mercredi 21 janvier 2009


Wurms were a species of non-humanoid vicious conquerors who developed space travel.
They look like earthworms the size of baby elephants and have stubby arms. They can spit out an acidic, dark liquid for defence and leak a fluid like wallpaper paste when injured. They are able to hunt by smell and by vibrations in the ground and to reproduce by the hundreds independently.
Their spaceships are large biological segmented ships that can shoot out mud, which is used to cushion landing and make sure the Wurms have something to move through. The ships are also filled with mud to allow the Wurms easy locomotion. Their controls look like tree-roots and the screens are made of sacks of webbing.
Wurms use guns which are surgically attached to their arms, which shoot out clods of dirt inside which are colonies of genetically modified insects. They sometimes wear white, plated armour and helmets as well as cybernetic implants to improve their bodies and senses.
The Wurms fought the Valnaxi over 17 star systems and by 118 A.D. had won the war. Over the next 2000 years, they set themselves to destroy Valnaxi culture.
Source: Doctor Who universe, Novel "The Art of Destruction"