dimanche 22 mai 2011


Planet of Origin: Nova, a planet orbiting a star of the Milky Way

The Novarians are species of large hairy simians which have developed an advanced space faring society. A novarian expedition crashlanded on Earth around the beginning of the twentieht century while they were on a survey mission. They have been stranded on Earth ever since. Their large hairy appearance gave rise to the legend we know as Bigfoot. Sometime in 1980, a group of earthbound heroes nicknamed the SuperFriends helped them repair their ship and get back to their home planet

Source: (DC Universe non canon) Superfriends, 1980 Shorts: Bigfoot


The Pytho-Rexians are a subterranean species living on the planet Venus' Underground. Standing a bit less than two meters, they have tentacular limbs attached to a small body and a head with two large yellow eyes and one featureless mouth. They have a theocratic society based on the worship an idol statue called Pytho-Rex. They are ruled by a religious leader called the Elder who is supposedly able to communicate with the statue, claiming that everything that he commands is the will of Pytho-Rex but no scientific proof has been made to confirm this assertion. They possess some level of technology allowing them to have built beam weapons.
Source: DC Universe (non canon) The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-1968), A Visit to Venus


The Fearians are a species which had developed space travel as of the twentieth century. They stand about two meters tall, with a light-blue skin humanoid body on top of which are three pointy heads. They tried in vain to invade Earth circa 1978 with the help of a super-powered terrorist group. They were at the time claiming to come from Venus.

Source: (DC Universe - Not Canon) Challenge of the Superfriends, Season 3 (1978), Invasion of the Fearians