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Planet of Origin: Ssumssha (Abba IV)
The Abbai are a reptilian humanoid species led by a matriarchal regime who have developed a space faring civilisation. In the twentieth century, they became members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and then of the Interstellar Alliance.
“The Abbai civilisation is over six thousand Earth Years old and is regarded as a model of tolerance and respect and has eradicated all poverty and inequity on their world. Although the Abbai are ruled by a single gender, this is simply a fact of Abbai biology that the females outnumber males five to one, though the males are in no way considered inferior and are able to participate in all areas of society, with the exception of the government itself. This arrangement seams to work as it has remained stable for over four millennia and most male seam more interested in pursuing artistic, scientific or academic professions over politics. The Abbai are a very technologically adept civilisation and have possessed the capability for interstellar travel for over eight hundred years. They however specialise in agriculture, medicine, communication systems and computer software. Though they are a peaceful race who do not believe in conquest or violent expansion, they are by no means total pacifists and are quite capable of defending themselves. Most of their weapons are designed around non-lethal but formidable reactive force. Their ships and planetary defences are capable of generating massive force shields, capable of withstanding most assaults. They are also proficient and electronic warfare, intercepting and jamming enemy communications. The bulk of the Abbai Matriarchate's defence strategy however lies in their good relations with other worlds and their numerous interplanetary alliances from which they can muster a defender in case of attack or if necessary hire other races as mercenaries… Religion is highly prized among the Abbai, as is tolerance and mutual respect. As such their sixteen distinct religious hold no rivalry towards one another. The most dominant belief system on Abba IV is Oulai, the worship of wind and water. Unlike most other races the Abbai to not worship divine being(s) but instead revere the natural elements (stone, sand, plants, mountains etc.) with the exception of Kolai; the worship of logic and knowledge.” (from the Babylon 5 Wikia)
Source: Babylon 5 universe, Babylon 5 Wikia

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