samedi 6 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Ultragia, The Pirate Homeworld is plagued by a steady stream of Acid Rain, harming any creature without proper protection. At some point, the planet was also hit by a Phaaze Leviathan which corrputed it.
The Space Pirates are an aggressive expansionnist sentient scavenging species that has developed or gained space faring capacities. They have been known to experiment with Metroids and Phazon, leaving dangerous results.
Roughly humanoid, Space Pirate physiology includes a wide range of morphological variation – their base forms have hands featuring two thumbs and a single finger, but many are genetically engineered with lobsterlike claws. Some of these clawed pirates have their other arm replaced by a massive blade rather than a second claw. The Space Pirates have repeatedly used Phazon to mutate their own species.
A very militaristic race, in their society, obedience is a strict law and the death penality quite common. They are extremely stringent about possessions— thievery within their race is punished severely.
Most of their techology has either been found or stolen and focussed toward making new weapons; the same apparently goes for their culture. The Space pirates have based much of their military on the element Phazon. They set up full bases when trace elements are found. It is a highly radioactive mutagen which can increase the threat level of space pirates exponentially. Through these experiments the space pirates have created many abominations of nature. The high death toll of miners and test subjects does not deter the space pirates from this powerful resource. some Space Pirates protested against Phazon being used on their homeworld.
Note: Accroding to series director Yoshio Sakamoto, the Pirates took "Zebesian" as a general name for themselves after the conquering of Zebes, comparing it to most Americans actually being from Europe after conquering the true Native American tribes.
Source: Metroid Universe

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