mardi 27 janvier 2009


Here are pictures from unnamed aliens seen on a spaceliner en route to Earth (and whose species, therefore, had at least commercial relations with mankind) in the "Black Planet" stroy arc.

On the first picture you can spot:
- Possible three specimens of the same species (two of which are females). Biped and with body proportions closely ressembling that of humans, they have large flattened heads with antennas, two large eyes and ears, and a wide mouth with heavy lips. Their skin color can (at least) green, purple and orange.
- Another four arms green humanoid can be glimpsed but not enough details are visible to be able to see if he belongs to one of the four arms species previously presented.

The second picture is that of a humanoid that closely ressembles a blad human with orange skin and a set of antennaes. Let's not that this one looks almost identical to a durlan from the DC universe under his humanoid form.

The third picture shows, seen from the back, a humanoid with large mouth and ears and what appears to be a huge protuberance on the top of his head (it could as well be a hat, but it's the exact same color as his skin). The specimen looks otherwise quite human like apart from his hands with have two pair of opposable fingers. The female dancing with him is most probably a human drawn with some cartoon license.

On the fourth picture, the old man could or not be alien depending on the cartoon license used to draw him. Behind him though, is clearly visible a white haired simian humanoid.

On the fifth picture, we can see the same simian in the background and, in the foregound, a four arm green skinned alien with a trunk and whose respiratory organs are most probably at the bakc of his head, given the fact that some breathing apparatus seem connected there.

Source: Edmund Hamilton, Captain Future (Capitaine Flam), "Black Planet" story arc, episode 1.

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