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The species refered to as "Neural Parasites" resembles a crawling insects that enters a host organism, attaching itself near the central nervous system - on the spine near the brain, in the case of a human, with a small spine-like protrusion visible at the base of the neck to allow breathing. The parasites are highly intelligent and are able to habe appreciation of the cultures they are parasiting. A host inhabited by a parasite will display increased physical strength and endurance.
The parasites are connected to a mother organism, a larger creature likewise capable of inhabiting a host. The death of this creature seems to result in the deaths of all progeny. (TNG: "Conspiracy")
They attempted to infiltrate Earth in 2364, by physically infiltrating high-ranking officials within the organization but theuir attempt was thwarted. However, the mother organism had sent a signal toward deep space, wether this was a call for help or a warning remains unknown.
Notes: It has been rumored that the parasites might have been agents of the Borg collective.
(This was the episode's writers original intent. However, due to the 1986 Writers' Strike as well as budget cuts, the connection between the Borg and the parasites was never established. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)
The neural parasites are in many ways similar to the Goa'uld, a race of malevolent, power-hungry parasites from TV series Stargate SG1.
Source: (Star Trek The Next Generation: "Conspiracy"

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