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Planet of Origin: Aiur
The Protoss are a species of sentient humanoids who developed an interstellar civilisation. They are composed of two societies, the conservative Khalai and the exiled dark templar.
Planet of Origin: Aiur
They came from a tribal society with a strong warrior culture. At the end of a planet-wide civil. A mystic successfully managed to access a latent natural psionic link shared by all Protoss, the Khala. The link brought the end of the conflcts and birthed a new caste-based society. The judicator caste forms the Conclave, the ruling body of the Khalai Protoss. The templar caste consists of the military. The khalai caste includes all other Protoss. Some Protoss rejected the Khala out of fear of losing their individuality inside the psychic link and became known as the Dark Templars. They are treated as heretics and forcibly evicted from Aiur. Despite persecutions, most dark templar still seek to defend Aiur in any way they can. Nomadic, they are only known to have settled on the planet Shakuras to study a Xel'Naga temple.

The Protoss are three meters tall humanoids with two luminous eyes, usually gold or blue. With two fingers flanked by two opposable thumbs on each hand, two large toes on each foot, digitigrade legs, broad chests and shoulders with narrow waists, Protoss are very agile and physically strong. A bony crest extends back from the crown of the head, with long neural strands sprouting from its back. These strands facilitate their psychic communal link. Each Protoss has a different skin shade that corresponds to the tribe from which they are descended. The Protoss do not possess any visible ears, mouths or noses, but are able to communicate telepathically and possess strong nasal sensitivities. Protoss do not need to eat or drink, but instead absorb energy from a form of photosynthesis. Their average life expectancy is several hundred years.
Source: StarCraft

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