jeudi 17 octobre 2013


The Jokaero are a bipedal species looking mush like an orangutan with retractable fingers and toes  who are capable of tremendous technological and logical feats, and who also specialize in miniaturisation technology. An engineered species, they were designed alongside the Krork by the Old Ones during their war against the Necrons some 60 millions years ago. It remains unclear if they are truly sentient despite the fact that they are capable of remarkable acts of engineering, construction and problem solving or if they were designed as tools with innate, genetically structured understanding of technology as their capabilities, although giving them a full understanding of machinery and interstellar level- technology, are seemingly instinctive .
Their understanding of astrophysics is equally baffling as they seem to be capable of tapping into unseen power-currents that run through the galaxy. Jokaero spaceships are an example of this: open structured framed lattices resembling a unique polyhedron shape. The structure is vital to the design as it draws upon those same galactic power-currents that the Jokaero are aware of and channel through their spiral shape. Thus, Jokaero vessels are able to move, manoevure and transcend warp-space through making physical alterations to the ships' design. 
Jokaero tend to live in large family groupings of a dozen individuals led by either a matriarch or a patriarch, roaming the galaxy in a random fashion with their sole objective being survival. This leads to them frequently arriving on inhabited worlds in order to scavenge for oddments or any specific components that they need. At times and if necessary, they are known to band together to attack targets in order to acquire the object that they desire. They are quite capable of using complex and well-coordinated attacks against their targets. Their mindset means that they are unable to be reasoned with and communication is seemingly impossible as it is believed that their species have no known form of language, culture or any motivation beyond survival.
Source: Warhammer universe

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