mercredi 31 décembre 2008


Planet of Origin: Edos in the Triangulum constellation on the rim of the galaxy.
Edosians are a tripodal species, with three arms, three legs and three fingers on each hand.
The Edosians are a peaceful,long-lived species worshipping many gods who have developed a class-less society in whihc all are considered equals. Edos has never been involved in a war. its technology is as advanced as Earth's. The architectural style of its cities is strictly functional rather than esthetically pleasing.
In the 23rd century, they were allies of the Federation of Planets. Contact was already established with Earth or an affiliated species in the mid-22nd century (as Knowledge of the Edosian suckerfish among Humans would suggest, as mentioned in Star Trek: Enterprise)
Source: Star Trek the Animated series, Lincoln Enterprises Star Trek Catalog Number 5

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