mardi 15 octobre 2013


The Slann evolved from amphibians. Their hands are long as well as webbed with cool, moist skins, along with large heads and protruding eyes. They are able to draw oxygen from water or other poorly oxygenated atmospheres directly through their skin and are also quite comfortable in watery surroundings. Skin colour tends to vary a great deal, with blue and green being the most common, yellow being well-represented, and other tones being rarer such as albino as well as melanistic forms. Slann that are brightly pigmented tend to be extroverts, talented or noteworthy in some manner. On some occasions, their skins tend to be mottled, striped or otherwise marked (though among certain Slann worlds, such as primitive ones, these tend to represent tribal divisions). In terms of height, Slann tend to be fairly consistent, with adults reaching two meters high whilst females tend to be slightly bulkier and larger.
Although Slann worlds can be found throughout the galaxy, their society remains closed to other races. Some worlds are highly advanced while others have fallen back to a primitive state. Wahtever their their technological advacement, they rarely ever trade with outsiders and even prove to be unpredictable due to the fact that there is little that the Slann need or want. As such, any traders encountering a tribe of Slann feel as if they were being watched or studied, with no interest in any exchange of goods.
They hold no equals in the realm of psychic-philosophy or mystic-technology as they fulfill themselves by the study of spiritual lifeforces along with the secret powers of other realities, believing that the object of life is to perfect the mind in order to become an immortal spirit.
They are bleived to be either degenerate sbjects or descendants of the Old Ones.
Source: Warhgammer universe

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