mardi 9 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Zerus
The Zerg were originally small primitive insectoid larvae. Due to Xel'naga manipulation of their evolution, they became able to parasitically merge with other creatures, taking control of their host's nervous systems. From here, they mutated the host and added its DNA to the Zerg gene pool for other Zerg larvae to mutate into. Doing so, they were able to develop into an aggressive space faring swarm sharing the consciousness of a variety of different races assimilated into their genome. Although there is no distinctly typical Zerg, each strains and breeds are based on the original core genus. However some attributes are consistent, such as armored carapace, spines, claws and acid spray.
The Zerg strive for genetic perfection by assimilating other species into their own, creating different strains of Zerg. They did not develop technology, but through the assimilation of other species and directed mutation, thee developed traits to match their technologies. Each strains and colonies possess the traits necessary to fulfill their functions, working as an organ in a larger lifeform. Zerg buildings and units are entirely organic, allowing every Zerg to slowly regenerate if they are damaged. Colonies produce a carpet of bio-matter known as "creep", which provides nourishment for Zerg structures and creatures.
Operating as a hive mind, The Zerg are highly dependent on their command structure: if a Zerg should lose its connection to the hive mind, it may turn passive or go berserk.
The Zerg Swarm is controlled by the Zerg Overmind through its cerebrates. Along with the Overmind, the Cerebrates are the only Zerg with full sapience. Each Cerebrates possess its own overlords for battlefield direction and queens for hive overwatch. If a cerebrate dies, the Overmind loses control of his brood as the vast majority of the Zerg do not have any free will as they are genetically bound to obey the commands.
Source: StarCraft

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