lundi 22 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Planet X a planet in the shadow of Jupiter
Xilians may be Earth’s closest allies or its worst enemies, depending on the attitude of their ruling Controller, the title given to planet’s current autocrat.
Planet X tried to invade Earth in 1965 due to the planet’s lack of water and the people’s need of mitochondria injections in order to reproduce. Separating Xilians from Earth’s humans are a few biological characteristics, namely the earlier stated reproductive problems, sensitivity to high-pitch noises, and mandatory cybernetic implants for tapping directly into computers or piloting ships. Xilians were able to infiltrate human society directly by wearing husks made to look like previously existing earthlings over a crude shell, though the husks do not blink. Xilian ESPers can use mind control on most life forms.
Source: Toho universe

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