jeudi 25 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Presumably Tlalaka /Tlalocan, a planet in a system close to the solar system.
Tlalakans are a race of humanmoids who has developed a civilisation remisicent of the early Incan/Aztec civilizations from Earth. As a community, Tlalakans have access to the Well of Transformation, a pool of an unknown liquid which dissolves the body of whomever enters it, leaving only the spirit/soul, which then forms a new body of whatever sort their heart desires. Tlalakans typically use it to adopt either a bipedal form for surface living, or a tailed "mermaid" form for living underwater where they have built and underwater city. It remains unclear which of these two forms is the Tlalakans' original one.
During the late twetnieht century, the Tlalakan home world was invaded and conquered by the Decepticons. They installed a drone named Deceptitran as ruler of the planet. Using an army of drones, Deceptitran was able to capture a good number of the Tlalakans, though the drones were unable to go underneath the water, which was where the Tlalakans lived in an undersea city. Deceptitran used his Tlalakan prisoners to work on his floating city and to collect energon, even to the point of drawing it directly from their bodies. Eventually they revolted against their drone overlords and escaped, prompting Deceptitran to contact the Decepticons on Earth for assistance. The communication was also intercepted by the Autobots who helped the Tlalacans to get rid of their oppressor.
Source: Transformer Universe

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