vendredi 26 décembre 2008


Planet of Origin: a windy and desertic planet 5000 light years from Earth, in the direction of the Pleiades.
The pink entity is a large soft mass covering a surface of about 6 meters in diameter by three meters high. While not humanoid, its shape is remotely reminiscent ofa huge couch potato.
The Pink entity has existed for several millions of years and has no memory of its beginning and cant recall any physical change, wether growth or deterioration in its physical mass.
It has powerful psychic powers and spends most of its time fishing telepathically for other telepathic entities with wich to communicate. It is collecting other people's mind, exchanging an image of its own mind with them. The entity has in its own mind images of the minds of thousands of alien. Being a solitary being, possibly to only of its kind, it does not do much with that wealth of knowledge and live a quite goal-less existence. It usually have a friendly attitude toward otehr sentient beings.
The entity lives in a construction sheltering it from the harsh weather conditions of its world. If he built it or how remains unknown.
The entity had contact with humanity during the first half of the third millenium through Shepherd Blaine, a telepath working for the Fishhook Corporation while psychically scanning distant worlds.
Source: Clifford D. Simak, Time is the Simplest Thing.

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Anonyme a dit…

I have seen this entity about 14 years ago and still remember it. I was in bed and it hovered over me. I woke up to see it over me and I heard beautiful crystal bell like sounds coming from it. It was very beautiful and calming. It was a light candy pink color and looked soft to touch and moved slowly. I will never forget that day and have searched everywhere to find out what it was (internet, etc.).