mercredi 10 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Vinea, in a binary star system about 2,500,000 light years from Earth somewhere in M33 galaxy.
Vineans are a sentient humanoid species which developed a peaceful advanced civilisation with space faring capacities. They are of pale blue skin, but otherwise very closely resemble humans.
When one of their suns was about to regress in an unstable orbit millions of years ago it was decided to send out a series of spaceships containing millions of their people in hibernation, so the planet could at least be partially evacuated. After a long journey one of these ships discovered Earth, but because of a primitive intelligent species emerging on the planet it was decided to move underground and to not disturb the natural evolution of humanity. Large tunnels and underground cities emerged while on the surface the human species slowly developed. At some point in the 20th century a project was staged to create an artificial continent in the Atlantic by diverting undersea lava flows, with the aim of creating an aboveground nation for the Vineans to inhabit on Earth. This plan was eventually given up in favor of creating a faster-than-light technology capable of reaching Vinea in less than 3 months. The technology was discovered when a machine for the purpose of creating a wormhole arrived in the solar system, indicating that at least until the probe was sent, some 100,000 years after the Earth-Vineans left Vinea, there was still an advanced society in the Vinean solar system.
When an expedition was sent out to Vinea, it seemed that the local population had become rather primitive, being governed by a group of artificial copies of the minds of great leaders in the Vinean past. Due to the solar disaster, the planet had entered a wider, synchronous orbit around its suns. The effects on Vinea's climate were more or less compensated for by an artificial temperature regulation system, including large space mirrors acting as artificial suns for the 'night' side. A project for relocating the Earth-Vinean population was issued, and the rebuilding of the planet started.
Source: Yoko Tsuno universe, edited from the Wikipedia entry

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