiding on Earth.
Source: Toho universe, ZOne Fighter


Planet of Origin: Garoga
The Garoga are an advanced humanoid insectoid species which developed an interstellar. empire They have multi-colored bodies and silver faces with bug-eyes and floppy antennas. The Garoga have a very ruthless personality, and a strict caste system, with Gold Garoga leader and the gold-skinned Garogas at the top, followed by the red and white, and silver-skinned at the bottom doing most of the physical labor, but possessing the least physical strength. Garoga agents can take human forms, which are nearly flawless, except for the webbed hands, and some can combine to take the forms of giant monsters. The Garogas’ antennae can be removed and used as weapons. The Garogas are beleived to have create the King Ghidorah space dragons and the biomecanic Gigans and the have destroyed the planet Peaceland.
Source: Toho Universe, Zone Fighter


Planet of Origin: Planet X a planet in the shadow of Jupiter
Xilians may be Earth’s closest allies or its worst enemies, depending on the attitude of their ruling Controller, the title given to planet’s current autocrat.
Planet X tried to invade Earth in 1965 due to the planet’s lack of water and the people’s need of mitochondria injections in order to reproduce. Separating Xilians from Earth’s humans are a few biological characteristics, namely the earlier stated reproductive problems, sensitivity to high-pitch noises, and mandatory cybernetic implants for tapping directly into computers or piloting ships. Xilians were able to infiltrate human society directly by wearing husks made to look like previously existing earthlings over a crude shell, though the husks do not blink. Xilian ESPers can use mind control on most life forms.
Source: Toho universe


Planet of Origin: Quartex
Originally, quartexians were organic sexuate humanoids but in the midst of a now legendary catastrophy, transformed into mineral lifeforms, litterally "living rocks". A desolate rocky planet, Quartex is also the home to the rock Narlie and the rockasurus.
Source: Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords,

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Planet of Origin: Gobotron, a planet in the Milky Way galaxy.
Gobeings are are highly advanced humanoids civilisation. As their mastery of technology progressed, their world underwent significant changes. They formed a thriving society that spanned the entire planet. Eventually, they built an enormous metallic casing over its entire surface. Eventually some gobeings rebelled against the established gobotronian order. The leader, amongst these Renegades, was a terrorist known as the Master Renegade. Opposing them and defending the peaceful citizens were police officers called the Guardians. These two forces battled each other for many years. Then, one fateful day, the Master Renegade and his minions chose an asteroid harvesting fleet as their next target. During the conflict, a large asteroid was inadvertantly hurled into GoBotron's surface. The massive impact and resulting explosions killed an estimated 80% of the planet's population. It also managed to take a sizable portion of the planet with it, leaving it with its trademark apple-core shape. A scientist known as The Last Engineer, seeing the dire circumstances his people were in, developed a new technology to save those who had survived, transfering their minds into robotic bodies, thereby preserving them from extinction. Hereafter the people of this planet were known as GoBots. In the aftermath of the near total destruction of GoBotron, both the Last Engineer and the Master Renegade disappeared. The Last Engineer and the Master Renegade âssed into legends. GoBotron was still in social upheaval. While the Guardians attempted to recover and rebuild what was left of their society, the Renegades were left to their own devices. Several of the stronger members fought against each other in a violent power struggle. The GoBot who finally gained control is known only as The Evil One. Weilding a powerful anti-matter weapon, the Dark heart, he attacked GoBotron. When it's power was unleashed, the entire planet was nearly destroyed in the chain reaction. The Guardian elders, one of whom looks suspiciously like Zeemon, were barely able to stop it. The Evil One was punished and exiled into deep space forever. His ship eventually crash landed on Earth in Peru about 2000 years ago. A gobot expedition looking for the LAst Engineer came to Earth in 1985.
Source: Challenge of the GoBots (also known as Mighty Machine Men) an American animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, based on the Gobots toy-line released from Tonka. The GoBots originally debuted in animated form as a five-part miniseries, which aired in syndication from October 29 - November 2, 1984. A regular series followed the next year, premiering on September 16, 1985.

