samedi 6 juin 2009


The Chozo are a bipedal avian species which developed an highly advanced interstellar civilisation. The species used to have a pair of wings that enabled flight on their backs which became vestigial at some point. Due to their great longevity, old age wreaked havoc on their ability to reproduce, causing a steep decline in their numbers. They are now thought to be extinct, possibly transcendent.
Some 1500 years ago, the Chozo culture was peaceful, prizing knowledge in all its forms. They were explorers, seeking scientific and technological advancement, interstellar exploration, and primal shamanistic wisdom. Balance between technology and spiritualism was a defining trait of their culture and they often shared their wisdom and knowledge with other species, such as the Luminoth, the Reptilicus and the Ylla. Many of their structures were built of stone, although they were capable of using far more advanced materials and building techniques.
The Chozo are responsible for creating the original Metroids or "Ultimate Warrior" on planet SR-388. It is believed that the Metroids were created in an attempt to stop the X Parasites from destroying SR-388's ecosystem. Chozo ruins have been discovered on the planets Zebes, Tallon IV, SR-388, Elysia, and Bryyo.
SOurce: Metroid universe.

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