lundi 8 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Skallor
Skallorans are an advanced species of diminutive reptilian bipeds whcih developped as two conflictual civilisations et sub-species, Protectons and Terrakors, both highly on the verge of the interstellar age when their sun entered a period of intense activity some 3 millions years ago.
Protectons and Terrakors were forced to set aside their hostilities. While the Terrakor leader planned to use the Protecton super computer Compucore to launch his ship, the Terrastar, to transport a select few off the planet to safety, Compucore itself suggested the use of underground stasis tubes to preserve the entire population. Compucore's plan was chosen and the whole population was put in stasis. However, when a radiation leak threatened their lives, Compucore was forced to transfer and store their essences into itself. When the radiation levels finally subside to normal 3 millions of years later, It transfered the essences of four Protectons and four Terrakors into the Robotix, giant machines created to rebuild Skalorr but the conflict between both factions resurfaced.
Source: Robotix animated series

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