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The Vok are energy-based alien creatures who engineered prehistoric Earth towards their own designs. They are the enlightened evolution of the Swarm, an combination of Cybertronian, human, and mysterious lizard species life. Their aim is to find the optimal path of development for the sources of its components.
It is believed most of their experiments ended up in failure due to the passage of cybetronian machines on the planet after some accidental temporal disruption.
The Vok stay in Nexus Zero also known as the Vok Nebula, a nebulous cloud part of a wormhole network facilitating travel across the galaxy. Another Nexus of their net is Nexus Earth.
Source: Transformers universe (Beastwars)

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Mutons are physically powerful and intelligent purple skinned humanoid creature. They have a particular appetite for consuming raw flesh of any kind, which they need for sustenance like earth based carnivores. They are telepathically linked to the Ethereal and rely on their telepathic commands. Should their link be servered, their mental system break down and they die. They seem to be enginneered as the Sectoids and Ehtereals. Cybernetic implants have been grafted to their body to enhance their combat performance, cardio-vascular system and senses as well as organically grown body armor. Their reproductive organs appear to have been surgically removed.
Source: X-COM series


Ethereals appear as hooded brown-robed humanoids, similar to monks. Underneath, they are extremely thin and tall humanoids with their muscle tissue atrophied and sensory organs and digestive tract vestigial. They are endowed with offensive psionic abilities and move by floating in the air, probably also through psionic means. They appear to be genetically engineered in the same manner as the Sectoids and Aquatroids and are probably tailored from the same original material.
Source: X-COM series


A symbiote is a living, sentient, extraterrestrial organism that bonds with other living organisms in order to survive. Since it has no classifying name, it is referred to as a symbiote because of its symbiotic relationships. Often symbiotes are called "living costumes" because of the way the amorphous creatures envelop their hosts. They have incredible adaptive attributes and quickly gain similar powers to the superhuman they bond to. They are extremely deadly and have murderous urges on a regular basis. Some symbiotes are known to threaten to eat their victims' brains, among other organs.
The symbiote enhances the physical attributes of its host, commonly increasing their strength and speed to superhuman levels as well as granting them a range of other powers such as transformation and mass-alteration.
Symbiotes were originally an unfeeling, conquering race, taking over any species they came in contact with to feed off their emotions; this mainly involved adrenaline rushes from death-defying feats and, as a consequence, the hosts tend to be short-lived. It is unclear where the symbiotes actually originated, but it is known that their species existed for millions of years. Galactus, devourer of worlds, consumed a world which they had taken over and where they had thrived.
Most symbiotes have been shown to be capable of great feats of violence and deception. In a strange twist of nature versus nurture, it seems that a symbiote's personality may be based on an amalgamation of the memories and thoughts that have been collected from the various hosts and stored within its genetic memory.

Symbiotes are naturally weakened by intense sounds and intense heat - especially large fires. Additionally, they are also weakened by magnesium. However as a symbiote spawns a child, a natural evolution seems to not only increase their strengths, but also reduce their weaknesses. Even already existing symbiotes can mutate and develop these resistances.
Symbiote are beleived to require certain chemical (most likely phenethylamine) to stay sane and healthy, which has been said to be found abundantly in two sources: chocolate and human brain tissue. Thus, the host is forced to steal/buy large amounts of chocolate or become an unwilling cannibal who devours the brains of those he kills.
Symbiotes empower the natural abilities of a host to the point where they far exceed that of normal members of the hosts' species. These abilities include the following:

* Superhuman strength.
* Superior speed and agility, enhances other physical attributes as well.
* Enhanced durability and resistance to damage.
* Genetic memory, recalling information from previous hosts.
* Enhanced healing ability.
* Can expand to any size as long as they have something to grow on such as a host or an object. Symbiotes can get inside of small areas such as electric wires and the insides of cars and completely disable them. The symbiote also reacts to the thoughts and will of the host.

The following are functions that have been demonstrated from various hosts' wills:

* The ability to form fangs or simple bladed weapons out of their limbs.
* The ability to form tendrils from their body
* The ability to shape-shift, from mimicking clothing up to and including complete change of appearance and stature.
* The ability to stick to walls.
* The ability to produce webbing from its own mass.
* The empathic ability to project desires and needs into the thoughts of its host or potential hosts.
* Can sense the presence of other beings within a certain distance.
* The ability to create storage portals inside of them.
Source: Marvel Universe, Edited from the Wikipedia Entry


Planet of Origin: Vespid
Allies of the Tau Empire, the Vespid are a sentient humanoid insectoid species which developed a reasonably advanced technology but no interstellar travel. They originate from the planet Vespid, a gas giant three light years to the galactic south of the D'yanoi sept. The violet hued, storm wracked stratosphere of the Vespid provides a shallow layer in which life has managed to survive. The Vespid live on floating mountains held aloft by the lighter-than-air gases trapped within pockets inside the rock. They possess
Source: Warhammer 40000 universe


