dimanche 28 avril 2013


Planet of Origin: Daribo, a planet oribiting the star Vysu in Votanis star system in the Milky Way Galaxy, which they shared with another species, the Castithans. Before being destroyed along  with the other planets of the system some 5000 years ago, Daribo had three moons, 2 of which had irregular orbits. 
The Indogene are a humanoid species looking much like Castithans, the species they shared their homeworld with but with a hexagonal pattern on their skin, no visible follicle growth and hexagonal-shaped irises. Very technology oriented,  they have numerous genetic and technological implants. Although obsessive and hardworking, they appear cold but pacific. Atheists, they value science above everything else and  believe they are a superior species. They were, with the Castithans, among the founders of the Votanis Collective.
Source: Defiance Universe.

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