dimanche 19 octobre 2014


The Boneless are beings from a  two-dimensional universe. They shortlt managed to invade our tridimensional worlds in 2014 in Bristol, UK. They are able to reduce both lifeforms and other three-dimensional objects to two-dimensions and back to a rough tridimension afterward, with the ability to possess them.
Source: Doctor Who, episode Flatline, 2014.

lundi 13 octobre 2014


Planet of Origin: Davanna, in the Milky Way galaxy
The Davannans are a humanoid species wich developed an advanced emotionless civilisation with space faring capacities which, as of the 1950ies, was dying from the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war of their homeworld combined with an epidemix which caused their blood to evaporate.
The look very similar to humand but with white pupil-less eyes. They are telepathic and, focussing their eyes on a subject, capable of hypnosis and even killing by destroying the optic and nervous tissues of the victim.They feed on a black liquid containing all the nutrients they need. They are very sensible to loud sounds, which can be very painful to them.
In 1957, they sent a scoutto study the effects of Human blood in their own biology, but after they lost contact with him, they decided not to go on any further with potential invasion plans. A fact they never knew, their scout had in fact died in a car accident.
The alien had brought with him a non-sentient creature from his home planet, which resssembles a mix between an octopus and a flying umbrella and which could attack people by jumping at their head and covering it with its surface.
Source: Not of this Earth, 1957. Directed and produced by Roger Corman, written by Charles B. Griffith and Mark Hanna.


The Daggra are a vaguely humanoid species which had developed a space faring civilisation as of 2002. They are vaguely reminiscent of the classic E.T. the extraterrestrial, but larger. They possess telepathic powers,  a large flat head with a pair of large eyes, a long neck, long and thin arms with 3 digits. On other worlds, they protect their fragile body inside power armours.
In 2002, a daggra spacecraft crashed  into Mount Ibuski, Japan and was captured and contained in the National Institute of Space Science, but not before it had managed to send a creature relayed a distress call to its Mothership. Whether accidentally or intentionally, the creature was killed an gesture that sparked a war between the Daggra and humanity in which humanity was nrealy wiped. Survivors hiding in Tibet managed to build a machine called the Time Shifter, which they used to return to the past and prevent the war from starting by rescuing the alien and returning it to the Daggra, therefore erasing the whole war timeline.
Source: The Returner, Toho, 2002.


samedi 4 octobre 2014


The moon creature is a giant living creature which had been developping inside its egg, Earth's moon, for possibly as long as 4 billions of years. It hatched in 2049 after an intense one year growth period during which it increased its mass dramatically, breaking the Moon's crust in the process.
At birth, it weighted 1,3 billions tons, most of it being the egg it itself was ready to lay as soon as it was being born, and which was to become Earth's new moon, along with the dust left by the disintegration of the former moon's crust.
The creature itself is composed of a short somewhat moth-like body with long flayed tail and of two pairs of diaphan wings that composed most of its mass. After laying its egg, it flew away toward deep space.
Its whereabouts afterward remain unknown, as do its origins: was the egg initially layed by another creature or did it evolve on spot, possibly as a result of the planetoid Theia with the Earth. This also raises the question of a possible panspermia originating from Theia. But this hypothesis is highly speculative.
Source: Doctor Who universe, 2014, Kill the Moon, written by Peter Harness.

Here are two 3D echography of the Moon dating hours prior to its hatching.