lundi 22 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Garoga
The Garoga are an advanced humanoid insectoid species which developed an interstellar. empire They have multi-colored bodies and silver faces with bug-eyes and floppy antennas. The Garoga have a very ruthless personality, and a strict caste system, with Gold Garoga leader and the gold-skinned Garogas at the top, followed by the red and white, and silver-skinned at the bottom doing most of the physical labor, but possessing the least physical strength. Garoga agents can take human forms, which are nearly flawless, except for the webbed hands, and some can combine to take the forms of giant monsters. The Garogas’ antennae can be removed and used as weapons. The Garogas are beleived to have create the King Ghidorah space dragons and the biomecanic Gigans and the have destroyed the planet Peaceland.
Source: Toho Universe, Zone Fighter

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