vendredi 5 juin 2009


Planet of Origin: Tryl'sart, third planet orbiting the star Cyrane Om'lr in the Shi'ar galaxy
Mephitisoids are a feline warriorlike territorial humanoid species who developed an interstellar space faring civilisation.
Twelve hundred years ago, the Shiar tried to conquer the Mephitisoids and open war erupted. After a series of glorious victories, the tide turned and the Mephitisoids were quarantined on their homeworld.
They are look like lean furry humanoids with a tail, large ears, retractable claws on hands and feet. They possess night vision, an acute olfactory senses and pheromone odors used to communicate and suggest action to others.
SOurce: Marvel Universe, X-Men #107 (October, 1977)

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