Planet of Origin: Vinea, in a binary star system about 2,500,000 light years from Earth somewhere in M33 galaxy.
Vineans are a sentient humanoid species which developed a peaceful advanced civilisation with space faring capacities. They are of pale blue skin, but otherwise very closely resemble humans.
When one of their suns was about to regress in an unstable orbit millions of years ago it was decided to send out a series of spaceships containing millions of their people in hibernation, so the planet could at least be partially evacuated. After a long journey one of these ships discovered Earth, but because of a primitive intelligent species emerging on the planet it was decided to move underground and to not disturb the natural evolution of humanity. Large tunnels and underground cities emerged while on the surface the human species slowly developed. At some point in the 20th century a project was staged to create an artificial continent in the Atlantic by diverting undersea lava flows, with the aim of creating an aboveground nation for the Vineans to inhabit on Earth. This plan was eventually given up in favor of creating a faster-than-light technology capable of reaching Vinea in less than 3 months. The technology was discovered when a machine for the purpose of creating a wormhole arrived in the solar system, indicating that at least until the probe was sent, some 100,000 years after the Earth-Vineans left Vinea, there was still an advanced society in the Vinean solar system.
When an expedition was sent out to Vinea, it seemed that the local population had become rather primitive, being governed by a group of artificial copies of the minds of great leaders in the Vinean past. Due to the solar disaster, the planet had entered a wider, synchronous orbit around its suns. The effects on Vinea's climate were more or less compensated for by an artificial temperature regulation system, including large space mirrors acting as artificial suns for the 'night' side. A project for relocating the Earth-Vinean population was issued, and the rebuilding of the planet started.
Source: Yoko Tsuno universe, edited from the Wikipedia entry

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Planet of Origin: Aiur
The Protoss are a species of sentient humanoids who developed an interstellar civilisation. They are composed of two societies, the conservative Khalai and the exiled dark templar.
Planet of Origin: Aiur
They came from a tribal society with a strong warrior culture. At the end of a planet-wide civil. A mystic successfully managed to access a latent natural psionic link shared by all Protoss, the Khala. The link brought the end of the conflcts and birthed a new caste-based society. The judicator caste forms the Conclave, the ruling body of the Khalai Protoss. The templar caste consists of the military. The khalai caste includes all other Protoss. Some Protoss rejected the Khala out of fear of losing their individuality inside the psychic link and became known as the Dark Templars. They are treated as heretics and forcibly evicted from Aiur. Despite persecutions, most dark templar still seek to defend Aiur in any way they can. Nomadic, they are only known to have settled on the planet Shakuras to study a Xel'Naga temple.

The Protoss are three meters tall humanoids with two luminous eyes, usually gold or blue. With two fingers flanked by two opposable thumbs on each hand, two large toes on each foot, digitigrade legs, broad chests and shoulders with narrow waists, Protoss are very agile and physically strong. A bony crest extends back from the crown of the head, with long neural strands sprouting from its back. These strands facilitate their psychic communal link. Each Protoss has a different skin shade that corresponds to the tribe from which they are descended. The Protoss do not possess any visible ears, mouths or noses, but are able to communicate telepathically and possess strong nasal sensitivities. Protoss do not need to eat or drink, but instead absorb energy from a form of photosynthesis. Their average life expectancy is several hundred years.
Source: StarCraft


Planet of Origin: Zerus
The Zerg were originally small primitive insectoid larvae. Due to Xel'naga manipulation of their evolution, they became able to parasitically merge with other creatures, taking control of their host's nervous systems. From here, they mutated the host and added its DNA to the Zerg gene pool for other Zerg larvae to mutate into. Doing so, they were able to develop into an aggressive space faring swarm sharing the consciousness of a variety of different races assimilated into their genome. Although there is no distinctly typical Zerg, each strains and breeds are based on the original core genus. However some attributes are consistent, such as armored carapace, spines, claws and acid spray.
The Zerg strive for genetic perfection by assimilating other species into their own, creating different strains of Zerg. They did not develop technology, but through the assimilation of other species and directed mutation, thee developed traits to match their technologies. Each strains and colonies possess the traits necessary to fulfill their functions, working as an organ in a larger lifeform. Zerg buildings and units are entirely organic, allowing every Zerg to slowly regenerate if they are damaged. Colonies produce a carpet of bio-matter known as "creep", which provides nourishment for Zerg structures and creatures.
Operating as a hive mind, The Zerg are highly dependent on their command structure: if a Zerg should lose its connection to the hive mind, it may turn passive or go berserk.
The Zerg Swarm is controlled by the Zerg Overmind through its cerebrates. Along with the Overmind, the Cerebrates are the only Zerg with full sapience. Each Cerebrates possess its own overlords for battlefield direction and queens for hive overwatch. If a cerebrate dies, the Overmind loses control of his brood as the vast majority of the Zerg do not have any free will as they are genetically bound to obey the commands.
Source: StarCraft

