lundi 1 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Arcateen V

Arcateenians are a humanoid species which developed an advanced space faring civilisation.

They appaear as translucent glowing humanoids with a smooth almost featureless body, tentacular appendages where hair would be on a human and thin butterfly like wings. Their senses are much more acute thant that of humans, they possess strenght large enough to shatter human bones in a manner resembling a gunshot, can move at superhuman speeds and are able to fly, possibly throught space apparently unprotected. They are able to possess the bodies of specimen of other species and prolonge their lives by scavenging the vital fluids of other specimens and communicated via telepathic pendant-like artefacts. They also possess teleportation technology on an interstellar range.

On political exilee was sent to Earth to purge her sentence in 1812. She was destroyed in 2008 while trying to escape the planet.

Source: Doctor Who Universe, In The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "Invasion of the Bane", Torchwood episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts"

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