mardi 26 mars 2013


Planet of Origin: Byram, an Earht-type planet in theMilky Way Galaxy with two major continents, one called Zultanniam populated by the native Zultanns, the other, called Atlantis 2, populated by survivors of Earth's Atlantis some 12 000 years ago..
Zultanns are a humanoid species which has developed a monarchical peaceful space-faring civilisation. They are blad and yellow skinned, with large bleu eyes. Some are known to possess powerful psychic abilities. They've shared their planet with a human population which migrated on their world some 12 000 years ago following the fall of Atltantis. Contact between the two races remained scarce for a long time as each species occupies a distinct continent, and even with the advance of their respective technologies, they remained dubious about one another until a altantean princess got engaged to a zultann prince at the beginning of the third millenium. They are known to have come to Earth on rare occasions and are genetically compatible with humans. Half-breed offsprings are known ot retain most Zultann traits but with human hair and skin color.
Source: The Scrameustache series, by Gos and Walt , "Les naufragés du Chastang", "L'épreuve du sablier".

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