jeudi 11 avril 2013


Planet of Origin: Sense Sphere, a planet from a system of two suns - which never had nights, situated in the Horsehead Nebula, some 1500 light years from Earth, which is rich in molybdenum and is the home of the sensorites. Another planet in the same system, the OOd sphere, houses a genetically related species, the Ood. How those two species, most probably of common origin managed to end up on different planets remains unknown.

Sensorites were a telepathic humanoid race that developed an industrial civilisation. Their head is  bulbous, their eyes large and black with no eyelids. They have white whiskers around their mouths. They are very sensitive to loud noise and fear darkness. They appeared almost identical, even to themselves and wear accessories with their otherwise identical grey bodysuits to denote their social status.
Early in their history, the Sensorites worshipped giant spiders called  Zilgans that lived in dark caves on their world, since they lived in the darkness that they feared so much. They would feed them criminals and would be left on their own. In the 28th century, a human exploration mission made contact with the Sensorites and attempted to exploit their world's mineral wealth. After an uneasy start, they managed to make an agrement that exploitation would be minimal and would ne bother the Sensorites.
Source: Doctor Who, TV: The Sensorites 

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