mardi 23 décembre 2008


Planet of Origin: Sigma 957
The Walkers are amongst the oldest races in our galaxy. With an unending Thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn every aspect of the Universe, they ended up possessing more knowledge individually than entire species. They started out as a large thick skinned creatures with poor séances and high psychokinetic capacities. They never rudimentary developed tools as they could construct things physically with there mind. They resorted to technology for complex constructs such as computers or automated construction machines. They soon started exploring space and at the same time the other dimensions and soon became nomadic explorers. They first discovered Thirdspace, which they mapped out in secret, due tu the violent and chaotic nature of its natives, then, hyperspace, which lead the way to yet other dimensions. They evolved beyond the physical state over a million years ago.
In our galaxy, they’ve been known to deposit their informations in two massive uninhabited databases. One at Sigma 957 and another one that was destroyed by asteroid impact.
They usually travel inside huge Science lab made for research and interdimensionnal and interuniversal travel.
Source: Babylon 5 universe. Babylon Wars Sourcebook.

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