dimanche 18 janvier 2009


Planet of Origin: Thrakalla, the second planet orbiting Sheliak (Beta Lyrae) a star 882 light years from Earth
Sentient methane-breathing insectoids whoc developed a space faring civilisation. Thrakallans evolved on the upper middle atmosphere of a gas giant, gradually developing civilization atop floating islands of nyan. Although living on a gas giant, the Thrakallans learned mine-fishing to procure metals from the creatures living on the heavy, mineral-rich layers below. Whether the Thrakallans developed spacefaring capabilities on their own is unknown. The most reliable sources indicate that the Thrakallans were contacted by a now-extinct race and it is from them that the Thrakallans acquired their small trading fleet. They are known for their shrewd business sense. Quite a few are also heads of extensive criminal organizations. They communicate in a series of chirps and whistles.
Source: Babylon 5: "Soul Hunter," "Born to the Purple," "Parliament of Dreams," "Survivors," B5 novel #4, Clark's Law. Voltayre’s Encyclopeadia Xenobiologica
Notes: The Sheliaks, seen in Star Trek The Next Generation also come from the Beta Lyrae system