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This species of green skinned bipeds with chiken legs and tail and a roughly humanoid upper body had contact with mankind by the late 23rd century and some specimen found mining on the New Texas mining colony.
Source: Bravestarr universe


Planet of Origin: Skallor
Skallorans are an advanced species of diminutive reptilian bipeds whcih developped as two conflictual civilisations et sub-species, Protectons and Terrakors, both highly on the verge of the interstellar age when their sun entered a period of intense activity some 3 millions years ago.
Protectons and Terrakors were forced to set aside their hostilities. While the Terrakor leader planned to use the Protecton super computer Compucore to launch his ship, the Terrastar, to transport a select few off the planet to safety, Compucore itself suggested the use of underground stasis tubes to preserve the entire population. Compucore's plan was chosen and the whole population was put in stasis. However, when a radiation leak threatened their lives, Compucore was forced to transfer and store their essences into itself. When the radiation levels finally subside to normal 3 millions of years later, It transfered the essences of four Protectons and four Terrakors into the Robotix, giant machines created to rebuild Skalorr but the conflict between both factions resurfaced.
Source: Robotix animated series

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Planet of Origin: A world in the ALimbic Cluster in the Tetra Galaxy.
The Alimbics are an extinct advanced species which developed an interstellar civilisation. They had an exoskeleton, an enlarged forebrains, a head with a single eye, two arms and three legs. They are thought to have been communicating telepathically to one another.
They were a peaceful race until they were attacked by an unspecified enemy. They rapidly advanced in weapon technology, including bioweaponry and won their peace back but remained ready for future invasions. They also began improving their already powerful minds, developing telepathy, telekinesis, and extradimensional exploration. Then came what they called "The Cancer" or Gorea.I t appeared as a gaseous form but soon took on a physical one, one mimicking that of the Alimbics themselves. The Alimbics' weapons were useless against it, and eventually, it took the weapons into its form and used them against their creators. It drained the life energy from its victims, leaving them as empty husks, while growing more powerful itself. To stop it, eight Alimbic elders came together and created the Seal Sphere. The Alimbic people used the process of essence transference to put their telepathic essences in the Seal Sphere. This enabled them to trap Gorea ans send him to a formless dimension of antimatter called the Infinity Void.
Although extinct, a lor of ruins of their civilisation still exist.
Source: Metroid universe


The Luminoth are an ancient technologically advanced bipedal moth-like species which has an intense spiritual fixation with light.
According to their legends, they were "born between the stars," searching for a home planet for a very long time. During their travels, they met the Chozo, and exchanged technologies. They then found the planet Aether which they colonized and made their own in a short time.
At some point in the third millenium, a Phaaze Leviathan crashed onto their planet, carrying extremely high amounts of Phazon. The explosive impactliterally tore the planet in two, creating a second Aether, known as Dark Aether, on which all the Phazon concentrated. On that planet, the beings known as the Ing thrived. They found portals to Aether and invaded it. After a nearly a century of war, they were defeated and peace came back to Aether.
Source: Metroid Universe

