dimanche 7 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: A world in the ALimbic Cluster in the Tetra Galaxy.
The Alimbics are an extinct advanced species which developed an interstellar civilisation. They had an exoskeleton, an enlarged forebrains, a head with a single eye, two arms and three legs. They are thought to have been communicating telepathically to one another.
They were a peaceful race until they were attacked by an unspecified enemy. They rapidly advanced in weapon technology, including bioweaponry and won their peace back but remained ready for future invasions. They also began improving their already powerful minds, developing telepathy, telekinesis, and extradimensional exploration. Then came what they called "The Cancer" or Gorea.I t appeared as a gaseous form but soon took on a physical one, one mimicking that of the Alimbics themselves. The Alimbics' weapons were useless against it, and eventually, it took the weapons into its form and used them against their creators. It drained the life energy from its victims, leaving them as empty husks, while growing more powerful itself. To stop it, eight Alimbic elders came together and created the Seal Sphere. The Alimbic people used the process of essence transference to put their telepathic essences in the Seal Sphere. This enabled them to trap Gorea ans send him to a formless dimension of antimatter called the Infinity Void.
Although extinct, a lor of ruins of their civilisation still exist.
Source: Metroid universe

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