dimanche 7 avril 2013


Planet of origin: an earth-like planet orbiting Venicoba Centauri in the Milky Way galaxy.
Togons are a sentient bipedal reptilian species which developed an agressive industrial civilisation on one continent of a planet orbiting Venicoba Centauri. They are constantly at war with the peaceful humanoid community which established themselves on the planet's other major continent, the Sharbakan. The only thing preventing the humanoids, somehow related to the Aktarkans, from being decimated by the Togons is the presence of a disruptor field around their continent.
The togons are covered in yellow scales and sport as red crest on theit head. They like to ride Zrills, pink ostrichlike reptiles with a strong sense of smell.
Source: The Scrameustache series, by Gos and Wal, "Le Sosie"

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