dimanche 28 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Bajor, in the Bajor system or B'hava'el system), located 52 light years from Earht. It contains 14 planets which orbit a single G-type star. The system also contains the Denorios Belt which itself contains the access to the Bajoran Wormhole.

The Prophets, also known as Wormhole Aliens, are non-corporeal beings who inhabit the artificially constructed wormhole in the Bajor system. The Prophets claim to have originally come from Bajor which would means that before their transformation into non-corporeal beings, their biological ancestors evolved on the planet. Since they exist outside of time it is beleived that these ancestors are the current Bajorans and that their eventual transformation will occur sometime in the future.The current humanoid population of Bajor worship the Prophets as gods.

At some point in the distant past, some Prophets were forcibly expelled from their wormhole andexiled on Bajor, where they became known as the Pah Wraiths. They long for revenge against the other Prophets, and often take over the bodies of corporeal beings to reach that end.

SOurce: Star Trek universe,

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