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Phaaze is a sentient planet with expansionnist behavior, mainly composed of a substance called Phazon. It sends sends huge organisms known as leviathan throughout the cosmos to reproduce by seeding other worlds with Phazon.
Phazon is a highly radioactive substance originating from the planet Phaaze, known for its extreme mutagenic and energy producing properties. Strangely, it's not only a radioactive substance, but also an extradimensional living being. The substance has been responsible for the near-destruction of two worlds, Tallon IV of the Chozo and Aether of the Luminoth. In both cases Phazon arrived on the planets via interstellar objects, now known to be Leviathans. On Tallon IV the Phazon devastated and poisoned the ecosystem, eventually destroying the Chozo society that existed there. In Aether, the Phazon Meteor struck the planet and split it into two dimensions, driving the planet and its inhabitants into turmoil.
Phazon is a highly radioactive, mutagetic, and semi-sentient substance. Phazon is also capable of self-reproduction, making it's ability to spread incredibly efficient. Most Phazon is blue in color, except for the much more potent orange variation, whose radiation and mutagetic levels far exceed the normal blue Phazon. Orange Phazon also has small bluish hued energy spheres that appear on the surface, which act as spawning nests for Fission Metroids. Red crystals with low amounts of Phazon energy are found in the Magmoor Caverns. Because of this, the Pirates intended to put them on the market when Phazon operations are complete. There are also Black Phazon Crystals only found on Phaaze. They are commonly mined by Space Pirates. This suggests that there are unknown types of Phazon elsewhere.
Phazon exists in many phases. It is most commonly seen as Phazon ore, appearing as a network of blue veins and crystal-like sacs. A more concentrated form of Phazon is known as liquid Phazon, liquid Phazon takes on the traits of a dense gel. Large amounts of Phazon are usually seen with bolts of Phazon energy, appearing as arcs of static electricity. This is probably due to the high amount of unstable energy Phazon is constantly producing.
Phazon also demonstrates a trace amount of sentience. Left-over Phazon energy after a Leviathan impact can manifest itself into Phaazoid, mindless Phazon energy that is constantly discharging itself.
Phazon releases unique energy in the form of Phazon radiation. Exposure to any amount of Phazon radiation can be deadly. Most bioforms in direct contact with Phazon ore/liquid die within seconds. Even living within an area with high Phazon concentration can be fatal over time. However, bioforms with prolonged Phazon exposure that do not die are mutated horribly. Exposure to Phazon radiation destroys brain cells and cognitive thought in sentient beings, yet it also sees a gain muscle mass and other beneficial abilities. Phazon exposure, while destroying the mind, makes beings hunger for more Phazon. In turn, corrupted beings also have a natural instinct to protect Phazon and its source. Humans seem to be immune to the mental effects of Phazon.Chozo, on the contrary, are especially weak to it, for even their ghosts become insane from Phazon exposure.
Phazon can also be used as an energy source. Phazon, because of the intense radiation it produces and its mutagenic properties is a deadly toxic substance. Any planet with Phazon corruption left unchecked will "kill" the planet. The planet will slowly turn into pure Phazon, becoming like Phaaze. Many life forms exposed to Phazon radiation expire within seconds. However, some life forms can survive the Phazon exposure, although the price to be paid is horrible mutation of the body and mind. Subjects exposed to Phazon over long periods of time may develop a form of mental breakdown known as Phazon Madness or Phazon Sickness. This condition affects the mind, driving the subject to the point of mental instability and a constant hunger for more Phazon. Life forms that survive Phazon exposure usually gain increased muscle mass and newfound abilities, but suffer a decline in cognitive thought and general lifespan.
Although a dangerously radioactive destructive substance, the Space Pirates have taken advantage of Phazon's mutagenic properties to create a powerful biologically engineered army of Phazon-enhanced Pirates and other creatures. The Pirates had begun a series of Phazon exposure experiments with native Tallon IV life forms to test Phazon mutagenic abilities, even managing to infuse sapience in inorganic matter. In further experiments, the Pirates had begun Phazon infusion experiments, injecting subjects with pure Phazon.
Phazon primarily appears as a radiant semisolid or soliquid. The most abundant type of Phazon found within the game takes on a more solid form, appearing as a network of veins or large crystal-like sacs. Less freqeuntly, a purified concentrated form of Phazon can be found having gel-like traits. The first installment of the series initially revealed two variations of Phazon, a regular blue type and a much rarer, but exponentially more potent orange variation.
Leviathans' sole purpose is to spread phazon from the planet Phaaze to corrupt planets across the Universe in order to create more Phazon-based planets, similar to Phaaze. The core of the Leviathan is very strong and can only be destroyed by a stream of Phazon or a powerful laser blast. These creatures were notable not only for their ability to create Phazon, but mostly because of their most powerful ability: generating wormholes which allow them to travel anywhere throughout space.
Leviathans are the "children" of Phaaze. Born in a serpentine organ deep within the planet, they feed on vast amounts of Phazon energy until they develop a Phazon core, which marks their transition into adolescence.
Before this, they are extremely unstable, though naturally extremely resistant, and cause massive explosions if damaged before full maturity. Once they reach adolescence, the Leviathans are slowly pushed upward to the surface until they mature to their adult size. The oldest Leviathans are up closest to the surface while the youngest are below. As Leviathans are launched into space, the younger ones move closer and closer to the surface. Once Phaaze has found a planet to corrupt, it launches the Leviathan into space, in hopes of impacting a planet.
Leviathans are a silicon/phazon-based bioform in that, at full maturity, they appear to be made of a rocky (perhaps a form of Phazite) substance which is likely why information pertaining to them refers to them as meteors. They are covered with large patches of Phazon and have long tentacles growing out of their sides. The inside of a Leviathan appears similar to a cave containing various Phazon based life and Phazon generating organs. The passages that lead to the core chamber of the leviathan appear as transparent tubes. There are doors in the Leviathan that seem to be a type of sphincter valve with a weak energy field covering it. The core chamber itself is a large spherical room. This room has many pulsating/moving objects which may be organs. The core itself resides at the top of the chamber in a sealed sac-like room. The core appears to be a large ball connected to the ceiling by a cord that it moves around with. It is covered in Phazon ornaments and has an insectoid appearance with several eyes and a mandible-like mouth. The chamber is also usually where the Leviathan's guardian resides. The Leviathan on Tallon IV appears to have been consumed by Metroid Prime due to the creature's omnipresent lust for Phazon, but this has not been proven.
After ejecting from Phaaze, the Leviathan will create a wormhole to shorten its journey to the intended planet. The Leviathan will home onto its closest target and impact the planet, spreading phazon from the collision. Eventually, the Phazon core of the meteor slowly seeps its way into the planet, spreading Phazon and replacing the ecosystem with one that is Phazon-based. The Leviathan attracts a native creature and corrupts it with massive amounts of Phazon. The corrupted creature serves as the Leviathan's guardian, to protect its Phazon core. Sometime after this, the Leviathan itself will die, leaving behind the "husk" of it's body.
SOurce: Metroid Universe. Text adapted form the aliens.wikia.com and the Wikitroid.


