lundi 22 décembre 2008


Planet of Origin: Selectoru in the Andromeda Galaxy (now destroyed).
No Selectorans was ever observed as is. Only Sosai X, who might only be an organic artificial intelligence of selectoran origin rather than a true selectoran (it remains unclear), was ever known to come to the Milky Way galaxy. It crashed on Earth three millions years ago and stayed dormant for thousands of years. The original plan it was to carry out was to take over the planet for its species by using local lifeforms to do its bidding, but when it discovered that his world had been destroyed, it decided to destroy the Earth instead, by planting a black hole at its core.
Its true form remains a mystery. But after its destruction and the failure of tis plan, it regenerated into a new form dubbed Sosai Z. Despite his phenomenal intellect, he has the emotional maturity of a child. It is not known if this is a trait of the species, of the individual or a state of mind brought by its despair.
Selectorans possessed highly advanced technology allowing them to achieve an intergalactic journey (although under unknown conditions), manipulate advanced lifeforms, created complex technological constructs such as gigantic robotic monsters and even create a black hole.
Source: Tatsunoko's Gatchaman series. In alternate version of the series it is also referred to as: "The Great Spirit"/"The Luminous One" (Battle of the Planet), Computor (G-Force), Cybercon (Eagle Riders), Lord Zortek (dubbed Gatchaman OAV)

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