lundi 5 mars 2012


Planet of Origin: Tadsylwine. 
Tadsylwnians are one meter tall humanoids who had developed a supposedly pacific but somewaht arrogant space-faring civilisation as of 50BC. Their domain is composed of 50 inhabited planets controled by thier leader, the Hubs. Thye use a genetically enigneered police called "Clones"force to ensure their safety and territorial integrity. These clones can be customised to meet the different needs of the operation they are sent in but generally possess an incredible physical strenght for their mass and size, the ability to fly and to generate heat beams. They are omnivorous but with a diet whihc is high in meat, sugar and fat. Their official meal is very reminiscent of Earth's hot dog. They posssess FTL, gravity control and mass mind control technology. 
Some two thousand years ago, Tadsylwinians were in conflict with another space faring civilisation, the Nagma. Status on the relations between the two forces is undocumented nowadays.
A tadsylwinian mission is beleived to have come to Earth, in northern France circa 50 BC to stop a Nagma mission.
Source: Albert Uderzo, Asterix Universe, Le ciel lui tombe sur la tête.  For more critical informations, see wikipedia entry.

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