Planet of Origin: Ultragia, The Pirate Homeworld is plagued by a steady stream of Acid Rain, harming any creature without proper protection. At some point, the planet was also hit by a Phaaze Leviathan which corrputed it.
The Space Pirates are an aggressive expansionnist sentient scavenging species that has developed or gained space faring capacities. They have been known to experiment with Metroids and Phazon, leaving dangerous results.
Roughly humanoid, Space Pirate physiology includes a wide range of morphological variation – their base forms have hands featuring two thumbs and a single finger, but many are genetically engineered with lobsterlike claws. Some of these clawed pirates have their other arm replaced by a massive blade rather than a second claw. The Space Pirates have repeatedly used Phazon to mutate their own species.
A very militaristic race, in their society, obedience is a strict law and the death penality quite common. They are extremely stringent about possessions— thievery within their race is punished severely.
Most of their techology has either been found or stolen and focussed toward making new weapons; the same apparently goes for their culture. The Space pirates have based much of their military on the element Phazon. They set up full bases when trace elements are found. It is a highly radioactive mutagen which can increase the threat level of space pirates exponentially. Through these experiments the space pirates have created many abominations of nature. The high death toll of miners and test subjects does not deter the space pirates from this powerful resource. some Space Pirates protested against Phazon being used on their homeworld.
Note: Accroding to series director Yoshio Sakamoto, the Pirates took "Zebesian" as a general name for themselves after the conquering of Zebes, comparing it to most Americans actually being from Europe after conquering the true Native American tribes.
Source: Metroid Universe


The X Parasite is an alien creature found on planet SR388. An ectoparasitoid, it kills its host and absorbs its DNA and intelligence. This ability allows it to organically absorb and implement data, such as creating a heat resistant material to wrap itself in. It reproduces through a process similar to viruses, which makes it almost invincibly adaptable. When an X doesn’t come into contact with a susceptible host it stops growing and reproducing. It can stay dormant for eternities until disturbed.
Several organisms can laso gather to form a composite creature called a Core-X. Individuals can be forced out from a Core-X gathering.
They have one predator, the Metroid, genetically engineered lifeforms created by the Chozo to destroy them.
Source: Metroid Universe


