vendredi 5 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: A planet orbiting a star in Draconis
The Elerians are a species of fairy like bleu skinned humanoids that developed a space faring civilisation. They are a feudal matriarchy, in which only females (the warrior caste) could join the military. Elerian mental powers are beyond compare; their males in the philosopher caste can detect everything taking place in the galaxy, from the biggest fleet to the most distant tiny planet. The females also have some strong telepathic powers. Their large ships always have onboard a powerful telepath who can mind-control an entire planet, eliminating the need for ground troops. The ship leaders can also see slightly into the future, giving noticeable attack and defense advantages. They could even take mental control of a captured ship and use it in the same battle against its former fleet. Their only seeming weakness is their weak government, in which the local rulers have considerable influence over their planets. Science is not one of their high priorities.
Source: Masters of Orion

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