mardi 4 novembre 2008


Here is a list of unnamed alien species seen in the first episode of the Captain Future (Capitaine Flam) animated series. All the species shown here were in Deneb VII's Jungletown but indigenous to the planet. It may therefore be assumed that all of them have developed or were exposed to a spacefaring society.
  • First Picture: The two specimen from the first picture (as well as the last one from the next post) are humanoids in environmental suits of different designs and may or may not belong to the same species. The fact that they seem to be together may lead to believe it is the case. As they appear very humanlike same size, number of limbs, digits, eyes, respiratory organs in the same location, it is possible that these are humans from another colony who cannot bear Deneb VII's atmospherical conditions or may be sensible to some of its biospherical elements.
  • Second Picture: The specimen from the second picture is clearly totally alien. Another specimen of this species is seen on a terran spaceliner en route to Earth in the Black Planet Stroyline, but that one is purple, which leads to believe that that species might have several possible skin tones.
  • Third Picture: The utility of the tubes going from the base of the neck to both ears of the four arm humanoid (assuming ears are the organs situated at this point of its anatomy) remains unknown. His The reason for these remains unknown. The tubes running across the armor on his legs may or may not be for the same function. The mechanism grafted to the chest of the large saurien is most probably related to his respiratory or vascular system to help it to deal with the alien environment he is in.
  • Fourth Picture: While this alien is in an environmental suit, it clearly does not belong the same same species as the other people in environmental suit mentionned above.
  • Fifth Picture: A Flying reptilian alien. Like many others, he also need some mechanical environmental equipment.
  • Sixth picture: This large alien has four arms and two heads. As he is closely following a human female, does not show any technological on him and even look somewhat primitive, he might not belong to a spacefaring species and might be the female's pet or primitive bodyguard.
Source: Edmund Hamilton, Captain Future

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