The Chozo are a bipedal avian species which developed an highly advanced interstellar civilisation. The species used to have a pair of wings that enabled flight on their backs which became vestigial at some point. Due to their great longevity, old age wreaked havoc on their ability to reproduce, causing a steep decline in their numbers. They are now thought to be extinct, possibly transcendent.
Some 1500 years ago, the Chozo culture was peaceful, prizing knowledge in all its forms. They were explorers, seeking scientific and technological advancement, interstellar exploration, and primal shamanistic wisdom. Balance between technology and spiritualism was a defining trait of their culture and they often shared their wisdom and knowledge with other species, such as the Luminoth, the Reptilicus and the Ylla. Many of their structures were built of stone, although they were capable of using far more advanced materials and building techniques.
The Chozo are responsible for creating the original Metroids or "Ultimate Warrior" on planet SR-388. It is believed that the Metroids were created in an attempt to stop the X Parasites from destroying SR-388's ecosystem. Chozo ruins have been discovered on the planets Zebes, Tallon IV, SR-388, Elysia, and Bryyo.
SOurce: Metroid universe.

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Planet of Origin: Gnol
The Gnolam are peaceful diminutive bipedal species from a low-gravity planet that was often described as dwarf- or gnome-like. They possessed an amazing ability to create and horde treasure, and their dictators almost never lacked money. Gnolams also had strong knowledge of business, resulting in large profits from trade routs and extra food sales. In addition to all this, Gnolams had amazing luck. Perhaps this power was their attempt to counter the Elerians mental powers; Space monsters and Antaran fleets almost always ignored Gnolam planets. Disasters never befell the Gnolams, and unexpected fortune came frequently for them Their biggest enemy are the Elerians.
SOurce: Masters of Orion


Planet of Origin: Trilar
The Trilarians are a species from an oceanic world and lived in water. They developed an honorable and peaceful interstellar civilisation. Their ships were among the faster due to Trans-Dimensional abilities supposedly came from the Antarans; the Trilarians claimed that they were the descendants of a lost Antaran colony. Our evidence seems to indicate that the Antarans indeed had a presence on Trilar and even interfered in Trilarian species development.
Source: Masters of Orion


Planet of Origin: A planet orbiting a star in Draconis
The Elerians are a species of fairy like bleu skinned humanoids that developed a space faring civilisation. They are a feudal matriarchy, in which only females (the warrior caste) could join the military. Elerian mental powers are beyond compare; their males in the philosopher caste can detect everything taking place in the galaxy, from the biggest fleet to the most distant tiny planet. The females also have some strong telepathic powers. Their large ships always have onboard a powerful telepath who can mind-control an entire planet, eliminating the need for ground troops. The ship leaders can also see slightly into the future, giving noticeable attack and defense advantages. They could even take mental control of a captured ship and use it in the same battle against its former fleet. Their only seeming weakness is their weak government, in which the local rulers have considerable influence over their planets. Science is not one of their high priorities.
Source: Masters of Orion


Planet of Origin: Nazin
Darloks are an aggressive polymorph species able to shape shift and mimic other species. The Darloks were adept at developing new computers, which aided their already deadly spying abilities. They are known to try to buy time by signing treaties, waiting until their enemies are off guard to strike.
Notes: Darlocks share a lot of traits with the Durlans of the DC universe.
Source: Masters of Orion


Planet of Origin: Meklon
The Cynoids are a species of diminutive frail creatures that developed cybernetic exo-sketletons to protect themselves. Some of them, known as Meklars, have even completely shed the skin to become complete machines. Quite unpredictable, they are usually were more concerned with developing their infrastructures than with expansion.
SOurce: Masters of Orion


Planet of Origin: Mentar
The Psilons are a peaceful humanoid species that developed a very advanced interstellar civilisation. They are known to be among the most brilliant researchers in the galaxy. Their colonies produced more research than anyone else, and their scientists thought of more aplications to research than any other scientists. Some are known to have two pair of arms.
Source: Masters of Orion


Planet of Origin: A world orbiting Sssla
The Sakkra are a reptilian species which developed an aggressive and expansionnist space faring civilisation. Knowing a quick demographical growth, they are always looking for new planets to colonize. They are very advanced in planetology and good at terraforming. Their enemies include the Alkari, Darloks, Klackons, and Meklars, and especially the Mrrshan. They did like the Humans, however.
SOurce: Masters of Orion