lundi 29 octobre 2007


Planet of origin: Nemesis

Lucifer Hawks are entities that have been known to visit other worlds, Earth among them in the early 21st century, by either being summoned or by crossing the dimensional barriers.

The most evolved of them have developed sentience and some sort of non-technologically based culture. Those can cross the dimensional barriers on their own, and bring lower-level creatures with them. Low level Entities are usually slug-like in shape. Low-level Entities are driven by basic needs while more evolved ones usually have some sort of purpose or plan, and will work with regards to see that plan completed. They generally have inimical attitudes towards humans. Many have slightly mutable forms, and can change shape to some degree. Most have the ability to sprout extra tentacles, mouths and eyes or crustacean features. Their size have been known to vary from one to 60 feet. In general, sentient Lucifer Folk will tend to change their shape with features of the world they’re on. On Earth, it meant assuming a look as humanoid as possible. They are usually asymmetrical however, having one limb longer than the other or mismatched ones. Very powerful Lucifer Folk can shapeshift into a form that resembles a human.

Source : Kia Asamyia, Silent Mobius

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