mardi 4 novembre 2008


Here is a list of unnamed alien species seen in the first episode of the Captain Future (Capitaine Flam) animated series. All the species shown here were in Deneb VII's Jungletown but indigenous to the planet. It may therefore be assumed that all of them have developed or were exposed to a spacefaring society.
  • First Picture: There are representatives from 5 alien species on this picture, Denebian (left) aside.
  • Second Picture: There are representatives from 3 other alien species on this picture. The green one with the large white eyes also appeared on the first picture.
  • Third Picture: The lizard is only a pet. The kid in an environmental suit is most probably of the same species as the ones from the previous post - probably a human. The other kid seems to have some features ressembling that of a canine and is therefore most probably of a different origin.
  • Fourth picture: There are representatives from two alien species in this picture. Both look a lot like aliens from the StarWars Cantina.
  • Fifth Picture: The specimen in an environmental suit might be of the same species as the ones from the previous post as he shares with them a lot of anatomical features. The Floating head's nature is unknown. It does look a lot like the Zardoz Flying head, but much smaller.
Source: Edmund Hamilton, Captain Future

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